Pregnancy Diet & Nutrition – Ideal Nourishment during Pregnancy

You’ve long awaited this day to come when your life will no more be revolving around your desires and needs. Oh, how its’ gonna change the minute the pregnancy test reads positive. Holding back those tears you’ll start anticipating life when someone will refer you as mom, too. So, you need to brace your body and provide your little one the nourishment it needs to grow and develop, inside your womb. Everything you feed yourself will have an impact on your little darling so this is how you’re going to trot in these upcoming months of pregnancy.

What are you going to eat?

Top foods for pregnant women

Always keep it in mind that it is an unborn baby you’ll be feeding and not someone your age. You’re not eating for two adults. All you need to do is consume 300 – 350 additional calories. Your child needs nutrition in the form of proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and good fat.

Complex carbs, yes!

Shake hands with carbs that are complex and nutritionally fulfilling. You need to incorporate whole – grain breads, legumes, beans and vegetables. Stay away from the more appealing carbohydrates like chips, white bread, cookies, sweeteners, pretzels and so on.

Replenish your iron reserves

When you’re expecting a baby make sure your body is not running low in iron. You need as much as 27 mg per day of iron, the second your body faces iron deficiency, your baby is going to pay the price. Eat more of chicken, fish, red meat, broccolis, tomatoes, dark leafy vegetables and capsicums. Add a glass of freshly squeezed juice to your daily breakfast to build up the iron content in your body.

Importance of folic acid

The most important thing that you need to consume is folic acid or folates. It is going to build your child’s brain and spinal cord and prevent any disorder related to the neural tubes and deformities regarding the formation of arms and legs. Chickpeas, lentils, beets, spinach, beans, avocado, broccoli and asparagus are your besties now.

The ‘good’ fat

No more fries, burgers and pizzas. Wave them good-bye! These foods not only have a high calorie count but are brimming with saturated and trans fat but you need the required omega 3 fatty acids, which are found mostly in pumpkin seeds, olive oil, walnut, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, avocado and chia seeds.

The need for calcium

Best foods to be consumed during pregnancy

You need as much as 1000mg of daily calcium. Your baby’s body needs to develop and grow. Calcium will ensure the proper functioning of the heart. You’ll get your daily calcium from milk, tofu, leafy vegetables, fishes with bones, bread and orange juice.

Keep diseases at bay with chromium

You need small concentration of chromium in your body during pregnancy to modify your blood sugar levels, enhance your good cholesterol and will be beneficial to treat any heart disease. It will take care of your weight, reduce the percentage of fat in your body and boost up your energy levels. Lettuce, brown rice, tomatoes, broccoli, apples, oats, eggs, barley, potatoes, black pepper, green beans are the source of chromium.

Complete your diet with protein

Include protein in every meal of yours to ensure the growth and development of your child. Nuts, cheese, eggs, tofu, meat, beans and milk are your sources of protein.

Foods to stay away from

  • Although fishes like salmon are a great source of protein for you and your child, don’t consume fishes with high concentration of mercury. Mercury is extremely dangerous for your child’s health and might even result in miscarriage or stillbirth. Tuna, tilefish, king mackerel and swordfish are the kinds of fishes you need to stay away from
  • Alcohol consumption in any quantity is a big no-no for you at this time.
  • Keep away from caffeine. Two cups of coffee or tea won’t harm you but more than that is not good.
  • Raw meat or eggs because it has a high risk of Salmonella.
  • Unpasteurized food is another item to stay away from.

Nutrition starts to find meaning after the onset of pregnancy news in your life. You’re all ears about what you should do and on what grounds you must never step foot. As troublesome as it is to keep in check your food habits, you must endure them to for the sake of your little one. So, make sure you intake the right food for the nourishment and growth of the little one that is on its’ way.