60+ Feather Cut Hairstyles for Short, Medium and Long Hairs

Feather cut hairstyle never goes out of fashion. Irrespective of the length of your hairs, small, medium or long you can always add some extra definition to them with a feather cut. Feather cut can also go very well on colored hairs and in fact you can play well with the colors on any feather cut hairstyle to make it more gorgeous and different.

  1. Feather cut hairstyles for short hair
  2. Feather cut hairstyles for Medium hair
  3. Feather cut hairstyles for Long hair

The best thing about feather cut is that it does not only give the total look a different dimension all together but also makes your medium or long hairs look more voluminous. As far as the variations are concerned in feather cut hairstyles, you can never get tired of it. Feather cut can be done in different ways, on plain cut as well as on layered hairs; it looks great on curly hairs too.

So, if you are thinking of giving feather cut a try, here is the best collection of feather cut hairstyles for short, medium as well as long hairs. Check out the collection and pick the one of your choice. Just do not forget to carry the picture you pick to the salon when you go for a haircut next time.

Feather cut hairstyles for short hairs

65Short feathers

Easy hairstyle ideas for college girls

Do you have wavy hair? And you like short length hair too! Then you will instantly become a fan of this striking hairstyle. This shoulder length hairstyle will never be out of trend. Trust us!

64Messy feathers

A bit messy, yet classy! This is the best-suited line for this specific hairstyle. The Hazelnut tone and short length can give you a whole new look which will melt away the hearts of your admirers.

63Curly feathers

If you are the girl with rosy and chubby cheeks, then complete your look with this feather cut in your semi-curled short hair. Blow the minds with this cute and sexy hairstyle.

62Spontaneous feathers

Compliment your oval face with this layered hair with soft curls. Show them the girl born to impress and win. Be spontaneous and feel like an empress inside.

61Short feather haircut bob

Simple hairstyles for silk saree

Do you like hippy hairstyle? Do you like a super cool small haircut! If your face is the oval type, then you should try with the Short feather haircut bob. You can go with the messy chic and this oval shape feather type bob. The back portion of this cut is not too short and in the front, it looks cool! With this hairstyle, if you wish, you can color like copper or burgundy. This cut looks smart and presentable as well.

60Auburn blush short feather hairstyle

Don the casual chic short feather hairstyle on short hair and channel your minimal side with a touch of edgy and avant garde visual appeal. The racy cut on short layered bob hair catches our fancy and totally gets us grooving. For all those experimental women who love to gorge on unique hairstyle ideas and always embark their personal signature, this is for you!

59Ash blonde short feather hairstyle

Add a dollop of sass to your plain monotonous visage with this cutting-edge ash blonde short feather hairstyle to pop your look with bounty of gorgeousness. The highly infectious feather look totally compliments the perfect heart shaped face and the asymmetrical layers add definition with a hint of bounce to your hair. So, get going as you hit the beach in a rocking monokini with this alluring hairstyle to up your style quotient.

58Auburn brunt hippie feather short hairstyle

Unleash the gypsy soul in you and feed the bohemian wanderer as you adorn the hippie style feather short look with an auburn brunt touch to add that artsy vibe. You can rock this look for concerts and road trips and have a great sassy style to flaunt. Just don’t let anyone dim the light igniting within you ever.

57Quirky feather bangs long hairstyle

Layered hairstyles for oval faces

Strut down the street in this Rock star avatar as you bring the nostalgia with a whiff of grunge and you can’t go wrong with seamless tresses like this quirky feather bang long hairstyle. Layer on those leather jackets with metallic studs to roll those eyes over and give them a reason to drool on your “howaboudah “persona. You will totally be stealing them side glances your way.

56Cropped hairs with longer side fringes

This stylish and trendy feather cut hairstyle can be ideal for teenagers and even for those in their late 20s or 30s. The hairstyle goes completely crop at the back. It leaves longer fringes at the front covering most of the forehead and few longer locks framing the face from over the ears.

55One side swept short feather

This asymmetric short feather haircut has a smart look to it and can be ideal for girls in their teens and 20s. Adding a dash of highlights to the asymmetrical locks can add more definition to the look.

54Messy short feather hairstyle

This messy short haircut can be the easiest to maintain and can be paired nicely with any type of dresses if you can carry it right. If you are looking for a bold hairstyle, this feather cut can make an ideal pick.

