Different styles of draping sari

Sari generally comes with the length of 6 yards to be draped by ladies with different styles of blouse to suite with particular look. Saris are available in different types of fabrics such as cotton, chiffon, Georgette, silk, etc.

There are some patent styles of sari draping which is followed by people belonging to different parts of the nation and even world.

Particular sari draping style looks really good with particular variety of sari with the inculcation of elegance and beauty.

Only draping sari is not enough, women wearing sari must also carry it well in front of mass. Let us have a look at some variety of sari draping styles.

Styles of draping sari in India are diverse and different based on different religion and custom. North, south, East and west portion of the country have people with different customs and traditions.

Thus, the style of sari draping also becomes different. But, each type of sari draping style is really beautiful. You will be amazed to have a look at such variety of sari draping styles. Let us have a look at some sari draping style.

Sari draping style will vary in part of the nation from another based on the culture and tradition. The fashion trend of individual also plays an important role in draping sari.

Let us find out the styles of sari draping adopted by people in different parts of the nation.

Different sari draping styles

Maharashtra style of sari draping

Maharashtrian style of sari draping

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This style of sari draping is adopted by people belonging to the state of Maharashtra.

The unusual sari draping style give a formation of dhoti in the lower part. Here, the wearer makes pleat in the center of the sari and pulls that bunch of pleat from the lower side and place it at the back inserting the same at the back portion of the waist.

In the other hand another end of the sari is tied in the front securely. Another part of the sari that are much more decorative comes in the front top covering the chest of the women.

Bengal style of sari draping

Bengal style of sari draping

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People staying in eastern part of India such as the state of west Bengal wears sari in Bengali style.

Even you can see ladies in Bangladesh are predominantly wearing Bengali style of sari.

After draping the sari inserting from left front till right with the big pleats from right and left approaching near the hip, the cloth is again overturn and taken up covering the chest and down the left shoulder.

The end portion of the sari again is overlapped from the back and gets down from either right or left shoulder.

Gujarati style of sari draping

Gujarati style of sari draping

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People staying in Gujarat wear sari in this particular style. You need to wear sari in normal way only the chancel will fall down in front from the right shoulder and will cover the chest with pleats.

Since most of the saris have heavy work over the pally or anchal, the gorgeous work will fall in the front only when you are draping sari in gujarati style.

Thus, the gujarati style of wearing sari has the advantage of showing maximum beautiful work to the viewer.

Lehenga style of sari draping

Lehenga style of sari draping

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Lehenga is another traditional costume in India that has three parts i.e long skirt style lower, pallu and blouse.

You can also get lehenga saris in the market where you will wear sari which is draped like lehenga and would also look like a lehenga as a whole. But, a simple sari san also be draped like lehenga.

Special technique is required to do this miracle. If you are willing to wear lehenga during your wedding but have got sari in hand, lehenga style sari draping will be your ultimate remedy. People will certainly get the illusion of lehenga after the draping style.


Mermaid style sari draping

Mermaid style sari draping

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You must have seen the heroines in 60’s wearing sari in mermaid style.

This style of draping sari has been a symbolic to all those ladies viewed in silver screen in 60’s. Today this style has come up once again with a bang.

This style of sari will expose the total curvature of your body as the cloth with be surrounding the lady from top to bottom in a perfect fit.

After draping the sari, the lower portion of the sari will be looking like skirt.  Even the person wearing sari in this style will look slimmer. Mermaid style sari will look better if you have sari with good and gorgeous border. 


Rajrani style sari draping


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Draping sari in rajrani style is quite easy as initially you need to wear the sari normaly with front pleads down the waist.

There after make the pallu fall in front through the right shoulder and then take the other corner covering the chest falling from left shoulder. Altogether you will get a V shaped appearance in the front chest.

The inspiration of Rajrani style sari is taken from royal style of draping sari. Oueens belonging to particular region of India used to drape their sari in this style.


Butterfly style sari draping


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Butterfly style sari draping is a bollywood style of wearing sari where the sari is draped from lower waist in such a way that naval portion can be visible while walking.

Sometimes the pallu is also slightly moved front portion so that entire belly can be exposed. This style of sari is normally draped with very light and think variety of fabric so that the figure of the women can be easily visible with an exposed curvature.

