How to Get Periods Immediately by Exercise?

Exercises have different effects on our body. Exercises stimulate blood circulation in the body and thus ensure a better working of the internal systems.

Secretion of different hormones in the body can also be triggered due to certain exercises. The menstrual cycle in women is controlled by hormones and hence by doing particular exercises you can expect to have immediate periods.

However, the way the body reacts to an exercise differs from person to person; and hence the results of the exercises can also vary.

Intense and vigorous exercise often causes immediate periods, at the same time it can also delay period or can even stop periods all together. The exercises which are believed to trigger the starting of menstrual cycle immediately include,

Exercises for getting early periods

Following are the best exercises for getting periods immediately.

Crunches exercise for early periods

Crunches are very helpful when it comes to getting early periods. Just like all the other abdominal exercises mentioned above this exercise also helps in creating pressure around your abdominal area and therefore helps in getting fast periods.

For doing crunches, lay on the ground on your back and put your hands behind your head. Make sure that you lay straight and try pulling yourself up while creating pressure on your stomach.

Also, remember that while you are trying to pull yourself up, your knees are straight. Repeat as many sets as you can for putting maximum pressure on your lower stomach.

Squat jumps

Squat jumpsWhich exercise to get periods immediately? Squats, as we know are perfect for getting your periods fast, however, we would like to mention that jumping squats are much more effective.

This particular exercise is a mixture of both squats and jumps and both of them helps in getting periods faster. Start standing with your legs little wide apart and start squatting. Next, while getting up you need to jump and stand.

Repeat as many sets as possible for better and fast results. You need to repeat this exercise for at least 20 times if you want to get your periods with just 3-4 days. This is a high intensity workout and puts pressure on your stomach.

Squats exercise to get periods faster


Try this one exercise to induce periods immediately? This core muscle workout is definitely the best lower body exercise that can instantly you’re your muscles to stimulate pressure and strengthen your abdomen and pelvis by exerting a level of pressure on it. Here is how you do the squats:

First, position your feet by placing them at a width apart. Now, lower your buttocks by placing considerable body weight pressure on your heels and not your toes. Clasp your hands together or place them straight in front of you as you lower down.

Hold this position for at least a second and return back to the original position. Make sure your back is arched straight and heels are not twisted. Repeat this 10-15 times for inviting your menstrual cycle at a faster rate.

Standing twists

Standing twists

Are you want to getting periods early this one is the best exercise to get periods faster? This exercise involves twisting your torso back and forth until you put some pressure on the core and help open the pelvic area.

This will stimulate the pelvic muscles to break-free and you can get your periods fast doing this exercise. It’s a very easy exercise that you can easily do it anywhere while traveling in bus or metro or waiting for your friend.

Keep your hip a shoulder width apart. Now place your hands on the side and move on the sideways until your back is stretched but don’t overdo it. Return to your original position. This counts as 1 standing twist. Repeat this at least 10 times.



One of the most effective ways to get your periods fast is by indulging in a good healthy running activity or you can also go out for jogging. Running is the best activity to open up your vaginal area and help your pelvic region breathe freely.

Also, if you’re not fond of running, jog or brisk walking also helps. Try to make use of your legs back and forth to get some friction. For an enhanced pressure, you can go up and down the hill to exert some pressure on the core and help strengthen the abdomen.

Spot jogging

Spot jogging

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Spot jogging is said to be effective to trigger the menstruation cycle immediately. Through spot jogging not only the blood circulation to the lower abdominal section of your body is increased but it also stimulates the hormones that regulate menstruation.

You can do jogging standing at a particular spot for 10-15 minutes to get immediate periods. You should repeat it twice everyday.

Sit ups exercise for immediate periods

Sit ups

Full sit ups put pressure on the abdominal area and it can cause quick menstruation. Stand with your legs shoulder apart and spread your hands forward.

Now sit down but do not touch the ground. Ones you reach the lowest position, get back to the standing position and repeat. You should do at least 20 sit ups at a stretch and repeat the same twice a day to get any result.

Abdominal twist exercise to get periods fast

Abdominal twist

Lie on floor. Bend your knees so that the heel of your feet touches your hips. Place your hands under your head. Now pull up your upper body from the floor to a minimum height, and twist your upper body to the left, while twisting your legs and lower body to the right.

Stretch as far as possible, hold the position for 2 seconds and get back to the starting position before doing the same for the opposite side.

This exercise puts pressure on the lower and upper abdominal area, and can be effective to get immediate periods. You need to do at least 10 repetitions for each of the sides to get results.

Arch exercise to get periods faster


Can exercise induce period? This exercise is believed to be very effective in triggering menstruation cycle.  Lie on the floor. Place the palm of your hand and your feet strongly on the floor, now pull your body up to make a half-circle or arch.

The weight of your body should be carried by your hands and feet, and you also need to ensure that you do not lose your balance. Hold the position for 20 seconds or more and get back to the starting position before repeating. You should do arches at least 10-15 times daily.

