DIY: How to take care of your nails during summer

Nails can play an important part of a women’s beauty when it is concerned about fingers of hands and feet. Ladies with well shaped nails will always look attractive within the crowd. Gone are those days when people would cut their nails too short in order to restrict dirt and pollutants getting inside their nails. There are many ways to clean the dirt that appears inside the nails when grown long and sharp. Some people face the trouble of getting their nails broken down. In order to protect your nails from breaking, you can get some important tips.

Tips on diet

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Diet is also an important factor that contributes in getting beautiful nails. If you want to get well maintained nails, you must consume fresh fruits and vegetables along with ample water. You must also consume variety of healthy food such as vitamin E, vitamin C, lemon etc along with enough calcium through milk. You can also try out the carrot juice as it is rich in phosphorous as well as calcium which help in strengthening your nails. Carrot can also be consumed directly in the raw form in salads.

Tips on habits

You must also have some alteration of your habit in order to get your nails in a perfect condition. Just after taking bath or washing your hands, it will be important to use hand wash of soap of a good quality. Harming the cuticles is due to extreme dryness. You must apply cream or oil in your cuticles to keep them healthy. You should your trim your nails just before going to shower as the nails becomes soft once it touches water and becomes a reason to breakage. If you want to stop discoloration of your nails it will be better not to smoke tobacco.

Protection of nails

If you want to want to protect your nail in an easy and effective way, wearing nail polish will be the best solution. A common habit seen in every woman is peeling of the nail polish while cutting the edges of nails. Even if you do this, you must wear it once again after cutting your nails. Wear the nail paint of a good quality from a reputed brand so that your nails do not get discolored. Even from the harsh wind blows, your nails can be protected. As soon as the layer gets out, nail also gets dented.

How to get beautiful nails

Whenever you wash your hand keep applying any cream or lotions to your hand. The hands and nails tends to get dried out from soaps and cleansers. Always try to keep yours cuticles and hands lubricated with moisturizers such as Vaseline, moisturel… etc.. and at the bed time use oils or moistures to your nails.

To remove the stains under your nails scrub under the nails with the help of toothbrush or nail brush with soap or bleach solution.

The condition of finger nails also reflects the health condition of an individual. You can now speak to the trained health professionals and get the details. If you can have healthy nails those can be smooth without any ridges and marks. Even the color will be white. If you don’t have such nails in your hands and legs, this is the time to take care of it and get a shinny and beautiful nails. You can also carry on with the process of manicure once in a week in order to get a beautiful and well shaped nails for a long time.

Summer brings strength with the booming sunlight but it also makes people aware of its care and ailment. The diseases and improper skin conditions are quite common here. Even it becomes essential to take care of nails. If you are not aware of the ways to care your nails, this article will speak about the same. You must care your nails during the summer. Nails also require nourishment and care during the summer season. You can now check more tips to care your nails through this article. You also need to restrict nail break with some natural nail care tips.

DIY Ways to take care of nails during summer

Nourishment of nails

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Just like your skin and hair, even your nail should be nourished in a proper way. During summer, the UV rays from sun can make your nails dehydrated. This can name your nails very dry and brittle. Thus, you have to apply a moisturizer on your nails covering its corners and every part.


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Strengthening of nails

Individuals have been doing many things in day to day life with the help of nails. Especially the long nails of women are used in opening a tight cap and many more. But, if your nails are weak, this can break easily. Thus, it is very important to strengthening your nails. You can use a nail supplement to get it strengthen.

Shaping of nails

People remain really careless about their nails when they are busy with their other schedule work. But, this might become worse. If your nails are not properly shaped, it can break while doing one or other household work. Even the corners can get trapped and break. Thus, nail care involves proper nail shaping.

Enamel coat

Your must protect your nails from getting weathered. This is quite possible when you are working with water while cooking. Even due to environmental factors, nail layer gets weathered. Thus, the best way to protect is putting nail enamel. This comes colorless but can easily protect your nail layer from the damage of external factors. You must use this during summer.