How to get beautiful nails?

Every lady would like to get beautiful nails which are not possible without proper maintenance a tips on a regular basis. Even if your nail shape is beautiful, if you don’t care it properly, this will end up with certain wear and tear. All you have to do is avail some daily care procedure for your nails to stay beautiful for a long time. Now, you can get variety of nail parlors where you can get a total makeover of your nails. Whether you want to get the nail size according to your like or simply go with expert’s thought is entirely dependent on you. The experts dealing with nails shapes will create an innovative looks to the same. First of all you need to clean your nails and shape it according to your desires with a trimming activity to the extent you wish to see your nails growing up. There after you can apply good quality paint over your nails. Now, if you want to get some nail art over your nails, the professionals are worth in getting an attractive design over your nails.  But, there are some simple procedures with the help of which you can make your nails beautiful at home.

Steps to get beautiful nails 

Trimming nails 

In order to trim your nail, first of all you need to get the tools that will make your nails trimmed. This will make the nails look natural in shape. The accessories that you would require include:

  • Nail filer
  • Cotton balls
  • Cuticle cream
  • Orange stick
  • Nail trimmers
  • Polish remover
  • Buffer
  • Hand lotion

Use of nail remover and cotton ball

Usually ladies have old nail polish with half present and have despairing variation.  Thus, it is important to remove the old nail polish from your nails. Here you would require nail polish remover and cotton ball.

Warm water

Once you have taken out the old nail polish from your nails the next step will be to dip your nails in a bowl of lukewarm water. This will help making your nails softer and quite easy to push back. There after wipe with a towel.

Use of trimmer and filer

Now you should use the trimmer in order to trim your nails. This will help making a shape of your nail. Then use a filer in order to give a smooth touch to the edges of your nails. There is also a process of using the filer. All you have to do is keep it in a side of nail and pull it towards your finger tip. It is important not to round the corners of the nails as this will give rise to ingrown nails.

Cuticle cream and orange stick

You also need to use the cuticle cream once the process of trimmer and finer is done as the portion of the nails will become excessively dry. Use the orange stick in order to get a push back across the skin that grows around your nails. This technique will make your nail shape really beautiful. But do not apply too much force in order to push your cuticles back. Since cuticles works well in preventing infection on your nails, it will not allow your nails to get soreness and redness.

Buffing and lotion

The next step will be applying the buffer. You need to use the rough side of the buffer over your nails there after repeat the buffing with medium grade side. This will make your nails smooth and very attractive.  Once the buffing is done, the next step will be washing your hands with a hand wash and wipe with towel. Then apply the moisturizer.

Nail paint

Once you are done with the cleanliness and trimming part of your nail, the next step will be application of nail paint so that it looks attractive.

Collecting accessories

You need to gather the supplies in order to get your nail paint in perfect quality. The tools that you would require include:

  • Clear nail coat
  • Clear top coat
  • Cotton swab
  • Nail polish

Base coat

First of all you need to apply a base coat over your nail which is also known as nail enamel. It is generally transparent in color which will protect your nails from damaging if you apply inferior quality of colors nail color.

Apply color paint

Now apply the colors nail paint just over the coat of transparent nail polish so that your nails look really attractive. Before applying the nail paint, you need to roll the bottle over your two hand palm so that the nail paint deposited at the base comes up and make it diluted.  Open bottle and take out the brush to apply over your nails from tip to toe. Make sure you cover every part of the nails and even the edges. In doing so your might feel the nail polish spreading out beyond the nails. But don’t worry about it as that too will be settles.

Now you must keep your hand over the table with the ceiling fan on so that the nail polish gets dried up. Once it is dried, apply the second coat of the nail polish by repeating the same procedure.  There after allow it to dry. Once it is dry, swipe off the nail polish the has come out of the edges with a cotton swab.

Clear top coat

Once you have applied two coats of your colorful nail color, the next step will be applying clear top coat over it so that if your nail is been scratched by any ways only the upper layer gets affected. No effect must be there to your actual nail color.  Then allow it to dry. Most of the ladies end the process here. But if you want something more go ahead with nail art.

Nail art

If you feel, simple one color nail paint is not sufficient, you can create great design over your nails with nail art. There are various ways of going ahead with nail art. For example someone wishes to get a two tone look over the nails whereas others likes dots over it. You can also get a marble affect or flowers over it.  You can paint cartoons over your nails if you are fond of it. You can now get an entire pack of nail art tools from the market just like your manicure tools. Just get it today from the market and enjoy making fun with your nails and also beautify it with variety of new looks with your creativity.