53Feather hairstyle with asymmetric long fringes

Prom hairstyles for shoulder length hair

Check out this trendy hairstyle if you are ready to go all short. Here the asymmetrical fringes at one side give the total look a different touch. This feather cut hairstyle can be ideal for any women who can carry it right.

52Straight feather cut on cropped hairs

This feather cut hairstyle is a bit different from the messy look that you can get from the above hairstyles. However, this feather cut can give the right look to women in their college as well as in profession.

51Short feather cut with front fringes

This one is a symmetric feather cut that can give any one a smart look. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it can go perfectly on teenagers as well as on older women. The symmetrical rounded front fringes of this hairstyle can be ideal to hide a receding hairline which is often a problem in older women.

50Short feather cut with face framing highlights

The uniqueness of this cropped feather cut is that here the forehead has been left uncovered. So, if you have a small forehead, this short feather hairstyle might actually be the best one for you. The face framing highlights add to the overall dimension of the hairstyle.

49Feather cut on stacked bob

Wavy hairstyles with plaits

Stacked bob is quickly gaining popularity particularly because of the bold and beautiful look it gives to any lady. The feather cut on stacked bob completes the look and makes it a stylish hairstyle for ladies in their 30s or 40s.

48Messy asymmetrical feather cut

This messy and asymmetrical feather cut is ideal for teen agers and college goers. It looks stylish and trendy. The caramel highlights add to the overall appeal of the hairstyle.

47Short shaved feather cut

Well, if you want to go really bold with your new haircut, this short shaved feather cut can also make a good option. However, before you opt for it, make sure that it actually suits your face and style, because if it goes wrong for you, things might take some good time to get back in shape.

46Symmetric short feather cut hairstyle

Layered hairstyles for long hair with side fringe

Want to go short and bold? Try out this symmetric short feather cut. It will give your face a completely different look and is extremely low maintenance.

45Feather cut on straight symmetric bob

If you have a round face, this feather cut symmetric bob can actually give your face an oval look. The use of different shades of caramel highlights has given this hairstyle a fresh touch and more drama. This hairstyle can be ideal for women in their 20s or 30s.

44Messy feather cut with caramel highlights

Easy hairstyles with rotating curls

This feather cut hairstyle can be ideal for girls with a long face and wider forehead as it covers the forehead perfectly giving the face a round look. The use of the caramel highlights is the other point to note in this hairstyle.

43Short feather cut with bangs

Check out this short symmetric feather cut with bangs if you are trying to get a new haircut that will look smart on you. This stylish feather cut can hide your broad forehead easily and can also be ideal for women of any age.

42Mixed layered short hairstyle with feather cut

This feather cut hairstyle can be ideal for long and oval faces. It can look perfect on matured women. The light bangs at the front complete the look. Adding some highlights in the hair can also look nice.

Feather cut hairstyles for medium hairs

41Smooth feathers

Top balayage hairstyles for black hair

Feather Cut gets a different edge in straighten hair and medium length. Revamp your look with slight highlighting and smooth hair. Do not forget to shorten the hair levels on your forehead.

40Wavy feathers

Do you have a square or rectangular shaped face? Then try this feather cut with the soft wavy curls. This one is ideal for whitish to slightly dusky skinned divas.

39Ageless feathers

Few haircuts are for all ages. Be it the teenage prom queen or the style icon mommy. And this particular one is just like that kind of hair. Try it and feel the change.

38Shimmering feathers

You just do not need any makeup to be the showstopper with this ravishing haircut. The straight hair adds a whole new dimension to this feather cut. Melt his heart with this one.

37Feather bob blond medium hairstyle

The oh-so-gorgeous feather hairstyle will totally up your classy vibes as you gracefully flaunt the iridescent style with a bold throw of layers. The cult beauty statement of the 90’s is here to steal the show as blondes are rapidly catching up with the trend that spells perfection in all segments. The bob with layered feather cut will be a perfect snob for sporty events and fancy soirees to highbrow tea parties, just pull this off with panache and you’re set to turn heads.

36Blonde bangs layered medium hairstyle

Leave them speechless as you step down the aisle and step up your hair game with this classy back-to-school Blonde Bangs layered medium hairstyle for that off duty high-on-panache look. Slip into that favorite body-con dress and let our insecurities shed away as you unleash the dreamy princess within you. We’re totally crushing on this cat woman hairstyle that weaves magic.

