Top easy summer Hairstyles Ideas 2018

During summer, the dress you wear and the hairstyle you adopt must be different as the scorching sun  rays and the humidity level will not allow you to adopt every type of hairstyle. Thus, it is important to adopt such hairstyle that will make your stay cool and comfortable during summers.

People hardly find the right hairstyle to be adopted whenever they are going to a party, attending a formal function or a casual day out. But, this article will help you state some of such easy summer hairstyles which will keep you versatile and attractive. Even when you are facing the crowd, the hairstyle would actually matter. But, not all hairstyles can be adopted by everyone as the complicated hairstyles cannot be very easy to adapt for all. You can now learn some of the easy and effective hairstyle. The hairstyle ideas can boost your looks and give you a proper presentation. The hairstyle during the summer must be light and attractive.

Summer is the best season for most people who wanted to go for an adventure under the sun. Since the heat is so extreme and yet having fun does not refrain from everyone to do whatever they wish for especially when they think of the beach and swimsuits, it is also the best time also for everyone to sport a new hairstyle. Flip-flops and favorite tops are basic fashion during summer season and hairstyle are competing the summer beat too.

Here are some of the best hairstyles for the summer season may be best for everyone to have.

Baby Bangs

Layered hairstyles for oval faces

One of the loveliest haircuts that girls are obsessed with nowadays is Baby Bangs. This haircut is the best option for a modern take on your hair and to make your face look open and uncovered.


Curly bobs

For women or girls who look forward to shorten their hair during summers, bobs are the most preferred ones. Bobs are not a new trend but with some loose curls here and there it will definitely make you look super sexy with pleasant summer outfits.


Half-Half down bob

These hairstyles are for the ones who want the hair strands away from their face but still want them down. Then they can simply section the top part of their hair by keeping the center part and pulling the hair back and tie with a clip or a rubber band.


Beachy waves

To get a classic summer look when you are on a holiday at a place near the water then take a flat iron and create some undone bends on your hair which will style your hair super elegant and classy. To avoid damage before styling apply some protective spray.


Hot Bun

It is called hot bun because hair is coiled at the nape of the neck, making a round shape at the back making it looking like a bun. To avoid hair from becoming frizzy and brittle, do not use hair sprays because it may make the hair dry and frizzy.


Half-Up Hair

Dark brown hairstyles with highlights and lowlights

It is best done for a lady who has long straight hair. In this way, hair is pulled for about five or four inches of it at the back and twisted at about 180 degrees, making a little pleat in the middle of the head.


Bouncy Ponytail

To do this is to pull up all the hair at the back of the head up to the top then finish it with a gripping bond or rubber. Hair is bouncing to and fro every time you walk around. It helps ease the heat and avoids one from sweating.


Head Banded Hair

Before putting a headband on your hair, try to check first the shape of your face because headbands should compliment first to your facial shape.


Loop it up

A simple summer hairstyle that is just done simply by pulling hair up into a slightly mid-low ponytail and twisting the tail upward where the end sticks outside and finish it by putting a rubber band to prevent it from loosing.


Loose Braids

Making hair braids that are not too tight where some of the hair is loose at the end.


Natural Curls hairstyle

Best hairstyles for pattu sarees

This type of hair is also best to sport during the summer because you are bothered whether you will look good at it, the important thing with it is that, you are giving your hair the freedom to let it loose just the way it is.


Textured Ponytail haircut

Summer hairstyle where you don’t care about combing your hair before putting it into a ponytail hairstyle, instead, you just lose your fingers through your hair and tied it low just near the nape of your neck.


Small Braids hairstyle

Long haired ladies are capable doing different types of hairstyles on their hair. It is easy to do, just simply make two small, thin braids at your forehead or temple, then pull the two braided hair back and tie them with an elastic band.


Fluffy Hair

This type of summer hairstyle that simply have lengths that layering and turning around from different directions and yet it simply makes you look good and pretty.


We may often hear a cliché that states as, “your hair is your crowning glory” so before sporting into a new hairstyle, see the different facial shape guide so that you may know that by checking the guide, you are aware already on what to do and what kind of looks that will make you more pretty, presentable and honorable. Hairstyling were often done by Hannah and Jessica, so make you follow the guide.

