Hair color ideas for long hair – Latest top best hair colors in 2019

The longer your hair is, the more stylish you can make it look. Long and lustrous hair types can not only follow numerous hairstyles but also experiment with different types of hair color.

From mild to extreme or from one to two and more colors you can have it applied all at once. In this article we have listed some lovely hairstyles and hair colors which would suit long hair. Scroll through them and choose the one that would your hair and skin tone.

Balayage Ombre hair color ideas

Balayage Ombre

Balayage hairstyles for long dark hair

In the picture below, we see a beautiful hair color which can be experimented on natural black or brown hair.

They lady has used Balayage ombre hair color which is highlighted from midway to the tips. The middle zone has a blend of both the colors and the tips are absolutely faded.

This gives three types of hair color in different sections of the hair. It starts with natural brown, goes into the mixture of the two and then fades into ombre. The back twisted pinned hairdo with wavy strands makes the look stunning.

Chocolate brown with golden highlights for long hair

Chocolate brown with golden highlightsWhen you have black or brown hair, you can choose a chocolate brown hairdo and get it done easily. Other hair colors like blonde or white would take some more specialized care to incorporate absolute opposite colors.

In the picture below, we see long, lustrous and straightened hair, which has been colored with chocolate brown. The color is sure to suit comparatively fair to dark skinned women. The finishing is added by subtle golden highlights which shines under the sun and gets prominence.

Long blonde hair color ideas in 2016

Long blonde hair

Layered hairstyles for long hair round face

Fair women have at least for once wanted to have their entire hair turned blonde. If you have never dared to give it a try, you could.

If you have a dark color naturally, you would need some expert care to have your hair colored like this. This hairstyle is best suited for fair to tanned skinned women.

The first quarter of the hair has brown and is then followed with blonde with merge well into each other. The girl has natural perms so you can also have your hairstyled that way.

Best hair color and haircuts with pink ombre

Pink ombre hairExtreme colors like pink can be too demanding to be applied to its extremity. If you still want to try it on your dark hair color, use the ombre effect instead of applying proper shades.

In the picture below we see a lady with dark brownish hair blended in pink ombre. You can also have it done over black or red hair. These colors would blend well with pink ombre and give your lengthy locks a sexy effect. Have your hairstyled messily and let the color flaunt better.

White, red and black as top haircuts and right hair colors

White, red and black

Balayage hairstyles for medium length hair

There are three different colors in this hairstyle and each of them has enough prominence.

Starting from the roots, the hair has white color which slowly merges into red and then ends with black. While three sections have three distinguished color tones, the middle zone has a blend of white and red.

This is where both the colors blend into each other, while the next half is too dark to make out. When you have a hair length which is longer than this, you simply have to add some more space between every two colors. Choosing these wacky hairstyles will bring in swag and style!

Cherry red hot hair color ideas in 2016

Cherry RedThe innocent faces with cherry red hair makes all hearts melt! Try out this hair color if you have fair to comparatively fair skin. While a lot of women like to have their hair highlighted with red, you can opt for cherry red for all of it.

This hair color is to be followed from roots to tips to bring in the exact effect. The dark haired beauties like black and brown can have it incorporated with easier than the rest.

Give yourself this envious colors while others would ogle at and style it nicely. Wavy to messy curls would be the best hairstyles to follow with this color.

Shiny brown hair color ideas for women


Wavy hairstyles with plaits

A lot of women choose hair colors which make their hair shine.

Be it under the sun or under bright light, they are just fond of choosing something that makes them look good and catches immediate attention.

You can choose shades of brown when you have lengthy locks, but trying out something more eye-catchy would be all the more interesting. In the picture below, we have one such example.

The lady has got her hair entirely colored with light brown hair and the added amount of silkiness and shine makes it look more alluring.

Light ombre hair color ideas for 2016

Light ombre colorsThis hairstyle is really quirky and stylish. It includes three light shades which blend into each other. The roots start off with white, which looks like a blend of natural brown colored with white.

It in followed by light purple and then blends into gray. There are three significant shades which have been colored in three sections. The lady has got her hair curled, which is why they hair looks better.

