How to get rid of nail clubbing – Symptoms and natural remedies

Nail clubbing is an established disease of finger nails which is also known as Hippocrates due to its collection of different diseases. People suffering from the physical condition of nail clubbing will get a specific swelling over the tips of nails. People having such disorder may also lack in normal angle of nails. These people won’t have the normal angle that is observed between the nail as well as nail bed.

Another symptom of nail clubbing is round appearance of fingertips in the front portion of finger and nails. Nail clubbing is also the result of poor heart as well as lung condition.  If the blood vessels cannot pump exact amount of blood to the heart, there lies the problem of nail clubbing.

There might be malignant state of heart disorder as well as gastrointestinal condition if clubbing is seen to have taken place. In some people clubbing can take place very fast whereas other can suffer from the impact of clubbing at various parts of the body.
Nail clubbing is a common term used with regards to the nail condition. This is also known as drumstick fingers to many individuals. This is a term used for deformity of nails and fingers. This can be result of many diseases especially heart and lungs disease. According to the history, Hippocrates had documented the clubbing of fingers as a disease. Thus, in some places this phenomenon or disease is known as Hippocratic fingers.

Nail clubbing is nothing but widening of nails to get it wide and round. This takes place when the nail plate becomes thick. People get really irritated due to the clubbing of nails. The clubbing of nails do not only makes your fingers become uncomfortable, rather it is also the root of many diseases together. Let us find out the home remedies to stay away from the nail clubbing. You also need to find out the symptoms of nail clubbing at first.

Symptoms of nail clubbing

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  • Fluctuation of nail bed
  • Softening of nail bed
  • Thickening of end part of the finger
  • Losing the normal angle between the nail bed and fold
  • Shiny aspect of the nails and skins
  • Increasing of convexity of nail fold
  • Nail beds become non harden
  • It feels like your nail bed is floating
  • Enlargement of fingertips
  • Your nails become red and warm in appearance

Tests have been performed by many scientists to find out various facts about nail clubbing. Individuals suffering from bail clubbing get their finger bones nearest to the fingertips corresponds to the fingers of the opposite hands are opposed. A small diamond shaped window can be viewed between the nail beds. Under the test observed, if the window so formed is obliterated, the test will be positive. This means that, the person is having clubbing.

What gives rise to nail clubbing?

There are certain diseases that can effectively give rise to the situation of nail clubbing. Following are some of the situation that can give rise to nail clubbing:

  • The Congenital heart defect known as the Tetralogy of Fallot
  • Total damaged towards bronchial tubes
  • Appearance of scar over the lungs
  • Formation of cancer cells over the lymph tissue
  • Development of lung disease due to presence of asbestos fibers

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Sometimes clubbed nails can also be the result of stomach disorder in individual. If you too are suffering from the same, visit a gastro surgeon and get it treated immediately.

People having clubbed nails would invariably have the problem of heart or lungs disorder. There might be other possible diseases that can give rise to nail clubbing. You need to visit doctor immediately and diagnose those diseases you are suffering due to the impact of nail clubbing. As soon as you get the root cause is treated, getting back to the good health naturally will be established.

Natural remedies for nail clubbing

Nail clubbing is not a very dangerous disease. It is basically the result of some diseases suffered by individuals. Instead of going through medicines, you can easily get some natural remedies of this problem. Some of the natural remedies are as under:

  • Make a mixture with 3 tablespoon of olive oil and lemon juice of just a single spoon. Now soak your clubbed nails in the mixture. This is the wonderful home remedies that take only 10 minutes to straighten your clubbed nails.
  • You must have tomato at your home kitchen as it is a fruit used in form of vegetables in Indian kitchen. Now you must make a juice out of tomato in your mixer and put some lemon juice as well as olive oil. Now soak your nails in this solution. This will be a good natural remedy of clubbed nails.
  • Application of warm olive oil is another important way of treating many nail problems

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  • A simple way of getting healthy nails will be rubbing slice of lemon over your nails. This will not only heals nail clubbing but also promotes the nail growth naturally. You must do this everyday and keep the nails to dry for a period of 5 minutes.
  • Diet routines can also provide effectiveness in curing several nail problems. You can now consume some food items that include gelatin. Jellies are one of such kind.
  • If you can consume vitamin E such as jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, Almond oil etc in your diet, clubbing of nails can be eradicated. It is good to prevent the situation rather than curing it. Even if you are not suffering from the problem of clubbed nails, you can have these healthy foods drive away the trace of such problems.
  • Tea tree oil Get natural tea tree oil from the market and apply its drops over your nails effectively. Make sure that the oil reaches every single corner of the nails. Do this regularly in order to stay protected from the nail clubbing.
  • Do not cut cuticles Some people have the tendency of cutting the cuticles. But, if you have the clubbed nails, cutting cuticles will be harmful altogether. This will give rise to other risks as well.
  • Tomato juice Sometimes people suffering from clubbed nails can be treated if provided with adequate quantity of tomato juice. Tomato juice has an excellent property of reducing the bump of the flesh taken place in the finger nails. In order to reduce nail clubbing, you can ideally use the Tomato juice effectiveness.
  • Green leafy vegetables Since nail clubbing is the sign of variety of health disorder, instead to reducing nail clubbing situation, it is better to eradicate the actual cause. The natural way of living and healthy way of eating is another way of keeping yourself fit and healthy. You must consume adequate quantity of green leafy vegetables in your diet to stay away from such physical disorders.

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  • Essential oil Treating improper condition of finger nails can be effective if you apply essential oil over it on a regular basis. You can now get essential oils of variety of fragrance today. All these can be easily purchased from a beauty store. Just apply 2-3 drops of essential oil over your finger nails such that it reaches every corner of your nails. You can also get the fragranced essential oil according to your desire.
  • Wearing gloves Individuals especially ladies need to work throughout the day continuously with their hand touching stale vegetables, fish as well as water. But, if you want to keep your nail safe, wearing the rubber gloves would be ideal. This will ideally protect your nail and give it some scope to stay safe from all such problems.

These are some of the home remedies that can help you to stay away from diseases at preliminary stage. But, if something severe takes place, you need to see doctor immediately.

Natural way of curing nails clubbing

Cleanliness of nails

If you want to eradicate the improper conditions of nails all you have to do is clean your nails in an appropriate order. You can go for the manicure treatment once in a week. Visiting the beauty parlor for the same can be done as well. It will be really great if you can do this manicure right at home. It will save your money for parlor and you can clean your nails regularly.

Green leafy vegetables

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Your food can play an important role in keeping you away from all types of diseases and ill health conditions. If you are consuming right amount of vitamins and minerals on a regular basis no diseases will prop up. If you are suffering from excessive clubbed nails, consuming green vegetables on a regular basis will help remove it totally. You must have green leafy vegetables in your meals to stay away from clubbed nails.

Saltwater treatment

It is a natural remedy for removing all types of pain, inflammation from your body. If you have clubbed nails, the best way to stay away from it will be the saltwater solution. You need to take a small bowl of warm water. Now add 2-3 spoons of saltwater in it. Mix it really well and soak your fingers along with nails inside the saltwater solution. Keep this for 30 seconds and remove.