Best right hairstyle for square & oval face shape

A raised forehead, an elegant cheekbone and a strong jaw-line are some reasons why longer faces have been considered to be the best of all times. As our jaw runs at an equal width of our forehead, our hair looks thicker and add to the fullness around the face.

How to find a perfect and right hairstyle for your face shape?

Every woman wants to have a soft feel in their look, no matter how square oval her face is. The soft hairstyle feel is taken away if you try to do something harsh or blunt. The side-swept bangs give you a softer touch and make you look more alluring.

Are you having square and oval face shape? Then try these amazing new hairstyles that suit your face shape. The most flattering hairstyles by face shape.

Straight / wavy hairstyle for square and oval face shape


Square and oval face shape hairstyles for women or girls. The straight and wavy hairstyle with such an amazing and a geometrical face shape, you would surely want to avoid chopping your bangs either too short or long in the direction. These tend to exaggerate the length of your face. The classic shoulder length hair is the best for you, accompanied by layers which do not come down like fringes. The layers should be cut a little higher to the chin so that the strands can fall below. Hair bangs usually end where your eyebrows end, but you can cut them a little further beyond, and feather some more layers into its outer portion to get a beautiful transition.

Best curly hairstyle for face shape


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Curly hair is best suited for square face shape. They go great with long faces and add width before you do any sort of transformation! Anyone who has a square jaw-line is advised to keep the bulk of strands away from her chin. These locks do not overwhelm your face. Go for round layers with some dramatic effect as that’d be apt! Go to cascade layers if you have short hair, they look like they move inward towards your face and also accentuate your bone structure. If you want no added effort like straightening your bangs, you can make a side part almost from the center and highlight the shorter side swept. Curls have more volume, which is why your hairstyle should be subtle enough.

Best hairstyles for square face and oval face shape. Hair styles are dominated by the shape and geometry of your face. Having wrong hairstyles with specific face shapes can be disastrous. It is all about putting the perfect frame around someone’s face to strike a balance and make your face look fuller.

Short haircuts for oval and square face shape women

Right blonde highlight haircut Right style

Short layered haircuts for wavy hair

This hairstyle would have some height on the top and then they would feature some wispy bangs which accentuate. These bangs grab the attention of your eyes and make your face look more appealing. This style does wonders with no bad effects with the width or length of model face shapes. On the contrary, no height, and just bangs could also look good.

Wrong haircut for square and oval face with short hair

Wrong style

How to find Wrong haircut for square and oval face? Face covering creates a weird illusion to the square and oval face shape. These are because the straight bangs are all over. A little height to your hair above might give you a rounder look, but when your hair falls on your face, it makes your face look squarer.

More simple ways to style short hair correctly

Short bob haircut ideas for square and oval face shape women to look slim

Style Short Hair

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Slim look hairstyles for square and oval face shape. The picture above shows an absolute short hair, which can be carried off by the square and oval face shaped beauties wonderfully.  This hairstyle is recommended for a slim face with sharp features, just like the lady above. They will be able to personify their beauty at the best.

Short haircut with strands for square and oval face shape

Style Short Hair1

How to add pretty new features to square and oval face shape with strands? As the strands of your short hair grow, you can style it differently. This picture shows how the hair has been back-brushed from the front, making the strands waves or erect. This is would be ideal to concentrate on the pretty features of your face. Doesn’t her smile steal hearts?

Style Short Hair2

Best long dark brown hair with blonde highlights

Do you have square and oval face shape? This a pixie hairstyle, where the shiny strands are cut short and are near the head from the back and sides. The style blends into a top jagged cut layers, and brings in a lot of texture. This hairstyle would best suit girls with wavy hair, and their strands would flatter the most. Make sure you get your hair trimmed by a professional stylist and explain about your proffered look.

Short hair Stylish plum haircut ideas for square and oval face shape

Style Short Hair3

A perfect cut for square and oval face shape. The dusky skinned beauty above has an extremely stylish hairstyle. Let your hair grow in front, while it’s short at the back. Part your hair on one side and then let the locks fall on the other. The fringes would make you look like a diva, and all you need to make sure is that your clothes are trendy enough to match this hairstyle!

