How to grow taller for girls at 14 – Exercises, Foods to grow taller for 14 Year girls

How to grow taller for girls at 14

It is very common among girls to yearn to be taller as it adds a lot to their overall appearance and confidence, boosting their personal and professional life. The height of a person, be it a girl or a boy, is mostly controlled by the genetical factors. It is usually the mean of the height of both the parents, added (for boys) or subtracted (for girls)by a few inches, that becomes the height of the offspring.

However, there are many evidences, where the children are much taller or shorter than both of their parents. Hence considering the average heights of the family members, which indicate the genetics of the family rather than the height of just the parents, are often considered as a more accurate indicator for ones’ height.

FAQs about girls height growth at age of 15

Does height increase after 15?
Usually girls height does not increase after the age of 15.However depending upon certain genetic and biological factors in some cases it may grow for a couple of years after 15 years of age.
Does hanging increase height?
Yes to some extent hanging does help in increasing height as it helps to stretch your joints muscles and spine.
Does milk make you taller?
The direct answer is no. Milk is rich in calcium, vitamins like A, B12, C, K, E etc.,due to which it helps the child to reach their desirable height.
Will I still grow at 15 girls?
It is said that girls grow until the age of 18. However, the growth stops at the age of 15 years in most of the cases.
What foods help height growth?
Dairy products, whole grains, red meat, fish, eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables etc are good for growing height.
Which vitamins are good for height growth?
Calcium, vitamin B2, vitamin D, Vitamin C are some of the most important vitamins of height growth.

As it is said that a girl can grow taller till the age of 18, but in most of the cases a slowdown in growth is observed after puberty. However, that does not necessarily mean that growth stops after a girl has hit her puberty; she can increase more than a few inches in height even after reaching puberty if her genetics say so.

So, if you are 14 and you are worried about your height, just be patient and wait to see what your genes have in their stores for you. However, in this phase, it is very important to ensure that your body is able to support the maximum potential height of your bones and it is also vital that you do not subject your body to any growth stunners at this age.

For a 14 year old girl to grow taller it is essential to have a proper nutritional and balanced diet on a daily basis, along with a good nights’ sleep and proper physical exercises. Check out the next section of this article to know how you can prepare your body to get the maximum height as determined by your genes.

The right diet for a 14 years old girl to grow taller

Consume balanced diet

How to grow taller for girls at 15

The biggest beauty for girls during the growing teenage years is to consume healthy balanced diet for a fit and agile body. Take a healthy and filling breakfast to stay nourished throughout which in turn further produces hormones that help in stimulating height escalation over the years. Remember to include fresh green leafy vegetables and legumes for an enriching diet.

Frequent small meals

This is often suggested by the popular dieticians and nutritionists that intake of frequent meals in smaller proportions helps in boosting the immunity and giving way to more oxygen in the blood This in turn will produce more food in the form of glucose in the body and therefore the body will get the required energy to go through the day easily. When all the body parts (internal and external) receive healthy nutrients, this ensures proper blood flow and therefore, results in tall characteristic feature. Becoming tall also contributes majorly to the genes, however, if you eat well and live healthy, chances are your body will reap you results.

Take a good night sleep

This is the most important tip to follow. An average of8-10 hours is the minimum amount of time that every person must sleep so as to actively produce regenerative cells for a healthy functioning of the body. You must watch the number of hours you’re sleeping and not just faking it out by lying on the bed Complete rest to mind and soul, according to several researchers, give rise to tall height. Although in today’s digital world, it is extremely important to keep a constant check on your teenage or growing child to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Regular workout

For kids in their growing age, games and sports play an inevitable role. To stay active, agile and fit, children must indulge in sports activities to tone their muscles and build strength, endurance and stamina. This is quite helpful as for girls, their puberty demands a lot of healthy living and nothing is better than a good strenuous workout at least thrice a week. You can play games or go for a long run, ride a cycle or swim.

Try breathing exercises and yoga

The best way to energise your body and take control of your mind and nervous system is by practising yoga. Yoga is an art which skilfully helps an individual to realize their latent potential, even to increase their height. Yes, by doing breathing exercises, you shall become more focussed, patient, calm, composed, agile and your hormones will function in a better way.

Lean meat

Lean meat like poultry, supplies high dose of animal protein to the body, which is essential for growth. Including lean meat in your diet in proper amount to fill your daily calorie requirement is essential to gain a good height. Apart from protein lean meat also provides a bunch of vitamins like Vitamin A and B vitamins along with minerals like Iron, Magnesium, Zinc and Calcium that play vital roles in growth.


Fishes are great sources of protein, vitamins and minerals. Many fishes offer a good dose of Onega 3 fatty acids to the body which is a vital growth regulator. Sea fishes are rich in minerals like Iodine which ensures better health of the pituitary gland ensuring proper secretion of the Human Growth Hormone that boosts growth. Sardines are rich in calcium, whereas, Salmon, Mackerel and Tuna have high Vitamin D content, which are vital for normal growth. Fish oil is also rich in Vitamin A, which is a known growth booster.


