Blonde highlights: Long medium length brown hair with blonde highlights

Most of the people have medium length hair, which too has a brown color as its color. But, due to improper maintenance of hair, it becomes rough, dull and frizzy. If you don’t want to keep your hair in such condition anymore, it’s time to go ahead with the perfect maintenance schedule. Along with the caring of your hair you can also get a perfect styling done with highlights all over your hair. People also invariably like the blonde highlights over the brown shade of hair. If you have got medium or slightly long hair, the hairstyle would perfectly make a proper fit. Let us find out such hairstyles which will suit you.

Long, medium length brown hair with blonde highlights

Braid hairstyle with medium long hair


Everyday simple hairstyle ideas

The teenage girl has adopted a very simple hairstyle over her brown hair and blonde highlights. After creating the highlights she also will take another step to get braid hairstyle that covers the entire head with a little bit of bangs and messy hair tone. The braid is neat, but the hair falling down from the top is a little messy which makes a great impression.

Long medium hair with down curls


This is though a very simple hairstyle over the dark brown tinge of hair with some highlights at the end, it can be considered as one of the effective one with blonde highlights. If you go outside in the sun, you can get a wonderful reflection of hair and get it looked awesome and effective.

Long brown hair with trendy blond

long brown

Easy hairstyle ideas for college fest

The lady model is having a light brown hair tone which is also having a curly appearance just above the waistline. This particular hairstyle will look really good when you are going for a casual outing with your friends. Also, it can be adopted once you are thinking of doing something formal.

Reddish brown hair blonde touch

reddish brown

This is one of the peculiar type of hair color which is brown but not totally brown. The reddish tinge of hair is highlighted with blonde color and very rough French style braid is accompanied by the same. The hairstyle is also having some dark brown highlights over the hair. This is very effective when you wish to look different.

Upper dark with lower blonde

uppar dark

Easy hairstyle ideas for high school girls

As you can see in the picture, the upper portion the hair is dark black in color, whereas the lower one is blonde in appearance.  A casual knot is tied just at the back with a knotty braid style, but the knot is really small. It is really a casual look with the messy appearance with the hair falling near the breast.

Straight dark brown with blonde highlights

straight dark

The blonde highlights are done in such a way over the dark brown hair that it gives a white and black combination impression.  The lady has a straight hair with such a style that you will definitely make a great impression with greater creative sense. This would go well with the individuals who are quite young and wishes to surprise their friends with the new and fascinating hairstyle.

Chocolate brown hair with blonde highlights


Easy hairstyle ideas for college girls

You can see the lady with the chocolate brown hair which is made much attractive with blonde hair. After making the highlights you can put some hair strands, one after another to get a perfect overlapping design.  This is one of the perfect hairstyles which can help you get the attention of people around. Since being quite a peculiar hairstyle, getting it all together with an overlapping design is amazing.

Dark brown with gold

dark brown

The pretty lady looks absolutely amazing with the brown hair with gold highlights. The attractive lady will look much more attractive with this particular popular hairstyle. The brown hair is having a lively highlight with the golden brown color to the vivid view. You can adopt this hairstyle for your party and also in a fast moving hangout along with your friends and relatives.

Medium length hair with straight hair and blonde highlights

medium length

Short layered haircuts for wavy hair

This is another important hairstyle on the lady who has a straight hair along with some blonde finish. The hair also has a spectacular view with layers from the front. An asymmetrical to the entire hair looks really awesome with the highlights all over.  The blonde as well as red highlights will give the image and looks get an attractive view. You can now come forward and try an attractive hair with highlights.

Best blonde medium length hairstyle


The medium length hairstyle with blonde brown hair is a fabulous idea. Try this hairstyle with side swept bang over forehead gives a different look. The blonde highlights on medium length hairstyle, make you look beautiful of all unique different hairstyle. Try this blonde highlight brown medium length hairstyle for a gorgeous look.

Brown blonde highlights with straight bangs


The synthetic layered wigs, make you look unique with different hairstyles. Style your hair with brown, blonde highlights that can have a straight bang. So, try this medium length hairstyle to give a natural long wig for women. The hairstyle makes you look beautiful with stylish hair. Try this hairstyle for a party or any occasion with medium hair of two different hair color ideas.

Highlight bangs with a top length wavy hair


The light brown hair color has a base which gives different colored streaks. Try this accentuate hairstyle for a person’s facial features. The simple brown hairs with blonde highlights make her look stylish. Try this simple colored streak, which is a different hairstyle with blonde hairstyle. This hairstyle is stylish and has a modern look.

Fabulous dark brown caramel highlights


The hairstyle with a darker brown caramel highlight looks something different. Try this hairstyle with more cheek that are exposed and are the long with a side swept fringe. The hairstyle with a shorter length can show off it up to your shoulders and is a great posture with a beautiful little smile. Try this hairstyle to give a classic look with long earrings and side bangs.

Rare pretty stylish blonde highlights


The hairstyle with dreadlocks gives a crazy look for outings. Try something new with this hairstyle to look different. The blonde and red highlights make you look more beautiful with a special look. The hairstyle with layered highlights and that too with streaks make you look beautiful. The simple trendy fashion, hairstyle gives an awesome look that these can make you give a trendy look. The hairstyle with side swept layered bang on the forehead and highlights up to shoulder is pretty good.