Front bang hair cut with gray color hair

Style Short Hair4

Long medium length brown hair with blonde highlights

Best wild and sexy hairstyles for square and oval face shape. The face, the makeup would not have been intriguing enough, if the model didn’t have that hairstyle! This style is similar to one above, as your hair grows from the front and is cut short at the back. The difference is that her hair has a wavy touch and makes the style look a wild and sexy.

Medium hairstyle ideas for square and oval face shape

Best right shoulder length hairstyles for square and oval faceRight style1

Shoulder length hairstyle ideas for square and oval face shape. Chin length bob cut, along with the bangs swept at the side suits the square and oval faced models. The hairdo does have a rounder shape, but the chin area brings the style in the right proportion. The face and hair balances perfectly and the hairstyle below would surely be a great choice if you have medium-length hair.

Wrong hairstyle for square oval face shapeWrong style1

Long dark black and brown hair color with blonde highlights

Do not try this wrong hairstyle if you had square and oval face shape. This hairstyle is quite suffocating and it covers up the ideal shape you should have actually done with. It looks like an attention seeking hairstyle and makes your face look more oval. Hair styles are supposed to complement and balance your face shape.

More ways to style medium hair correctly for square and oval face shape

Style Medium Hair

If you are planning to grow your short hair into the medium length, this is how your hair is going to look during the transition period. The prettiness behind the hairstyle above is because it looks messed up. While the strands of your hair grow, you will have different ways to style it. You can start putting bobby pins and pin your hair up at the sides or make a crown in the center. You could also simply let it loose, and part your hair from one side to get a similar look like the one above.This is a perfect hairstyle for square and oval shape women.

Frizzy hairstyle with short haircut for square and oval face shape

Style Medium Hair1

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Best hairstyle for square and oval shape face with short hair. If you are blessed with the not-so-wavy and not-so-curly hair type, this style would be apt for you if the hair is mid-length. Simply part your hair from the middle and let the locks make your hair look thick and wild. This hairstyle keeps your hair off the face and makes the features more prominent.

Best party hairstyle for square and oval face shape

Style Medium Hair2

Fabulous hairstyle ideas for party for square and oval face shape women. This hairstyle will make you look irresistible, if you can carry it off well! For all the women who have straight and textured hair, all you have to do is curl the tips reverse. This uplifts your hair from the tips and makes the layers look more prominent. Finally, you get a fabulous effect and you’re all set to party!

Wavy hairstyle ideas for square and oval face shape

Style Medium Hair3

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This hairstyle is apt for the wavy haired beauties. All you have to do is part your hair from one side and let the fringes fall on your face. The strands at the back are going to look messy, and that’s how you have to let it be.

Medium length hairstyle ideas for oval and square face shape

Style Medium Hair4

When your medium length hair starts growing longer, you can choose to chop the hair in front, to the eyebrow length. This makes the features of your face more prominent, while you can simply part your hair on two sides. When the hair in front starts to grow, you will have fringes and you can also clip them in the crown area.

Perfect hairstyle for your face shape with long hair

Right hairstyle to follow square & oval face shape


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Do you want to try perfect hairstyle for your square or oval face shape? A simple, soft and wavy looks with the locks falling below your shoulder is so much better than hair bangs or fringes. This hairstyle is nice for long haired oval beauties and adding bangs could be a real dilemma. If you have heavy bangs, you can pin it up in your crown area or make side part and move it to the middle to make your face look slimmer.

Don’t opt for these hairstyles for your square or oval face shape


The hairstyle below doesn’t suit the long haired and oval faced women. The bangs don’t look good when they fall on your face and also shorten the shape of what it really is.

Right ways to style long hair correctly


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Do you have a long hair with square face or oval face? Once your hair is long enough to style, you can trim off the front and create these hair bangs. This is perfect for your straight hair and definitely enhances the features of your face, as you can see above. From her eyes to the smile, she looks gorgeous. Once those bangs start growing, you will get more ways to style your hair.