Eggs have more or less every nutrient that the body needs to support maximum growth. Egg is a rich source of protein, and essential growth vitamins like Vitamin D, Vitamin A and B Vitamins. It is also rich in salts like Calcium, Iron and Magnesium, all of which have direct or indirect effect on growth. If you are at 14, and wishing to gain more height include at least two boiled eggs in your daily diet along with other foods.


Milk is one of the most known sources of Calcium, which is essential for the growth of long bones of the body. It also supplies salt like sodium and magnesium to the body along with sufficient calorie. Drink at least 2 glass of milk daily to get taller.

Legumes and beans

How to grow taller for girls at 16

Legumes and pulses are high in protein and also offer a good amount of Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Zinc and Iron. Whole pulses are great source of dietary fibers which ensures a good digestive health ensuring better absorption of nutrients in the body thus promoting growth. Beans and pulses also give a decent amount of carbohydrate and B vitamins to the body and a lot of calcium, which is essential for bone health and growth, which work as the primary factor for getting taller. Legumes are a natural source of essential fatty acids like Omega-3, which is vital for growth. Soya beans are one of the richest sources of calcium and make an ideal food for every boy or girl trying to grow taller.

Leafy and green vegetables

Leafy and green vegetables are filled with vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers. Leafy vegetables like Spinach, Kale, Turnip and Lettuce are rich in Calcium and Vitamin A, both of which are vital for bone health and growth. Broccoli and carrots both are well known sources of Vitamin A and C. Being a rich source of dietary fibers, leafy and green vegetables ensure a better digestive health and proper absorption of nutrients into the body thus supporting overall growth.

Rice and wheat products

Including carbohydrate in your daily diet is important but do not go overboard with it as some studies have shown a negative effect of excessive carb intake on growth.


Fruits are rich in vitamins and there can be hardly a more balanced food than fruits. Banana, Guava, Oranges, Strawberries, Avocado, Kiwi etc. all are filled with the goodness of nature and they can provide Vitamin C, B vitamins and Vitamin F to the body, which promotes growth.


Nuts are rich in vital nutrients including a number of vitamins and minerals along with some protein. Including a handful of nuts in your daily diet can be very helpful to get vital nutrients that can boost your growth.

How much sleep a 14 year old girl needs to grow taller

A daily sound sleep is vital for growth as the body engages in building activities while we are sleeping. A 14 year old girl should sleep at least 8 to 10 hours daily. Having a long and undisturbed sleep at night is vital to ensure the best growth.

Physical exercises and sports activities

Grow taller exercises for teenagers

If you are lazy by nature, you need to change yourself to ensure that your body gets the maximum potential height. Physical exercises and outdoor sports activities can boost blood circulation in your body, promote better health of your bones and can be highly helpful to add inches to your height if you are at the age of 14. It is important that you do the exercises under an experienced trainer so that you do not end up hurting yourself. Yoga and sports can also be great for getting taller.

Exercises for growing taller at 14 for girls

Leg stretch

Leg stretches help in the growth of the long bones of your leg and hence can be very effective for growing taller. At this age the growth plates of the three long bones of your legs Femur, Tibia and Fibula are most probable to still hold their “growth plates” and hence proper stretching exercises can be very helpful.

Cross bend

Trying to touch the thumb of the feet with the help of the opposite hand while standing with your legs more than shoulder apart can be helpful in stretching of the legs as well as the whole body. It is a good free hand exercise for growing taller.


How to grow taller during teenage

Bridge is considered as one of the best exercises for adding up a few inches to your height while you still have the chance. Practice this exercises at least 4-5 times daily to get the best results.

Rod hanging

Hanging from a rod can also be a very effective exercise to grow taller as it helps in stretching the whole body.

Sports and other activities

Different sports activities can be highly helpful for growing taller and if you are a 14 year old girl, leave that computer game and go out to the park to ensure that your body is able to grow to its full potential. Activities like rope jumping and even running can be very helpful to boost growth. Dance can also be great to attain a good height. If you are 14 and think you still have a lot to go, take up swimming as a regular sports activity and you are sure to strike the best height if you couple it with proper diet and lifestyle.

When you are focusing on your growth, it is important that you stay away from the habits that might work as a growth deterrent. Read on the next section to know what you should not do to ensure that you grow taller at 14,

Those high heels might not be the best for your growth

How to grow taller for girls at 16

Though there are not yet any scientific studies to prove that wearing high heels for long hours at an early age might actually work as a growth deterrent, it is generally believed that wearing high heels for long at a growing stage might actually have a negative impact in the natural growth of the body. So, it is best to not to take the risk and to stay away from high heels at an early age to ensure more growth in height.

Avoid Junk food

Junk food can taste really great but they come without any nutritional value but add lots of free calorie to your body. As they fill the stomach, they stop you from having more nourishing foods that are needed for your growth. In addition to that the junk foods often work as the primary reason for being over-weight and excess weight can work as a growth deterrent in many.  So, if you are really serious about growing taller at 14, make it a point to limit the junk food you eat.