Simple hair buns for saree

Every beautiful and classy hairstyle needs not to be complicated and you actually need not to visit a parlor to get the right hairstyle every time you are planning to put on a saree for a special occasion. Buns looks very pretty with all the types of sarees, particularly because they can add a perfect modern or an ethnic touch to your overall appearance depending on the type of bun you opt for.

Another Interesting thing about buns is that, you can get beautiful and even bigger buns, even if you have a short hair length, by using some falsies. If you have medium or long hairs then two buns are always a great hairstyle option to be paired with sarees. This article will focus on some simple hair buns that you can get easily with sarees to look your best.

Low side bun with light hair perm hairstyle

Low side bun with side swept front

Easy hairstyles for college girls

This low side bun can go very well with any saree. It looks modern and can add a soft touch to your overall appearance. To get this hairstyle part your hairs as usual and collect the whole volume at one side of the head; now make an elongated bun at one side of the head and fix it just behind one ear with bobby pins. Perming the hairs can surely add a different dimension to this hairstyle, but it is optional.

Back bun with puff hairstyle with traditional wedding saree

Back bun with puff

This simple back bun with puff is a hairstyle that can give you a perfect ethnic look instantly. To get this hairstyle part your hairs at the middle of the head and comb sidewise. Take the hairs at the back and on the crown, do a back brush and make a bun at the nape of the neck creating a round puff at the back of the head. Fix the bun and the puff with bobby pins and use a setting spray if required.

Fishtail braided chignon bun hairstyle on saree

Fishtail braided chignon bun

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This bun looks absolutely classy with sarees and is not difficult to get no matter how complicated it looks. Comb your hairs to the back of the head and make two slim fishbone plaits with the hairs at the two sides. Now make a low chignon bun with the rest of the hairs and place the bun low enough with bobby pins. Place the fishbone plaits from over the bun as shown in the picture, secure with bobby pins and you are done. Use of any flower or hair accessory can do the perfect job of highlighting.

Rope braided bun hairstyle for saree

Rope braided bun

This easy bun will take you not more than 5 minutes to complete if you have medium length hairs. Comb all your hairs on the back of your head and tie in a ponytail with the help of a slim band. Now tie up a light colored ribbon on the band, divide the hairs in three sections with the length of the ribbon in the side sections and make a normal braid. Now roll in the braid to make the bun and set it with bobby pins at the nape of the neck and you are done.

Crown braid bun hairstyle with hair accessories

Crown braid bun

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This crown braid bun can look flawless for anyone and can be perfect for medium or long hair lengths. To get this hairstyle you have to start making the braid right from near where you have parted your hairs at the front. The braid should continue through the side of your head till the back of the head. Finally tie the end of the braid with a band and roll the remaining loose part of the hair up and secure in a bun with bobby pins. The addition of the beautiful floral hair accessories as shown in this picture can be ideal to give this hairstyle the perfect look.

Simple low bun hairstyle for saree

Simple low bun

If you are trying to get a quick bun hairstyle with saree this simple, low bun can always make a good choice. Comb all your hairs on the back of your head and make a pony tail with a black band, but you should not pass the full length of the hair through the band while making the second tie. Now the hairs that you have passed through the band will form the bun and you will need to round up the band itself with the remaining length of the hair and set with bobby pins. The addition of the flowers is optional.

Low base medium bun hairstyle

Low base medium bun

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This is one of the very handy bun styles that you can get with ease and yet look flawless. Comb all your hairs on the back of your head; make a bun by rolling the hairs in the style as shown in the picture. The bun should be placed not very low but not high as well. Set with bobby pins and you are ready to go. If you have highlighted on your hairs, this bun can look more perfect for you.

Braided bun for long hair

Braided bun for long hairs

This braided bun looks absolutely gorgeous, but this one is more suitable for the long hair beauties. Girls with medium length hairs can also try this out, but having a proper full sized braided bun after completing the waterfall braid on the head might be difficult; so you will have to opt for falsies. Make the waterfall braid from one side to another covering the back of your head, then collect the hairs in a bunch, make a braid, roll it up in a bun and set with bobby pins.

Flat braided bun with rope hairstyle for saree

Flat braided bun with rope

Best medium length hairstyles with highlights

This is another simple bun hairstyle that can look absolutely elegant when paired with saree. To get this bun comb all your hairs on the back of your head and part the volume into three equal sections. Now braid the sections for half of the length and then add a ribbon within the braid and continue braiding normally. Once you are done braiding, tie the end. Now roll up the long braid and push the end within the bun. Set with bobby pins.

