Long black hair with blonde highlights ideas

If you have black hair with a good length, there are ways with the help of which you can get a very good hairstyle with blonde highlights. This will be really interesting, especially when you are willing to make a special appearance in front of the mass.

Everyone will look at you as you are really looking very charming. The hairstyle that you have thought of adopting will get lots of appreciation. Ladies will be proud to get good comments from their followers, fans and friends.

If you too wish to be among one of them, there are ways to get it through the long dark hair with surprising blonde highlights. Let us have a look at some such hairstyles with blonde highlights.

Long dark black hair with blonde highlights 

Straight hair with downward curls 

Straight hair with downward curls

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You can now have a look at such hairstyle where the hair is basically straight with black color base color, but the styling has made it look blonde with the golden touch at the end.

The curly waves with roundish finish have taken a good place at the end portion of the hair. You can create this curl right at home with curling tool or curling manual rollers.

Black hairstyle for oval face

Black hairstyle for oval face

When you are adopting a particular type of hairstyle this should also have a good match with the face cutting on which you are adopting. Today, people are choosing a hairstyle of their likes, but getting it according to their facial shape is important.

The particular hairstyle will go really well with the oval shape face as it has great wavy curls around the face lines. The blonde highlights over the black hair will look really great.

Curly hair with blonde streaks

Curly hair with blonde streaks

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Here is another great hairstyle that you can try if you have black hair. Even if you have straight hair, by using the curling iron it will be quite easier to make the hair strands curly.

As you can see in the picture, the maximum hair is black in color, but the ones at the edges are blonde in appearance. The contrasting combination looks really interesting.

Knots of long black hair with blonde at the end

Knots on long black hair with blonde at the end

You might not have viewed this mesmerizing hairstyle ever before as the combination of hair will really surprise you. The hair of the lady is straight and black in color. But, she has highlighted the lower portion of the hair with blonde appearance.

Normally the highlight is done at the edges, but over here it is made from the shoulder till the waist where the hair ends. The styling does not end here. Also the two strands of hairs are taken from either side and made two successful knots.

Blonde at the top and black hair colors

Blonde at the top and black under

Easy hairstyle ideas for college girls

This hairstyle can be adopted by the ladies who have blonde hair as the maximum portion of the hair is white in color and the ones that are under is black.

Also, some hairs around the visible portions have made black and white one after another to create an alternate combination. You too can try this hairstyle and surprise your friends and relatives in a mass.

Hair above waist blonde and dark highlights

Hair above waist blonde and dark

The hairstyle adopted in this diagram is very fascinating as this creates a mesmerizing look with the combination of black and blonde one after another. There is an alternate combination of black and blonde hair all over her hair.

Also the under and lower portion of the hair is painted with burgundy color. The combination is really amazing and surprising with combined view.

Assorted looks with blonde and black hair highlights

Assorted looks with blonde and black

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You can now get a mesmerizing and trendy look with a good overlap with a combination of black and blonde hairstyle.

The lady is having a blonde hair, originally which is having a bob shape and the rest of the hair straight with good length touching the waistline. She has created a different look with its combination with the black dye.

The black hair color must be chosen from a good company as the hair will otherwise misbehave. You may have hair falls and other hair problems if you don’t use a good quality product.

Best hairstyle ideas for dark brown hair color


The mid part hairstyle with wavy hair gives a pretty look. The hairstyle best suits for oval face shape. Try this hairstyle for a party or on any occasion. The hairstyle with wavy, straight long hair on shoulder with dark brown hair color make you look pretty.

This is the best hairstyle that best suits for your face shape.

Blonde highlight hair color ideas


You can try blonde highlights is you are tired with only single hair color. The hair color with blonde highlights in summer make you look beautiful. The blonde highlights with your hairstyle give an elegant look that is subtle with the hair color.

This is a beautiful hair color transform with light highlights that can boost and show you more volume of hair to thin hair locks.

Brown blonde Ombre hair extensions with dark brown and black hair


You should try dark brown and black hairstyle that best suits for long half wavy curly hair. The loose long half straight hair can look good. Use can use hair extension or else style the remaining half with wavy curl strands using a steel iron curling tool.

Curl the half of the hair and are rolled as a strand with gold color blonde look. Try these Ombre hair extensions to look beautiful.

Dark hair color idea with auburn hairstyle


Style your hair with high contrasting platinum highlights that can make you look even more sense with a dark hair. You can naturally dye your locks and have a classy style look that can combine auburn stripes to look beautiful.

This hairstyle with your highlights make you look good and pretty with a different look. Try this hairstyle with long straight hair.

Blonde highlights with dark and light brown hair color idea


The blonde hairstyle with a fresh brown hair color is something modern. The hairstyle best suits for long straight hair. Try this hairstyle on modern dress. The hairstyle gives amazing look with white modern dress. It is just like a rock and roll edge. Mid part your hair and leave the fringe wavy hair on shoulders.