35Honey kissed medium layered feather hairstyle

Trending best hairstyles for pattu saree

Are you the sucker for some sexy extraordinary hairstyles? If yes, this one would be rolling on your mind for quite some time as the attractive hue is making us go bonkers, let alone the striking appealing layers adorning the medium hair. The feather cut style notches up our everyday work game and breathes an air of a different high altogether. So, get yourself together and try this absolute hit number for social gatherings, college or even vacay look.

34Blonde curly tresses medium feather hairstyle

Catch up on the good old days with your forever pals as you show them your uber-cool side with this sassy mommy look in blonde curly tresses feather hairstyle. The cuts and layers with a mix of uneven perfection is giving us major goals to revamp that monotonous sleek poker look and give grunge a try this season.

33Straight feather cut with side bangs

Feather cut can look very beautiful on medium length hairs. This one is a perfect example of how to get a feather cut hairstyle without chopping off much of your locks. The side swept bangs also add to the overall style and appearance.

32Layered feather cut with front bangs

Here feather cut has been used on layered hairs and the thick front bangs of this hairstyle make it ideal for the teenagers and college goers.

31Wavy layered hairstyle with feathered bangs

Looking out for a stylish hairstyle for your curls? Get this one on your hairs and be sure of the many compliments that you will get. The feathered bangs not only can hide a wide forehead easily but will also add a stylish look to your overall appearance.

30Sharp feather cut for medium length hairs

Party hairstyles for medium hair with saree

The sharp feather cut has added a new dimension to this hairstyle. This one can be ideal for women of any age and it can also be perfect for women with thin hairs.

29Layered and outward feather cut

On medium length layered hairs this outward feather cut can look perfect. This hairstyle can add a lot of volume to the hairs and can be ideal for younger women. Get this hairstyle to add a fresh look to your overall style statement.

28Messy feather cut for medium hair length

Easy hairstyle ideas for college fest

In this hairstyle some of the ends of the cut points inward while some other points outward, which adds to the looks as well as to the overall volume of hairs. The longer bangs at the front are ideal for covering a wide forehead and for giving a long or oval face a more roundish look.

27Symmetrical feather cut for medium hairs

Planning to try something new on your hairs? Get this stylish, low maintenance symmetrical feather cut. If you love medium length hairs, this one can be just an ideal pick for you. This hairstyle is best suited on younger women.

26Blunt feather cut with highlights

Best hairstyles with highlights

This blunt feather cut with streaky highlights all over can look absolutely gorgeous on college going girls. This hairstyle is easy to maintain and can give you a really stylish look.

25Layered feather cut with long bangs

This feather cut includes long bangs, instead of the shorter ones that would cover your forehead. If you want to keep your hairs low maintenance this trendy hairstyle can make a good choice.

24Feather cut hairstyle with highlights

Different varieties of waterfall hairstyles

This trendy layered hairstyle with feather cut and highlights can easily make you stand apart in the crowd. This hairstyle is ideal for the girls in their 20s and can make a great difference to your overall appearance and style statement.

23Messy feather hairstyle for medium length hairs

Want to go bold with your latest hairstyle but not ready to cut off the whole of the length? Then settle for this medium length feather haircut that is sure to give you a trendy and stylish look. This hairstyle can be the right choice for matured women.

22Outward feather with bangs on medium length hair

Long black hairstyles with highlights

For all the college going girls out there, this outward feather hairstyle with bangs can make the best pick of the season. This hairstyle looks messy and carelessly beautiful which is sure to add to your overall look. So, if you are ready to experiment with your looks, check this out.

21Feather cut with bangs on medium bob hairs

This stylish bob has got all its definition from the feather cut which has given it a completely fresh look. The light bangs at the front also match so well with the total hairstyle. This feather cut hairstyle is ideal for middle aged women.

20Asymmetrical feathers on medium hairs

This asymmetrical feather hairstyle on medium hairs looks trendy and smart. This hairstyle can be accentuated with the right highlights as shown in this picture. This one is ideal for teenagers and girls in their 20s.

19Feather cut with face framing highlight

Here the interesting thing about the hairstyle is that, the bulk of the hairs have an inward feather cut, while the hairs that make the side bang have outward feathers. The addition of light caramel highlights on the face framing bangs, gives it a gorgeous look.

Feather cut hairstyles for long hairs

18Soft curled feathers

Top easy summer hairstyles ideas

Fan of long hair? Wish to try Feather Cut? Here is the one for you. Make everyone look at you twice with this down curled feather cut. This cut adds volume and makes the hair look bouncy.

