Best long dark brown hair with blonde highlights

If you have long hair with dark brown tinge, there are varieties of hairstyle that you can adopt.  Whether you have long straight hair or curly is totally on you. You need to get the appropriate style that goes with your image. The hair stylists are constantly making an effort to make some creative hairstyle that will easily suit you and makes you at the center of attraction. There are some permutation and combination through which you can make an amazing effort which will ideally help you get the best combination of hairstyles. You can get the tips of the hair stylists and apply the same for yourself with the spectacular view.

Dark long hair with straight blonde

darl long hair

Simple hair buns for saree

It is an amazing view with a simple view of hair along with blonde hairstyle with the highlights. The blonde highlights look different over different people’s hair. The lady in this picture is looking really simple, but really sophisticated. You can now have a look at the ladies with spectacular view and nice looks.

Half straight and half curl with blonde highlights

half straight and

If you have become really bored of one type of hairstyle that is either totally straight or totally curled, then the combination of both will work really well. The upper part of the hair is having straight variation with black and brown highlights and the down line is curly with blonde finish as well.

Golden brown shade with slight highlight

golden brown shade

Everyday long light and dark brown hair color simple hairstyle ideas

As you can see the lady is having totally a golden brown hair with the highlights with reddish tinge. The combination is quite identical with regards to the color. Yet this style does not looking bad as the combination of blonde as well as golden brown makes a great accompaniment. You can try this today and surprise your friend who daily watches you in office.

Straight hair with black and brown

straight hair with black

The black and brown combination of hair color over your hair looks amazing, especially when you are going to create a special impression of your hair to the mass. The hair looks really beautiful with the reddish highlights which too have a formal approach. If you are having a profession of show business or if you are a receptionist sitting and welcoming guests at the front desk of the hotel or any other establishment, you need to be very cautious about your get up as guests and customers will come and see you first.  Thus, you need to be up to date and always presentable.

Blonde highlights on dark hairstyle

blonde highlights on dark

Easy hairstyle ideas for college Fest

If you have become bored of brown hair, it is possible to paint your hair totally black and then create blonde hair highlights over it. Look at the glamorous lady in the picture who also look attractive with the combination of black and white hair combined together. This is half bob and half long layer that is preliminary given the curve of a bob and then the hair at the down side is kept simply open with the white highlights.

Light brown with white blonde finish

light brown with white

The lady will be having a drastically casual look with the combination of brown hair and blonde hair color. The entire hair is having brown color along with white color highlights over the front edges and at the lower portion of the hair. This is one of the creative hairstyle that is being adopted by many ladies around. If you are the eyeglass wearer, this hairstyle will go really well with you. Even the sunglasses look really amazing on the particular lady.

Big curls on brown hair and highlights

big curls on

Easy hairstyle ideas for high school girls

The hairstyle adopted by the lady over here is really amazing as she has big and spectacular curls over the dark brown hair and golden highlights all over. The highlight may not be very prominent under the darkness, but under the lights or below the sun it will look fascinating. You can easily try this hairstyle today and make yourself happy with the image in the mirror. This can also be a good way to surprise your special one on the special occasion at the dinner table. This is actually a great hairstyle to adopt.

Try light brown hair color ideas for side swept bang


Instead of dark brown hair color, you can also opt for light brown hair color that make you really shine with the glow. Try this bouncy curl with a side parting hair. Prepare a bang falling on forehead and replicate by using Hairspray. This hairstyle is really good to get an incredible volume to get a sleek shiny hair. Try this hairstyle with wavy loose side swept bang bouncy hair on shoulders.

Dark brown highlight hairstyle with crown


The dark brown bouncy hairstyle with a crown is beautiful. Side swept your hair on front part section. Prepare a puff on the top middle of the head. Place a crown between front bangs and puff. The crown in silver color with pink beads gives a fabulous look. Leave a part of your hair on the shoulders and remaining on the back.

Trendy multi tone cinnamon & blonde highlights hairstyle


Try these blonde highlights with dark brown hair. Straight long dark brown hair separated on the shoulders makes you look beautiful. Try this front bangs on the forehead spread like streaks look beautiful. The hairstyle with multi tone cinnamon with a unique look is simply beautiful. Follow this hairstyle for a party that turns every ones attention at you.

Best top long blonde hairstyle


This is the simple and easy hairstyle for long dark brown hair to style your hair. This is one of the top most hairstyles in the summer for teenagers. Mid part your hair and simply leave them on the shoulder with end curls. Straight wavy hairstyle by rolling end hair curls is simple and trendy.

Blonde highlights with a long light brown hair


The brown hair with bouncy blonde highlights makes your hair look thicker. Side swept bangs with puffy hair with light brown streaks gives a bouncy look to your face. This hairstyle covers a side of your face with blonde highlights. Leave the hair on shoulders with half curly hair. Try this hairstyle that gives a gorgeous look.