Mundum neryatum sari draping stylesaree2

This is the traditional style of sari adopted by people staying in Kerala. In the ancient form of sari draping style in this form include covering only the lower portion of the body with the sari.


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But, sooner there has been modification and people adopted both upper as well as lower part. Here the neriyathu is tucked inside of blouse.

But, people have modified the sari style and now the neriyathu is seemed to be visualized over the left shoulder of the lady. If you visit the southern part of India, you can see ladies wearing sari in this style with white flowers in their hair and lots of gold jewelry.

The type of sari which they drape is known as Kerala cotton which is today famous and in demand not only in Kerala but also in other states.

Madurai traditional sari style

Madurai traditional sari style

Look at the Madurai traditional sari style which is also known as flower seller sari draping style. The top draping style remains same only the lower portion is draped like dhoti.

Odissi style sari draping

Odissi style sari draping

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Look at the beautiful sari draping style adopted by people in Orissa. The dance form associated with this sari draping style is Odissi.

This is one of the most famous classical dance forms of India which is adopted by classical dancers from various parts of the nation.

Cocktail twist sari draping style

Cocktail twist sari draping styleLook at the beautiful draping style of light single color sky blue sari draped on the lady in the ramp. She is looking really stunning with a little twist in the sari daring style. This sari draping style will be perfect for attending a cocktail party.

Empire waist sari draping styleEmpire waist sari draping style

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This is another type of sari draping style adopted by ladies belonging to a particular part of the nation.

There the style is totally different as compared to others as there is no sari pallu that drops down from the left side or right side of the shoulder. This will work best with the reversible saris.

Nivi sari draping styleNivi sari draping style

Look at the beautiful Nivi style of sari draping which looks very attractive on the lady with the looks of 60’s. This is a very simple way of draping sari especially for all those who are wearing sari for the first time.

This is the basic of sari wearing such that if this style can be adopted, you can easily adopt other styles of sari draping as well.

Hip hop style sari drapingHip hop style sari draping

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Another type of sari draping is known as hip hop style. Here, the pleats on sari is given as usual in the lower portion only the alteration is made in the front up portion along with a cover over the throat.

You can use any other stylish sari to drape this style to look attractive.

Fisher woman style sari drapingFisher woman style sari draping

Look at the image of a fisher’s woman looks stunning with their style of draping sari. The combination of purple color sari draped at the lower part with skin color attractive blouse looks stunning.

Since they have to work throughout the day they cannot drape sari in such a way that will lead to falling out.

Bustle style of sari drapingBustle style of sari draping

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This is known as bustle sari draping style where the lower portion of women is draped with sari keeping the upper portion free from it.

Since the upper portion is not covered by sari, a top or an upper part is worn that is having a proper length and covers the waist as  a whole.

Mumtaz saree draping style

Mumtaz saree draping style

Mumtaz saree draping style 1

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You must have heard about Mumtaz? She is one of the legendary heroines who created a popular image in 80’s. She used to drape sari in a different style.

The songs of that time was famous due to her sari draping style and a typical form of a dance style which she and her fellow actor adopted.

Today, when the youngster’s wishes to get a retro look in their attire, they go for the Tammuz style sari draping. In this style of sari draping, the cloth is warped around the body multiple types with a short pally.

Assamese saree draping style

Assamese saree draping style

The sari draping style in Assam is also really popular. In Assam, female wear a different type of sari popularly known as Medulla. Unlike the normal variation of sari, their sari comes in 3 parts.

One is the lower part known as skirt, the chador which is used as an anchal just like a duplicate and the blouse piece. The three parts makes the wearing of sari really easy.

But, once you wear the Mekhla, it will look exactly like sari. But, there is a slight difference in making pleats of sari.

Tamil pinkosu style saree draping

Tamil pinkosu style saree draping

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Particular group of people who stays in Tamil Nadu region of India have a different style of sari draping.

Yes, Tamil Pinkos is a different style of draping sari where the pleats of sari are placed at the back of the women. The sari draping style makes you look elegant with an appearance of lifted hips.

The pleats are started at the right edge of sari and with the technique that the pleats will fall around the outside portion of the wrap. The top portion also gets a flip to the top border. Mostly, the cotton hand loom saris suite well with this style.