Easy summer hairstyle ideas 

Chunky top knot hairstyle for summerChunky top knot

Here the lady looks very clean and feel relaxed with no hair dropping around the neck and forehead. A knot is tied at the top of the head that creates a spectacular look with comfort during summer.

Best ponytail at the top hairstyle in summer  

ponytail at the top

Easy hairstyles for college girls

The ponytail that is placed at the top is one of the attractive hairstyle that is adopted by most of the ladies during the summer as this will never make you feel irritated with the small hairs around your back.

A low side braid summer hairstyle

A low side braid

The Braid hairstyle was very old which has been adopted by the ladies in 50’s and 60’s. But today, the fashion world has adopted this style once again with a little modification. A low side braid is an exclusive hairstyle for summer.

Tousled Pixie amazing Haircut for summer

Tousled Pixie

Ladies adopting short hair would be very comfortable during summer as they don’t have to tie hair and pull it up in order to stay away from sweat that develops over the neck due to the dropping of hair strands. This is also a hairstyle that can be adopted in summer.

A low bun up do summer hairstyle 

A low bun

Get a bun at the back of your head, which is just an inch above your neckline as this will make you stay cool during summer and can also will never make you look too odd as you have adopted this hairstyle. Enjoy this look with the splash of water during the summer season without any irritation.

Side wrap braid easy hairstyle in summer

Side wrap braid

This is a wonderful hairstyle that is half tiled and half open. Entire hair is divided into two parts. One part is having less hair, whereas the other part is having more. The hair portion where less hair is accumulated has a very thin braid. The rest of the hair is open wide with a shift over the right shoulder. This side wrap braid is a wonderful idea during the summer.

Twisted ponytail simple summer hairstyle


Braid hairstyles with hair highlights

Another wonderful hairstyle to be adopted during the summer is this twisted ponytail style. The front portion of the hair must be divided into two sections with the braid formation from two sides. Now both the braids must be taken together and a ponytail is made at the back. During summer, you will not feel not, nor fee out of fashion with this hairstyle.

Voluminous ponytail haircut

Voluminous ponytail

If you are tired of a particular type of ponytail, it will be the time to try something else. During summer, if you want to look attractive with voluminous hairstyle, this is the one to be adopted. Even the bride going to dress up during a hot summer day adopts this particular hairstyle.

Twisted knot ponytail for hot summer

maxresdefault (2)

You must have tried a very simple ponytail. But, this is the one which you can easily adopt with the twisted style. Here three knots are over your hair from top to bottom, which specifically makes a beautiful styled ponytail.

Best effortless wedding chic summer hairstyle


The simple and gorgeous loose bun hairstyle with a side swept bang is to have an effortlessly beautiful loose wave. This is the magnificent wedding hairstyles from hair and makeup that can add inspiration to others. The stunning hairstyle for a party can change your whole look. Try this hairstyle on wedding occasion.

Easy & quick braid bun as Ballerina summer hairstyle


The top braid bun hairstyle is better in summer to protect from heat. Try this hairstyle as it takes less time and you can feel comfortable. Brush your hair from back to front and French braid from the neck to the mid of the head. Tie the braid with a rubber band and then mix the remaining hair with it and form a tight top ponytail with a rubber band. After that, prepare a top bun and pin it.

Soft curls with strands hairstyle during summer season


Party hairstyles for medium hair with saree

The soft curls hairstyle is better in the summer with a breathe life as a whole head of limp. The old strands and beauty hairstyle came back to concentrate. Simply, wrap the hair at the bottom with a few inches from your hair around the hot rollers. Try this small barrel curling iron that is about one inch gives an end curls on shoulders. Prepare this hair with a hot and a mist that can have a lightweight hairspray. The hairstyle with light make for an official meet is pretty cute.

Styling curly, shiny hair in hot summer 


The best ever going hairstyle for any occasion is free curly hair. The curly hair gives a luminous look by styling your hair. This hairstyle fills the haircuticle and are really infuses with shine. The hair to air dry is the way while to finish the hairstyle. Use the blowout and round brush to style and finish this hairstyle.

Trendy Double Dutch braid bun best hairstyle in summer season


This hairstyle is easy to wear and take less time. The hairstyle best suits to party, important meetings, and appointments. It can make you look beautiful. Try this stylish and classy look that will give a different look from everyday look. Try this comfortable and flattering hairstyle to look pretty.