Latest Balayage hairstyles & haircuts for long dark hair

Balayage is the latest trending hairstyle in the fashion world. This hair dyeing technique gives a natural look to the hairs, instead of just adding sharp colors on them.

The Balayage highlighting is essentially done through hand painting and it can be customized according to the feature of every person planning to get it on their hairs.

Balayage can be done minimally as well as all over the hairs and it goes pretty well on dark hairs as well as on the lighter ones.

Different dyes can also be used in Balayage hairstyle to get the desired effect. If you have long dark hairs, Balayage hairstyles can certainly make one of your preferred options to get those naturally sun-kissed hair.

Here is a collection of the best Balayage hairstyles on long and dark hairs,

Caramel- brown Balayage on long hairsCaramel- brown balayage on long hairs

Layered hairstyles for oval faces

Balayage actually suits the long hairs, particularly because long hairs give much space for the hair artist to play with his/her brush.

This gorgeous caramel-brown Balayage hairstyle can look great on fair as well as dark skinned beauties.

The perfect combination of caramel of brown with the dark hair color gives this hairstyle a complete natural look.

Balayage on straight long hairs

Balayage on straight long hairs

If you don straight long hairs, Balayage can look absolutely fantastic on the length of your hairs giving it a natural look.

As seen in this picture, the dye has been used on each of the layers of the hairs, but the distribution is very uneven and covers only some of the hairs fully to get the right look.

Caramel ribbon Balayage on dark long hairs

Caramel ribbon balayage on dark long hairs

Dark brown hairstyles with highlights and lowlights

This Balayage highlighting is rightly termed as ribbon highlighting.

The caramel color has been used mostly towards the lower third portion of the curls to get the look.

This hairstyle can look really fantastic on dark long hairs. This is must to try Balayage for long haired beauties.

Brown red Balayage on dark hair

Brown red balayage on dark hair

This brown and red Balayage highlighting covers the curls and the two shades of the dye makes the whole hairstyle looks very natural and soft.

This highlighting not only highlights the curls, but can also be very effective to give your hairs a voluminous look.

Caramel Balayage on long dark hairs

Caramel balayage on long dark hairs

Best hairstyles for pattu sarees

Here the caramel dye has been used more on the sides than the middle part.

The dye is more pronounced towards the ends of the hairs than the upper part. The use of shades in the caramel has given this hairstyle a perfect sun-kissed appearance.

Brown Balayage on dark long hairs

Brown balayage on dark long hairs

Brown dye has been used in this Balayage hairstyle to get the look. Here the color has been used more densely towards the ends of the curls.

The noticeable feature of this highlighting lies in the minimal use of the color on some of the strands while leaving most of the hairs without the dye.

Ombre Balayage hairstyle

Ombrebalayage hairstyle

Easy hairstyles for college girls

This hairstyle uses the shades very well to get a perfect Balayage look.

With the basic darker hair color the deeper brown shades have been used at the top and by the end of the hairs the shade has turned to total blonde giving it a fancy look. This Ombre Balayge hairstyle can look beautiful on long hairs.

Seamless Balayage for a natural look on dark hair

Seamless balayage for a natural look on dark hair

If you are trying to get a natural look that will also make you stand apart, this minimal Balayage hair highlighting can work best for you.

As seen in the picture, in this pattern the dye has been used in narrower strokes on the upper part and in flat strokes towards the ends to get a natural look.

Dark and light brown Balayage

Dark and light brown balayage

Braid hairstyles with hair highlights

This Balayage hairstyle can be very nicely painted on the long hairs. Here bunches of hairs that hold the dye uses perfect gradient in the shade.

The shorter locks are dyed with a streak pattern to get prominent highlighting in the middle section, while a more subtle and flat a way of painting has been used on the longer tresses to get the natural look.

Brunette Balayage on long dark hair

Brunette balayage on long dark hair

This brunette Balayage hairstyle uses dark brown and brunette shades to get the natural sun-kissed look.

A lighter shade has been used on the edges of the bunch of hairs and then it has been matched seamlessly with the basic hair color by using deeper shades on the same bunch. Get this Balayage hairstyle for the most stylish look.

Caramel Balayage on dark long hair

Caramel balayage on dark long hair

Party hairstyles for medium hair with saree

This caramel Balayage has been done by using lighter shades on the edges of hair locks and the deeper tones to the inner part.

The interesting thing about this hairstyle is that here the highlighting is more prominent in the middle part of the hairs and not towards the end.

Brunette Balayage with caramel highlight

Brunette balayage with caramel highlight

Here first brunette Balayage dying has been done on the hairs to get the right color and then highlights with the lighter shade of caramel has been done minimally on the edges to get the classy look.

If you have long dark hairs just do not miss to try this beautiful Balayage hairstyle this year.

Balayage highlights with auburn and brunette

Balayage highlights with auburn and brunette

Easy braided bun up-do hairstyles

This Balayage highlight might not look very natural, but it surely looks quite gorgeous.

Here the highlighting has been done on the lower part of the locks at the sides and deeper shades of the color are present towards the middle section. This highlighting has a very trendy look to it.

