How to get periods immediately to avoid pregnancy

What is worse than being on a period? It is missing one. The dilemma that women face when they are stuck in this situation is life-threatening.

The chances of being pregnant due to numerous reasons can be the cause of your missed period. So, what do you do about it? The power that contraceptive pills or birth control pills have on terminating a pregnancy is known to all but it can cause a series of problems that you won’t be able to handle.

What possible options do I have if I do not want to keep the pregnancy?
You can terminate the early pregnancy by surgical or medical abortion. Alternatively, you can opt for herbal, chemical, hormonal, or saline water abortion methods.
Do the natural methods of pregnancy termination cause any complication in future pregnancies?
No since the methods are based on natural ingredients and diet control, they do not have apparent side effects and cause no complication in future pregnancies.
I am 8-weeks due. What is the safest method for me to terminate the pregnancy at this stage?
At this point, the best and safest way is to go for medical abortion. Consult a gynae at the earliest to know more.
How can I recover from termination of pregnancy?
Ans) The decision about terminating a pregnancy can be physically and emotionally draining. Take proper rest, stay hydrated, eat balanced nutritious meals, and refrain from sexual intercourse for a while to ensure a faster recovery.
How can I combat physical pain and mental stress during an abortion?
If you feel excessive pain or experience extreme cramps, you should consult a doctor. You can also use heating pads for pain if you want to avoid medication.
When will my periods resume post-abortion?
You can expect the next periods after 4-8 weeks post-abortion.

We have a few remedies that can take care of your health and help you get that period you have been waiting for so desperately. Also read our article about how to get periods with exercise.

Ways to induce periods naturally

How to avoid unplanned pregnancy

We have come up with a long list of home remedies that will be easily available in your kitchen or can be availed from the markets. Read all about them so that you can use it to start your periods, as soon as possible.


Cotton root bark

The root of the cotton plant has the ability to get your periods immediately. Prepare water by infusing cotton root bark and consume this daily.

Dong quai

This is a popular herbal remedy to get your periods. It has been used from ancient times. It improves the blood flow to the pelvic by stimulating the uterus muscles and trigger contractions. You can take it in the form of capsule or mix powder in water and consume it.

Black cohosh

Black Cohosh is an herbal supplement for regulating menstrual cycle. It helps in shedding the uterus lining. It is not recommended for people who have blood pressure, are on heart medications or have a history of liver problems.

Mistletoe leaves

How to avoid pregnancy after 15/20 days

Mistletoe is very effective for stimulating menstrual flow. If you want your period immediately then consume it orally or insert it inside the vagina.

Ginger tea

Another way to terminate your pregnancy and get your period on time is by sipping on the goodness of ginger tea.

In a boiling cup of water add three to four roughly chopped slices of ginger. Remove it from the flame after a few minutes and strain it.


This delightful fruit can bring your sorrows to an end. The presence of powerful enzymes will help to get your periods right away.

Drinking ample amount of pineapple juice or including this fruit in your daily diet will show you the kind of results you want as well.

You can add it to your salads or enjoy it raw. Within two to three days you are bound to get your period.








Ginger and parsley

Parsley is known for its power to provide nutrition and fiber to every woman who needs it.

Blend together the goodness of parsley and ginger. Drink three glasses of this mixture everyday to terminate your pregnancy and get your period.

The presence of antioxidants in these ingredients will improve the functioning of your uterus. Drink this everyday until you see the onset of your periods.


Keep your cycle in mind

Ideal nourishment during pregnancy

You can always stay away from unplanned pregnancy by planning it with your partner. Keep in mind the day you start ovulating till the day you don’t.

Doing this will take care of everything and you won’t miss your periods. So, make sure you do the period math before having sexual intimacy with your partner.


A postponed period can occur due to several reasons and one factor is none other than stress and anxiety. Keep in mind that stress isn’t a good thing for you and try to keep yourself calm and composed.

Spicy food

Yes, the beauty of spices can bring your periods right on time. This will generate the needed heat in your body and you will be able to experience your period without any delay.

Vitamin C

To take matters into your own hands and induce your periods that you happened to miss. Take Vitamin C. Fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin C will do the trick here.

It will increase the production of estrogen in your body and help your uterus lining to shed.

Are you really pregnant?

Sometimes the reason for a missed or delayed period can be something else. To know whether or not you are actually pregnant, make sure you check it out before trying these remedies.

Basal thermometer

Get a basal thermometer before you run into any conclusions. Monitor your body temperature for one whole day. If you are ovulating then your temperature is supposed to rise and if you are not then it will drop.

Cervical mucus

There is a significant change that can be seen in the color, pattern, and texture of the cervical mucus if the process of fertilization has taken place.

Wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap and examine your mucus by inserting your fingers in your vagina.

If you see any difference then follow the ways we suggested to terminate the early signs of pregnancy and get your period.