Short layered haircuts for wavy hair

Layered hairstyles can be styled for all types of hair, irrespective of their length or shape. In this article, we will go through some short hairstyles which can be followed if you have wavy hair. These can also be incorporated when you want to make your hair wavy with an Instyler.

Go through these pictures and reassure yourself with the fact that your hair can have more styles than you thought it would. If you also plan to have a haircut, which makes your hair short in length, you can have them cut in layers and then follow the styles listed below.

Curled hair parted from the middleCurled hair parted

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Wavy hair has the best benefit, because they can be easily straightened or curled up. If you are looking for an easy hairdo which makes your hair look natural and beautiful, you can have your wavy hair a little more curled up.

This will not only give it a new look but will also make your strands curlier than before. Use a curling iron to curl your short hair and then have it parted from the middle. The length is short, which is why you should avoid much clipping as it shortens the length of the layers a little more.

Layered bob pretty hairstyles for womenLayered Bob

There are numerous ways to carry a bob. If you have short haircut into layers, you would surely the bob effect every now-and-then. Bob cuts are common for short hair and they look really stylish too.

Let your wavy hair get a little messed up with unruly coming and styling. Part your hair from one side and make the heavier section fall on the face. This will make the fringes in front get maximum appeal and that would reflect the layered cut at its best.

Short bob amazing layered hairstylesShort Bob

Long black hairstyles with highlights

This is the shortest haircut you can go for, when you want a layered haircut. You need to keep a minimal length for the layers to be cut and formed.

If you have already cut your hair like this or it shapes like this already, you can try out the short bob look. Have your hair parted from one side and let it flow. Since your hair is really short, you don’t have to do much on the styling bit. The wavy hair that you naturally posses will take its own shape and look like this.

Short hairstyles with puffed layers

Puffed layersIf you want to have your short hair look a little fluffy, you can have it puffed with styling. You would need your Instylers and your hair sprays to have it properly set. Once you have styled your hair, have it parted from one side and let it flow.

This is one of the best hairstyles to try for layered and wavy hair, because they combination of both the features make the short hair a hit! Added with the styling and puff, you would make the hair look thicker and fuller.

Long to short layers hairstyles for straight hairLong to short layers

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If you are planning to go for a new hairstyle, this can be a nice option. This hairstyle has been cut in the opposite direction than what a regular layered haircut looks like.

The strands of hair in front are longest and then gradually go in the opposite direction while having them cut. These hairstyles can be best incorporated into authentic bobs, but in here we have a different option. Have your wavy hair slightly straightened, but keep it midway waved. Part it from the middle and let the opposite layered cut flaunt like the picture below.

Regular boy cut hairstyle with short haircutRegular Boy Cut

When you want to have a regular boy like hairstyle, along with layers and you have wavy hair naturally, then look is going to be somewhat how you see in the picture below. This hairstyle will have a fringe like short strands in front and then have longer strands at the back.

The wavy hair makes the style look more stylish. You could also make it look a little puffed up with hair spray, as that could make the hair look a little more interesting.

Side-parted regular hairstyle with thick hairSide parted

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This hairstyle is apt when you’re hair is growing into the medium length. It is not long enough to be turned into a ponytail, but it looks long when it is open.

To flaunt your regular wavy strands this hairstyle could be easy and appropriate. Have your hair nicely washed, have it slightly waved up or have it finely combed. Part the hair from one side and then carry it off. It is quite hassle free to carry and is also nice for the layers to flaunt.

Absolute curls short haircut Absolute curls

Although the strands of your hair shorten the length when you have them curled, but they can easily be carried at this length too. For getting absolute curls, you need to make sure that you take out small sections of your hair and then have it curled.

This hairstyle is apt when you can’t have long curls due as you can’t manage the hair. Simply have your hairstyled and parted from the middle. Carry the style with your regular clothes and give your wavy hair a new life!

Fringes with curls layered short haircutFringes with curls

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Having fringes as the first layers of your layered cut could be a nice idea to make your hair look a little more stylish. Fringes add a different look to your hair and enhance the rest of the layers too.