Large & high back bun with front puff hairstyle

Large high back bun with front poof

A large high back bun can be ideal to pair with sarees. This large bun is placed up from the neck, but not on the crown. To get this hairstyle create a puff at the front by pushing your hairs a bit upwards and then make the big high back bun by rolling up sections of hairs and fixing each of them with bobby pins. Finally, add the hair accessory encircling the bun to highlight the hairstyle.

French bun with a bouffant hairstyle

French bun with a bouffant

Long black hairstyles with plum highlights

French buns with bouffant can be the right hairstyle to get if you are trying to get a modern look in a saree. This type of French buns is classic and they simply add elegance to the overall appearance of any lady. To get this hairstyle make an elongated French bun covering the back of your head longitudinally and set with bobby pins. The elongated bun pushed tightly at the back of the head will automatically crate the bouffant. Set with a setting spray.

Low bun with decorative hair accessory

Low bun with decorative hair accessory

Low buns are often the first choice of hairstyle with sarees particularly because they look classy and elegant. The simple low bun shown in the picture has been placed covering the neck which ensures a soft look. The addition of the hair accessory encircling the bun makes it look absolutely gorgeous.

Low chignon bun hairstyle

Low chignon bun

Medium length black hairstyles with plum highlights

To get this low chignon bun leave the hairs at the sides of the front free and make the chignon bun at the nape of the neck with the rest of the hairs and set with bobby pins. Once you are done with the bun take the sections of hairs left at the sides to the back, pin together and then cover the base of the bun in the way shown in the picture. Set with bobby pins. This low chignon bun can look gorgeous with any saree.

Sock bun hairstyle for saree

Sock bun

Sock buns are another bun hairstyle that can look flawless with sarees and will add a modern trendy look to your overall appearance. You can place this bun high up as shown in this picture or low at the back of your head as well. To get this bun collect all your hairs in a ponytail and tie with a band. Then use a hair doughnut band encircling the base band and pass your hairs through the doughnut band to complete the bun. Secure the ends with bobby pins or encircle them around the bun.

Traditional Jura bun hairstyle with saree

Traditional jura bun

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To get this traditional hairstyle, style the hairs at the front as you wish, collect the volume of the hairs at the back of the head and tie the base like a ponytail. Now divide the length of the hairs into four equal sections and roll up each of the sections to make each of the sides of the bun and set with bobby pins.

Back rolled bun for wedding saree


The gorgeous hairstyle is by twisting the front part hair inwards. You keep moving with a lower that to by adding a smaller section of hair from front part which is twisted. Secure your hair bun with bobby pins behind the ear. This will add a rest of your hair with the hair rolled back bun with and secured them with pins.

Back bun wedding hairstyle with saree

hair 4

The hairstyle is best for a traditional dress up. The hairstyle is best in summer wedding with heavy saree and jeweler. Prepare a nice puff with bangs and back brushed hair. Leave 2 – 3 inch hair on both sides of the puff and will remain your hair with a ponytail. Then, dived your ponytail into three parts and wrap them to make a bun and tuck the left over hair with braids.

Best messy bun hairstyle with saree



Messy bun is a top best bun hairstyle preferred by most of the people to look traditional on saree. The front section hair is puffed and top, curly bun with stylish hair make you look trendy and stylish. Try this hairstyle for wedding occasions that can add more beauty with jewelry and accessories. The large jumkas with stylish hairstyle looks gorgeous.

Best top bun hairstyle with manga tikka for saree



The traditional hairstyle with a beautiful bun make you look stylish with beautiful heavy jewelry. The hair is pulled back and twisted like a bun. The adorn hairstyle with flowers and jewels make you look stylish and fashion. The trendy hairstyle with a saree lehenga or pattu saree for wedding make you look stylish.

Rolled hair strands hairstyle with the updo bun hairstyle


The hairstyle is fashion and best suits for natural curly hair. You can curl all your hair and are rolled using a curling iron tool. Prepare step by step puffs with rolled hair strands and twist the strands with two sections with all the hair. Drag a hair strip from the two rolled hair strands, thus forms like a flower and secure it with pins. Similarly repeat with all the hair and form a flower like strands with hair. Finally, decorate them with natural flowers with two layers by securing them with bobby pins.