If the hair was straightened, it would have made the separation of the colors more prominent. This hairdo looks more attractive and adorable.

Top haircuts and right hair colors with red hair

Red hair

Top balayage hairstyles for black hair

There is a difference between cherry red and absolute red, well the difference is quite prominent too.

When you have long and thick hair, you can choose extreme color blends or even apply one color to grab all its due attention. The extreme red color can suit all types of skin, the reason why red hair happens to be loved by most women.

If you already have dark colored hair, it’ll be easier to incorporate. Just make sure that you have it done nicely so that the previous hair color isn’t prominent. This shade is also common for highlights.

Latest hair color ideas for women with blonde highlights on brown hair

Blonde highlights on brown hairUnlike blonde ombre tints, this hairstyle only focuses on highlights which are done over brown strands. If you already have brown hair color, you can shift over to some highlights to make it look a little better.

The long strands are going to love the new effect and its going to shine out under the sun. Have it properly colored and follow straight to curly hairstyles to flaunt it the best. The more you have it opened the better it’ll look.

Best hair color ideas with brunette and red highlights

Brunette and red highlights

Best medium length hairstyles with highlights

Dark hair shades look lovely in brunette and red highlights. Choosing dual colors on your base color is quite a nice idea as it is more eye-catchy.

You just have to make sure that all the three colors don’t look too contrasting to hurt the eye! Have your stylist helped you out with brunette and red highlights, and you are ready to carry off all hairstyles for yourself.

Long hair color ideas for 2016 with strawberry blonde

Strawberry blonde

The craze for golden and blonde hair has stopped and it has been replaced with strawberry blonde. It happens to be a very shiny hair color which suits almost all types of skin tone.

If you are planning to have your hair blonde, try this out. This is especially apt for tan skinned women who want to have their hair blonde, but might not suit the tint blonde hair will provide. Strawberry blonde will make your hair look enviously to every other woman!

Blonde and burgundy hair color trends for long hair

Blonde and burgundy

Long black hairstyles with plum highlights

The best way to carry off two colors on your hair it to have it dyed this way. This is the best process which makes both the colors come off equally.

Have your hair dyed as you see in the picture below to carry off both these extreme colors. This will definitely need all your hair to be dyed when you don’t possess either of the colors naturally. Make sure that the coloring process leaves you with both the shades only.

Light brown and blonde highlights hair color ideas

Light brown and blonde highlights

Adding two of these colors to the base color of black would be quite an ideal hair situation! Light brown added with a blonde on corresponding strands would be the ideal styling process for this hair color. This is definitely going to make your hair look ravishing!

Trendy black and blonde hair color ideas for wavy hair


The top half of the hair is in gray color and the remaining half end hair in black. Style your hair with different hair colors. The side swept hair with a blonde look makes you look beautiful.

Try these different hair colors to look pretty. This hair color with wavy, straight hair looks cute and simple with fashion bangles and dressing.

Simple urban Ombre hair color idea


The brilliant red color blurred hairstyle has a violet stylish look. This will turn your head at all around they go. The shade is simply like a weak heart. So, be prepared to the makeup that best suits this hairstyle.

It is important to choose the hair color, based on your skin. It is important, otherwise the hair color will dominate your face skin tone.

Simple red, dark and light brown, blonde hairstyle


If you have a light skin tone then it is great to color your hair to look good. It is important to color your red and blonde hair color ideas to balance two colors.

The red highlights and the other way around. Mix the three or four colors to have a nice contrast. The best way to lighten the skin is to try a color that are not accessible with darker skin.

Two tone hair color ideas for long hair


The straight hair with wavy hair gives amazing look. The hairstyle that best suits for your face is beautiful. Mid part your hair and has a straight, wavy hair look with two colored hairs.

First top half of the hair is in golden brown color and remaining second half of the hair is in pink color. Style your hair with this two colored hair to look beautiful.

Fashion collection of purple hairstyle ideas for long hair


Hair coloring is a current trend which you can make a reddish hair color. The current trend is to avoid colored clothes with a dye. The bright and flashy hair with a dare dye hair color gives a special look. The unique hair color and hairstyle can turn everyone’s attention to you.