How to quit biting nails

Nail biting is a bad habit, which many of us tend to retain from childhood. They not only make your nails look unsightly but tend to bring in stomach problems. You might also damage your nails permanently in the process. There are numerous people dealing with this habit, and you are not an exception. We have listed down some easy processes which will make you stop biting your nails. Since this habit has stayed for long, it takes long to get off your system too. Let us read ahead to know how you can make your nails look beautiful again.

Maintain healthy nails

  • Spend some money to do manicure every now-and-then, and the transformation in your nails will be enough to reduce the biting. You must also apply nail paint so that you don’t bite nails all the more. Of course you know that they contain chemicals which can harm you internally. With regular manicure, your nails get into a good shape.
  • Keeps your nails short or to medium-length, but not too long. When you have a simple manicure you get healthy nails. When you have them shortened, they are difficult to bite. For the initial manicure process, keep your nails short and gradually let it grow.
  • Push the cuticles back from time to time. Most nail chewers don’t have moons on the base of the nails. Gently push the cuticles after you have taken a shower. When your hands and wet and the nails are softened, it is better to get this done. This also makes the nail look longer and attractive. That again reduces mail bites and you would rather retain the beauty of the nails.
  • Celebrate a new look of your nails. Flaunt it with different colours as you wear different clothes. Let people see that your fingertips and look better than before. It gives you a sense of confidence and reduces the urge to bite them.

Maintain healthy diet

A healthy diet not only gives a healthier body and mind, but also improves parts of our body we don’t pay attention to. Good food is related to glowing skin, thicker hair and better nails. Add foods which have good amount of calcium and magnesium to improve the condition of your nails. The body gets its due minerals to improve the nails. Eat eggs, soy, liver and whole grains for better nails. There are sulphurous minerals found in grapes, cucumber, garlic, onions and asparagus which better the nails too.

Replace nail biting with other finger activities

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Just like an addiction, biting nails might have gotten into you and is difficult to rip out at once. There will be times when you bite the nails and to prevent the situation, you must replace the finger activity. Keep your fingers busy in something else, rather than biting them! You can carry a rubber-band, a coin, etc. So that you keep fiddling, and curb your urge to bite the nails. Use a pen to write down or simply play with, when you are thinking something deep. We usually start biting nails when we are worried about something or we need to think deep.

Distracts your hands if not nails

Always be up to something which needs physical activity. That will bring in the demand of your hands to be used, and you will get distracted from biting nails. Knit a sweater, play guitar, type a mail, write a note, etc. These are some initial activities that you can follow for that span of time when it gets difficult due to the beginning trails. Once you get rid of the habit, you don’t have to go on keeping your hands busy.

Keep your mouth busy

This does not mean that you should go on eating all the time. Keeping the mouth busy can be simply followed by some easy tips and tricks. Chew gums, suck a candy, etc. especially when you have that urge to chew nails. Snack in small amounts all through the day so that you can eat every now-and-then, and cut down 4 meals into 6. Always keep a water bottle handy so that you can keep drinking water and keep away from nail bites.

Wearing nail polish or nail inhibitors

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Differing between women and men, you can opt for a nail coating and prevent yourself from nail bites. When you apply nail paint or inhibitor, you know that they have chemicals which don’t let you chew them anymore. It is like a constant alarm that ticks in your brain, and even if you absentmindedly think of chewing the nails, you will see them and realize that they will harm you. Try to get yourself styles with nail arts on the nail paints to make them look attractive. When you have appealing nails, you wouldn’t want to have them eaten anyway!

Cover nails with bandages

Cover the nails with the bandage pad and wrap the adhesive part on the flesh. Keep the bandages till you get rid of the habit of chewing your nails. These are for those who have this extreme problem of nail biting most of the times. You might be in a serious stage and you need a drastic change to get rid of it. These bandages can be a little painful, so you have to make sure that you don’t tighten the strip.