17Sunny feathers with highlight

This particular cut looks gorgeous because of its beautifully highlighted feathers and prominent layers. The highlighted layers make the hair look more beautiful and captivating.

16Teasing feathers

Long hair and feather cut is a great combo. Especially for semi-smooth hair. The locks tease the oval face and bounce with the rhythmic steps. Make him fall in love with you again with this lovely haircut.

15The smooth feathers for long hair

The highlight is always a look changer in case of Feather cut. And if it is a semi-smooth hair then be confident about driving the minds of everyone around you. Try it and steal the show.

14Feather cut hairstyle with sectioned Bangs

Everyday simple hairstyle ideas

During the winter, make a new haircut which jazz up your style! You have to choose a good hair stylist to get the best look! The front side of your face, the hair must be small like baby cut and after that, comb in this way that it looks superb and cool as well.  You can spray your hair easily if you wish. It is one of the best hairs cut which look smart and presentable as well. So, make your new look by cutting your hair now!

13Brunette classy girl next door feather long hairstyle

Unravel the beauty of the girl next door in you as you sport the chic and classy feather long hairstyle as you slip into the breathable silhouettes or just opt for a class-apart sassy outfit to add a pp of color and dash of debonair to your look. Don’t forget to gorge on striking highlighters as you go for this effortless layered look which will suit every face cut and go with the skin colors of every woman. So, try this look this season and give yourself a reason to treat.

12Glam game blonde layered feather hairstyle

Style your hair like the glam hot Red Carpet celebrity style with this spectacular glam game blonde layered feather hairstyle to ooze oodles of glamour with a hint of elegance. As you play it quirky with the edgy cuts and layers that define your structured visage. Taste tantalizing bouncy tousled mess as you don the graceful look for your gala evenings and turn heads effortlessly.

11Feather cut on long beachy waves

If you have long hairs with light curls, get this feather cut and you will never regret. The beauty of this hairstyle is that, here the longer locks have been curved inwards, while the shorter ones framing the face have an outward curve.

10Feather cut on long hairs with highlights

Short layered haircuts for wavy hair

Another nice example of feather cut on long hairs with curls. The difference here is that, this hairstyle might actually need some time for maintenance as the curls are not all natural. However, you can get this hairstyle to dazzle in any dress irrespective of your age.

9Soft feather cut on long hairs

Here the feather cut has not given the hairs an edgy or pointed look rather it matches very softly with the layers giving the hairstyle a different look and dimension. The use of highlights adds to the hairstyle.

8Feather cut on layered hairs

Feathers look most stylish when paired with layer cut. Here you can see a symmetric feather cut and the side swept front bang actually add to the glamour. This hairstyle can be perfect for any stylish women of any age.

7Soft feather cut on long hairs

Hair color ideas for long hair

If you have really long hairs, adding some soft feathery edges to it will not only add to the total appearance but will also make your hairs look more voluminous. This feather cut hairstyle can be perfect for any one with really long beautiful hairs without curls.

6Feather haircut with highlighted tips

This one is another perfect example of how to get the feather haircut on long hairs. The addition of the highlights at the end of the locks is not compulsory, but they certainly add more glamour to the overall look.

5Layered outward feather on long hairs

Different ponytail hairstyles

The uniqueness of this hairstyle lies in the fact that here the feathers on the first two locks are pointing outwards, while the end of the longest locks are curved inwards. This feather cut can add more volume to thin hairs.

4Feather cut with heat blow dry

When you have got feather cut on your long hairs, you can easily opt for this heat blow dry look before going out to the party. The feather cut gives the hairs a soft touch and makes them look more voluminous.

3Feather cut for really long hairs

Hairstyle ideas for frizzy hair

If you have really long hairs, opting for a feather cut can be ideal to give the locks a perfect look as you can see in this picture. The use of the red color has given this hairstyle a vibrant look, which you might or might not opt for depending on your preferences about hair colors.

2Soft, curled feather cut for long hairs

Here the feather cut has been accentuated with soft edged curls that give this hairstyle a unique look. This hairstyle can be ideal for teenagers and the girls in their 20s.

1Feather cut with layer and curls

Square oval face shape hairstyle

When you have long hairs, you can easily give them the desired look by trying out different hairstyles. Here the feather cut has been used on layers and the long ends of the hairs have also been curled to get the right look.