How to fix nail polish chips

Chipped nails are a common condition for all of us, especially if you have to regularly work with water. For example,  if you do the dishes or wash clothes, you will surely have chipped nails. Having chipped nails are really frustrating especially when you them recently polished. Rather than leaving them unattractive or re-doing the entire process again, you can simply try some easy hacks which solves your problem!

Patch it up

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This is the most commonly used approach, but it needs to be done with perfection. Apply a thick coat of nail paint on the chipped portion of the nail and the not the whole nail. Now use a topcoat for feathering out the edges of the blob. This will make the patch blend in the rest of your nail.

Clip the nails

Chipping is more common for the topmost region of your nail. These are areas which we are directly in approach to the daily activities our hands need to do! You a nail clipper and snip off your chip without shaving much length of your nail. Adjust the other nails for matching it. Once you eliminate your chip, paint it with a transparent topcoat. Wrap your polish along the tip of your nail as you move the brush from left to right and  then to left for sealing it! This could turn out to be the fastest solution for you but it can shorten the longevity of you manicure. This is because, painted nails which have been filed are vulnerable to more chipping, since the seal at your tip has broken already.

Dress the nail up

You don’t have to wipe off the entire nail paint for one nail that is chipped. Get hold of a metallic or glitter formulation and paint a couple of coats on the chipped nail. This will dull the imperfection and glam up the nail. That one nail will make your entire nail-do look prettier and unique. You can make polka dots, French it, add some other color. If you want to get a little more adventurous, dab some superglue and rhinestone and you’re sorted! The easiest way is to use a nail sticker, which quickly swipes of the topcoat and gives you a new look.

Use Toothpicks

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This is another easy and quick hack. Take a toothpick and dip it in your paint. Dot it on your chip and neatly do it to cover up the portion. Re-dip the toothpick in the polish and then apply again. Bigger chips would need several appliances, but this is apt for tiny chips. Let the nail paint dry up and it’ll look anew.

Nail paint remover

Ok, this one is a little unique but you’re going to love the process! Take an acetone-based nail paint remover and then dip a fingertip in it. Don’t use the chipped nail though! Take the remover and dab over your chipped areas. It will dissolve the polish only on the spot. This will smooth the edges of your chip.

Tips to perfection

  • For making your nail dry up a little faster, wait for two minutes after appliance and then run the nails under running water. The colder the water the faster it dries up. This also tends to make your nails harder and you prevent denting.
  • Soak the nails in cold water for 2 minutes for better results.
  • To avoid chips to occur soon, apply a topcoat of nail paint after your manicure is complete.
  • When you paint your nails make sure you don’t miss out on the ends of your nail. Repeat the same for the topcoat as well. This will prevent chipping at the end.

Best tips for long nails

  • Use cotton to wipe the nail with some white vinegar, and then apply the base coat. This too is an easy hack to prevent quick chipping. This procedure removes product buildup or natural oil present on your nail beds.
  • Don’t soak your nails before applying polish. Manicure experts say that this softens your cuticles and retain water within. Once you have painted the nail, they are more likely to shrink. This way the polish no longer fits on the nail and you have quicker chipping.
  • File your nails before applying nail paint to avoid breakage and neater look.
  • Avoid applying nail paint on the cuticles which could lift the color from the nail itself. This too can lead to chipping. You can push back to cuticles with cuticle oil, orange stick or the pusher tool. This prevents paint getting or sticking on them.
  • If you haven’t ever bought a sticky base coat, it is time to get one. These ones last longer than the usual base coats.
  • We all have a tendency to shake the bottle of nail paint. The next time you apply nail paint, roll the paint between both your palms. This will prevent air bubbles which are known to chip your nail faster!
  • Do not skip the free edges of your nails. Run the base-coat, topcoat and pain around the edges which seals the entire nail zone. This way you don’t have to work on the procedure again.
  • Try and avoid nail paints which are drying up or have almost dried up. They become thicker to apply and difficult to remove. There are possibilities to mess up the look due to their thickness as well.
  • You should apply clear top coat after every two days, if you want to carry on with the same color for some more time.