Lying down bicycle exercise for getting periods immediately

Lying Down Bicycle

This exercise puts pressure on the lower abdomen and increases blood flow into the uterine area. Lie flat on the floor. Bend your hands and place them under your head; and also bend your knees to place your feet on the floor.

Now pull your left knee up and press your right elbow down to make them meet cornerwise. Then trace your knee and elbow back before repeating with the other knee and the other elbow. Do this exercise rapidly at least for 10 minutes, twice a day.

Reverse crunches exercises to get periods early

Reverse Crunches

Lie flat on the floor with your back; bend your legs at the knees at 90 degree and pull your lower body up with your legs.

Now curl up your legs on your abdomen while pushing your hips and waist area go up. The exercise should create enough pressure on your lower abdominal area which can be effective to trigger menstruation.

Roll up exercises for early periods

Roll up

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Roll up is another easy free hand exercise that can be helpful to get periods quickly if you are missing your date. To do roll ups, lie flat on the floor on your back, stretching your legs downwards and your hands parallel, on the sides of your head.

Keeping your hands and legs stretched roll your upper body frontward lifting your hands towards the front as shown in the image above to reach a sitting position.

Once you reach the final position, lower down slowly and reach the starting position. You need to do at least 20 cycles at a stretch of this exercise to get any benefits.

Knee tuck with exercise ball

Knee tuck with exercise ball

This exercise can be effective to put pressure on your lower abdomen inducing periods quickly. You will need an exercise ball for doing it. Balance your body weight on the ball and your hands, as shown in the picture, keeping your body parallel with the ground.

Now slide the ball towards your hands, with your feet. Try to bring your knees as close as possible to your elbows without losing balance. Once you reach the final position, roll the ball back to the starting position. A minimum of 20 cycles is recommended for one sitting.



To get quick periods you can also try out scissors which is an effective exercise for toning the lower abdomen as well. Lie flat on the floor on your back. Now raise your legs and hands to place them at 90 degrees with the floor.

Raise your upper body slightly at this position. In the next step take your right leg and left hand down towards the floor, but do not touch the floor, while moving your right hand backwards but keeping your left leg fixed at the starting position.

Now repeat with the leg and hand of the other sides. Do as many sets as possible so that you put maximum pressure on your lower abdominal region. The results of the exercises mentioned above vary from person to person depending on a number of other physiological factors.

However, if you had any gynecological problem or you have delivered recently stay away from these exercises as these core lower abdominal exercises can harm your body that is already in a healing process.

Before you take up any exercise to control the internal behaviors of your body, it is best suggested to have a discussion with your doctor first and to carry on with the exercises only under the supervision of a trained instructor.

Yogas for getting early periods


DhanusasanaDhanurasana is a very common yoga pose and has been practiced for years for getting early periods. This pose helps in stretching and toning the abdominal muscles and therefore as a result the blood flow to your abdominal increases.

This process helps in getting early periods when practiced in the correct way and on a regular basis. For this pose, lift you legs and your face towards your back and hold the pose for around 15 to 20 seconds.

This particular yoga is also known as the bow pose. Repeat as many times as you can as it will make you get your periods fast.

The malasana

The malasanaThe malasana or the garland pose is another yoga for getting early periods. When this yoga is practiced regularly for around a week we are sure that you will get periods soon.

This yoga helps in stretching your pelvic and abdominal muscles and therefore helps you in getting an early periods. You need to hold this position for around 1 minute.

While doing this yoga pose try to put as much pressure as possible on your lower abdominal as it help you in getting periods fast. Repeat around 10-15 times.



Can we get periods with exercise? / Can exercise make your period come?

No research has proved that exercise helps in getting periods, however moderate exercise can help in loosening certain muscles, which may lead to early periods. Moreover, extreme exercise can lead to irregular or delayed periods; this is quite common amongst athletes and gymnast who undergo vigorous training several hours a day.

Can we get periods with exercise? / Can exercise make your period come?

No research has proved that exercise helps in getting periods, however moderate exercise can help in loosening certain muscles, which may lead to early periods. Moreover, extreme exercise can lead to irregular or delayed periods; this is quite common amongst athletes and gymnast who undergo vigorous training several hours a day.

Does exercise cause lighter periods?

Exercise causes certain changes in your body, which it is not used to otherwise. Exercise does help to reduce menstrual flow, reduce period cramps and mood swings during periods.

Does exercise make your period shorter?

The short answer to this question is yes. However, it depends on various factors such as the type of exercise, the intensity level of exercise, your hormonal balance, how regularly you exercise etc.

Which exercise is best during periods?

Pilates and yoga, light cardio, moderate walking, low volume strength training, aerobic exercise.

Will it help in regularizing my period cycle?

Exercise is known to stimulate blood circulation. Trying these exercises might help you in maintaining a regular menstrual cycle.

What if I still don’t get my periods?

However, if you still don’t get your periods it is advisable to see your doctor.

What other factors should I take care of before starting any exercise?

Before starting any exercise it’s essential to maintain a healthy diet and taking care of your nutrition.

Within how many days will the exercise induce my periods?

Depending on your body type, exercise may induce your periods as early as within 3-4 days.