Balayage highlighting on curly long hairs

Balayage highlighting on curly long hairs

This caramel Balayage highlighting on the curly black hairs look absolutely gorgeous.

Here the dye has been used right from the top of the hairs on specific bunches of hair strands  and as the hairs have started to reach a length more deeper shades have been used flatly to match with the primary hair color.

The use of caramel highlights on the curls gives it the most unique look.

Caramel Balayage on long straight hairs

Caramel Balayage on long straight hairs

Hairstyles with golden brown highlights

This Balayage hairstyle looks absolutely flawless on the long straight hairs.

Shades of caramel have been used right from the top of the head to get this look.

Light caramel shade has been used sparsely on some of the hair strands to get a highlighted finish that looks quite natural.

Subtle Balayage with dark brown

Subtle balayage with dark brown

If you are looking out for a very natural sun-kissed look for your hairs this subtle dark brown Balayage can be the perfect match for you.

This hairstyle lacks any sharp edges and all the colors have been mixed very naturally with the original hair color. The dye has been used majorly for the length of the hairs and not on the head.

Auburn Balayage for long hairs

Auburn balayage for long hairs

Easy wavy hairstyles with golden highlights

This auburn Balayage uses the shades very nice to get a naturally auburn look.

The light tone has been used minimally on some of the edges while the most part of the hair has a gradient tone of auburn.

This hairstyle, highlights the curls perfectly and adds a lot of volume to the overall look.

Brunette Ombre Balayage for dark hairs

Brunette ombrebalayage for dark hairs

This Balayage highlighting uses light caramel to get an ombre look. The highlighting is more prominent towards the lower part of the hairs and some of the locks at the end have been painted in a very light shade to get the highlighted look.

This type of Balayage hairstyle can match very well on olive skin colors.

Caramel Balayage on layers

Caramel balayage on layers

Easy hairstyles with rotating curls

Here the Balayage dyeing has been used in a unique way to get the right look.

The highlighting accentuates the layers and has been painted in a totally irregular way to get a more natural look. The point to note here is that, the highlighting is lesser towards the ends of the hairs than the middle section.

Caramel Balayage on curly hairs

Caramel balayage on curly hairs

If you have long curls, just do not miss this Balayage hairstyle. Here the caramel highlighting has been majorly used on the two sides and the middle part has just a few thin highlighting.

This hairstyle looks absolutely classy and natural on these long and messy curls.

Ombre Balayage hairstyle for very long hair

Ombre balayage hairstyle for very long hair

Prom hairstyles for shoulder length hair

If you have very long hair you can easily opt for this Ombre Balayage hairstyle.

Here the dye has been used mostly on the lower part of the hairs apart from a few flat highlighting on the upper section.

There are no sharp edges in this hairstyle and the color has been mixed very naturally to get a perfect Balayage look.

Natural Balayage for adding curl dimension

Natural balayage for adding curl dimension

This Balayage hairstyle, highlights the curls in particular and not the whole volume of the hairs.

So, when you are looking out for a minimalist option to dye your hairs you can always opt for the subtle curl dimension, adding Balayage highlighting to get the look of your choice.

Best dark and wavy Balayage hairstyle


The dark brown hairstyles with locks are left for a super long. This has an exquisite brunette Balayage. It can begin towards the lower middle section of the hair.

The simple, delicate, subtle touches the delicious hue and has a few tones that are lighter than the base hue. This will create some sort of mysterious flair and might turn everyone’s attention.

Simple wavy hairstyle with dark black hair and glasses


This hairstyle gives an elegant and professional look. The hairstyle is simply side swept with bangs and are curled at the shoulder.

The hairstyle with glasses on a professional wear gives good look for official meetings. Try this hairstyle daily for your office to be stylish and good looking. The glasses make you look gorgeous.

Dark black Balayage hairstyle


If you have a straight long hair and do you want to style your hair with curls. Try this different fashion trendy hairstyle to look different from a normal look.

Try dark brown hair color with blonde highlights. Sides swept your hair and prepare end curls to make your hairs look heavy. This hairstyle best suits for thin hair.

Dark black Balayage hair color ideas to look good


The dark Balayage hair color idea for long, heavy hair has an amazing look. The dark black hair color with a light brown, blonde hairstyle that makes you look amazing.

The hairstyle with blonde highlights and Balayage looks pretty simple and good. This hairstyle gives a heavy hair look with which you can style according to your face shape.

Dark black side swept bang long hair Balayage hairstyle


The side swept dark hair color with a bang on one part of the face gives a pretty look. The hairstyle with wavy loose hair on the shoulders and curls at the end has a beautiful look.

Fabulous Balayage hairstyle with dark black hair color best suits to a wider chin, face, as it covers one side of the face with hair.

Top best trending brown Ombre hairstyle

This hairstyle has natural brunettes and doesn’t have a look of brightness. This will add a very stylish look with twist and looks like a new creation Ombre hairstyle idea.

The dark hair color can achieve the most maintenance for the solutions and can keep it natural with the hair color roots. This hairstyle is more dramatic and has a cool look.