Best manicure tips for women

Ladies always wish to get themselves look pretty. Whether they are at home with their family members or enjoying with their friends at a party, it is equally important for them to look beautiful from all corners. Sometime ladies cannot manage to cut their finger nails and shape in a perfect order due to excess work load. But today, it has become a necessity to keep nails in a proper shape by removing all dirt particles from it. You can now go to a beauty parlor and get a perfect manicure treatment. But, there are several ways initiated at home that makes the activity of manicure very effective.

The manicure for women will be an important consideration apart from facial beautification. This will keep your hands healthy and beautiful. Most of the people visit parlors to get the manicure done. Due to pollution and diverse weather condition, your skin around your hands might not remain attractive. Proper care and pampering must be done to them. The method of manicure can easily make your hand healthy and beautiful. Even at home you can do your manicure with some simple tips. Yes, you can certainly get perfect polished set of nails with the manicure treatment. Let us speak about the tips for manicure at home.

Tips for best manicure

Shorten your nails

Homemade manicure scrubs

It is quite effective to get clean and dirt free meals after cutting it short. There are different styles of nails that is viewed in the hands of many ladies starting from the style of a long dagger with non pointed nails. You must cut your nails with the nail cutter in the round shape from the corners with a little point at the tip. This will make your nails look stylish as well as clean.

Skip the soak

You may find many manicurists willing to dip your fingers in a small bowl of water. This is done before applying the cleanser and polish. You should ask them to avoid this step. According to the new technique, the ball platter gets expanded with the effect of moisture. But, it will definitely shrink back as soon as it dries up. This becomes quite hard for the specialists to polish. Chipping can also be one of its results.

Make it soften

Getting soft hands is a desire of every lady. Your partner will also feel cozy to touch your hands once he feels soft in your. Along with your hand, your nails must also have a softening effect. People using the older variety of filers can make the nails harder. This can also give rise to splitting and peeling. You must pick up the filers with 240 grit count or higher than that.

Choosing a flattering hue

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Just after clearing your nail with cleanser, solutions and other effective tools the next step will be to choose a perfect color of the nail paint. You must choose such a color that matches your complexion. If you have a light skin tone, you can try the vibrant colors like purple reds etc. But, an individual having darker skin tone must go for the shades like gray, maroon, golden etc.

Eco friendly variance

Today, people are very cautious to make their environment free from various types of harmful effects. You can now choose the eco friendly product to make an addition to your manicure arsenal. It is very important to make it cuticle salve as the cuticle is a living part of an individual’s nail.

If you are using the trendy dark polishes, do not forget to remove it from your nail when the occasion and party goes over otherwise it can harm your nails.

Accumulate tools

Before you start for your manicure process, it is important to get all the tools together to do the same. This will include nail clipper, cuticle nipper, cuticle pusher, bas coat, cuticle remover, nail polish, nail buffer etc. You need to get all these tool and then start the process of manicure.

Remove old nail polish

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You must have applied nail polish on your nails few weeks ago but did not get time to remove it. The half in and half out nail color is very harmful for your nail health. This can destroy your nail. You can use a good quality remover to take out the unwanted nail color applied over your nails.

Shape your nails

With the non removal of previous nail polish you also did not have time to shape your nails. This tip would suggest you to get a well shaped nails. For this you need nail cutter and nail filler. Use a small nail cutter so that it reaches to the corners of your nail cuticles and cut it to give a proper shape. After cutting your nails use the filer to make a perfect shape. You can run the filers to all the corners of nails so that every point becomes well in shape.

Warm water soak

Now take a bowl of warm water and add little olive oil and hand wash in it. Now dip your both hands and soak in 2- 3 minutes. You can see your hands will become soft and all the dirt from your nails has come in the water. Now slowly brush the nails and the corners with a brush. Wipe with towel and feel the softness and cleanliness of your hands and the nails.

Nail enamel

Now you can use a nail enamel to coat your bare nails so that while you are recklessly using your hands in doing something or other at home or office your nails remain healthy. This enamel will protect your nails and will keep your always healthy and beautiful. Try this today.