Right layered bangs hairstyle for your square or oval face shape


Right layered bangs hairstyle ideas for square or oval shape women. This picture shows layered bangs, while her tips have been curled inward. The styling has made the bangs suit the model perfectly, while the features of her face are acutely personified. If your hair is naturally curled inward, or you have a wavy hair, which you like to style this way, you could opt for layered bangs.

Hair bangs with long wavy strand

Caramel and red highlights

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Best Hair bangs with long wavy strand hairstyle for square of oval face shape. When the hair bangs are longer than the previous picture, you can tuck them like you see in this picture. The hair might be parted from the side or from the middle, and the impact on the front would be somewhat similar. Your fringes can let loose, while your long wavy strands would shine bright.

Perfect hairstyle with curly locks for square and oval face shape


Do you have a curly hair with square or oval face? This curly haired beauty has simply let her hair loose. This picture amazingly portrays that these long and curly locks would suit your face the best. While curly haired women make a fuss about adding efforts on their hairstyles, this picture is surely going to make them smile!

Chopped layered hairstyle with bangs for square and oval face shape

images (2)

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If your hair is wavy and you have chopped them in layers, your hair should look similar to the style above. Her hair has been simply parted from the middle and left loose, while the strands have placed themselves gorgeously. You could also part your hair from one side or try pining up in different ways.

Side swept fringe straight hairstyle for your face shape


The square face that best suits for your face with straight hair. Try this free wide open wavy hairstyle to square, oval face shape. The fringe on both sides with golden hair color make you look gorgeous. Make sure that your hairline is probably straight. Brush your hair with front fringe dark brown hair at the end left on shoulders looks pretty simple and cute.

Brushed side swept straight brown hairstyle for square and oval face


The best famous hairstyle with side brushed wavy, straight hair on one shoulder make you look beautiful. Try this hairstyle with wavy hair as soft and smooth hair. Use Hairspray to brush your hair to one side with a shiny and soft look. This is the best hairstyle with long earrings gorgeous look. Wavy brown hair on the shoulder with a soft look is simple and pretty.

Plum highlights for short length haircut for your square face shape


As the square face is wide and has short forehead with square jaw line. The square edges are softened with a breaking symmetry. Try this layer hairstyles with a volume at crown. The soft straight hair with stylish face shape with a heavy bangs make you look good. Style your hair and try this blunt, heavy bangs hairstyle with highlights.

Long layers up to shoulder length hair for square and oval face shape

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This is a best hairstyle for square face shape. The square face shape with longer layers on the chin that can make you look gorgeous. Mid part your hair with leave the hair straight with wavy layered look. The shoulder length hair gives a flattering hairstyle look below the chin. Try this hairstyle with free hair ends right at the shoulder to look good.

Bob hairstyles with long blunt hairstyles


Do you have square or oval face shape and want to try bob hairstyle? The hairstyle with bob blunt requires wavy curly hair up to the shoulders. This hairstyle gives an increase volume of your hair. Light brown streaks on front appeared at curl wavy hair gives a fabulous look. The hairstyle shows an off bone structure just below the jaw.

Long hairstyle for square, oval face shape


The hairstyle looks to be a long wavy hairstyle that is to be a curly hairstyle and is better to opt for a wavy style. The hairstyle requires less time and is simple, that is styled with a very feminine look. Frizzy dry hairstyle with side swept bang over the shoulders that gives a stylish look.

Once you obtain the correct hairstyle, the color and texture of your hair should follow. A professional stylist will know which shape would suit you. It is very essential for you to be sure about your face shape, and then choose the suitable hairstyle. Now that you have some basic ideas on how you want your next hairstyle to look like, consult a stylist and let his/her advices be the last verdict. The common rule which applies to face balancing is that you have to match your look with your hairdo so that you look more presentable. Long faces need shortening while wide faces need lengthening, and this is why there are different hairdos for different face shapes.