Have your hair nicely chopped off, so that the fringes can be flaunted in front. Style the longer strands into curls and then part your hair from the middle, starting from the mid-scalp to the crown. Let the hair flow down and have the fringes straightened if the they are not aligned.

Pixie haircut for wavy short hairPixie Cut

Short hairstyles are often loved due to their pixie cuts. These hairstyles are quirky and really stylish. Have your hair nicely chopped off in the layers, provided that very last layer would fall at the nape of your neck. Have your hair nicely styled with as Instyler if you want the waves to come to a little more prominently. This will also give you the authentic look of a pixie hairdo.

Short ponytail hairstyle for thick hair

Short ponytail

Prom hairstyles for shoulder length hair

Depending on your attire and occasion you can try this quirky hairstyle and stun everyone.

We usually leave these hairstyles back in the age when we don’t even remember we used to have these, but short hair calls for such variations so give it a go! Back-brush the front layers and tie a mall ponytail. Let the rest of the hair fall down as it is.

Side-brushed spikes hairstyle with wavy hair

Side-brushed spikes

Although, these aren’t the edgy spikes which men like to carry, these would make the small strands stand up and take a curve. Use some hair gel to get the perfect hair and then blow dry to give it a dry finish. This hairstyle will make the facial features prominent and give you a sexy look. Let the layers on the thinner sections fall as they are.

Scalp braid hairstyle with wavy dark black hair

Scalp braid

Wavy hairstyles with plaits

Short hair can call in for braids too, when you start them from the scalp. Part your hair from one side. Make a scalp braid on the heavier side of the sectioning.

Bring it to the side and pin it up or tuck behind the ears. The rest of the hair can let loose as it is. Have it slightly brushed back to not disrupt the braid.

Back-pinned hair with a wavy short hair

Back-pinned hair

If you need the perfect formal look with your short hair and you don’t want the layers to fall in front, have it back-brushed and pin the strands. These will not let the locks fall in front and disturb you at work. Short layers in your short hair are sure to fall down and forehead and touch your eyes, so pin them back after brushing and let the rest fall loose.

Simple & short layered haircut with wavy dark brown hair

1. Autumn-Reeser-short-wavy-hair

The dark brown hair color idea for a short layered bob haircut is beautiful. Try this hairstyle with short wavy hair and side swept bang. A simple haircut with wavy hair at neck length bob gives a pretty cute look. The haircut makes you look gorgeous with simple earrings and light makeup for a party.

Trendy short layered haircut for thick natural black hair

2. layered-wavy-hairstyle-with-cropped-bangs

The short layered bob haircut with dark black hair looks beautiful. The fringe cuts, hair bang on forehead makes you look good. Try this simple hairstyle to be beautiful with stylish wavy short hair. This is the best amazing haircut to the professional look and official meetings.

Best short wavy layered hairstyle

3. Short-Layered-Hairstyles-for-Wavy-Hair

The short layered haircut with a side swept bang to attracting audiences. The best simple look with side swept bang with wavy hair make you look beautiful. Try this hairstyle with simple earrings and simple makeup. Choose the best haircut for your face shape and hair color based on your skin tone.

Blonde layered short bob haircut for wavy hair

4. Short-Layered-Bob-Hairstyles-for-Wavy-Hair-Back

Try this blonde layered bob short haircut style for a better look. Try the golden brown hair color ideas for blonde layered bob haircut to look beautiful. The best short wavy layered hairstyle that best suits for women with fringes over the neck looks gorgeous.

Latest trendy layered hairstyle for short curly hair

5. jagged-cut-layers

The simple best short layered hairstyle that best suits for teenage girls. It has a short curly hairstyle with side swept fringe hair. This hairstyle makes you look better with curly hair. The short curly, wavy hair makes you look good with a simple stylish look. Try this hairstyle that best suits for your round face shape.

Best simple & short haircut with a wavy hair for women

6. haircuts-for-wavy-hair-women-26-12

The best and most popular hairstyle for short length hair is curly wavy haircut. The side swept bang with wavy curly hair over forehead covers it with golden color hair. The light golden color hair strands over bright golden color hair make you look beautiful. Try this hairstyle for any occasion.