How to get periods immediately to avoid pregnancy?

Whether a lady is a spinster or married women, missing periods after an intercourse is an alarming sign. There is something known as safe period when a couple uses protective measures during intercourse to avoid pregnancy. However, if you are sexually aroused, unwanted pregnancy might occur at times. This is a bit risky and dangerous for the woman especially.

If you want a very quick remedy, go for contraceptive pills that are available in the market. But, these are synthetic and might be harmful as well. You may also get a variety of complications if you keep on depending upon the synthetic drug. It is better to go for a natural remedy to get menstruation regularly without fail.

[Hindi tips to get periods immediately]

The natural way of avoiding pregnancy has created a revolution in the life of many individuals whenever they had a problem of missing periods. Also read our article about how to get periods with exercise.

Every woman without having intention to conceive would like to avoid pregnancy. Getting periods is the best way to ensure that we are not pregnant. Not getting periods for several months becomes a reason of tension as this can be a sign that a woman is pregnant. But there are ways through which we can easily get periods without any worry. Let us explore the ways to avoid pregnancy.

Home remedies to get periods immediately


Best methods to avoid the pregnancy

Asafoetida is commonly used herb in Indian cuisine and has body warming properties. It greatly helps in releasing excess amount of progesterone hormone in female body and aids in proper functioning of female reproductive organs. For getting periods using asafoetida, mix a pinch of asafoetida to a glass full of water and consume it on a regular basis to get periods.

Carom seeds for early periods

If you are struggling with getting periods fast, you can always go for carom seeds combined with jaggery. This remedy not only helps in getting periods faster but also helps in calming menstrual cramps. For this remedy, boil about a spoonful of carom seeds with a cup of water. Mix the carom seeds water prepared with jaggery and drink it every day on an empty stomach until you get your periods.

Fennel seeds for getting periods overnight

Fennel seed is widely used for making Indian curries and at the same time, it is used for treating many stomach issues. However, apart from treating stomach issues, it can also be used to induce a period. For this remedy, you will have to prepare fennel tea and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning for getting periods faster. Alternatively, if you don’t want to prepare fennel tea, you can always soak 2 to 3 teaspoons of fennel seeds overnight in water. Next morning, strains the fennel seed infused water and drink it in on an empty stomach. By doing this you will be able to kick start your period.

Orange juice

Citrus fruits like orange are having heat inducing properties and therefore they help in generating more heat in our body. When the amount of heat is increased in our body, our menstrual cycle gets triggered. As a result of the blood circulation around the womb and vaginal area increases. This remedy is very helpful when you are near to your monthly cycle date and you want to get your periods early.  For this remedy, all you have to do is eat oranges or drink orange juice frequently to increase your body temperature. By doing this you will be able to break down the inner lining of your uterus and as a result, you will get your periods immediately and avoid pregnancy naturally. Bottom of Form


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Ginger tea for getting quick periods

If you are missing your date and you are worried about the delay, start taking 2-3 cups of ginger tea every day. It is an easy way to make a drink that is also tasty when prepared in the right way. You can also add honey and lemon juice to the tea to make it pleasing for your taste buds. Soak 3-4 spoons of grated ginger in 1 cup of warm water for 10 minutes and then strain the ginger pieces. Drink this tea mixed with honey and lemon and enjoy your early periods to avoid pregnancy in a healthy and natural way.

Parsley and pepper juice for getting early period

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Parsley has some ingredients that help in regularizing periods. Black pepper is also known to induce quick menstruation in females. If you have missed your period, it is a good option to include parsley juice with black pepper in your daily diet and you are most expected to get your periods within a few days. You can easily prepare parsley juice in a juice maker. Add grounded black pepper to the juice, along with a pinch of salt and lemon to make it tasty and effective.

Fenugreek seed concoction for getting immediate period

Fenugreek seeds are a rich source of active ingredients that can induce periods quickly. If you had intercourse recently and your period has been delayed, you can drink fenugreek concoction to get periods quickly. Soak 3 spoons of fenugreek seeds in excess clean water overnight. In the morning, boil it till there is sufficient froth. Strain the seeds and drink the hot concoction. Take it once daily and you are sure to get your periods within 2-3 days. Avoid pregnancy naturally with this effective home remedy.

Pineapple for getting period immediately

Pineapple is a tasty and effective option to get periods quickly. This fruit is known to have some enzymes that help in inducing periods immediately. Include 2-3 glass of pineapple juice in your regular diet if you are missing periods. You can also include pineapple in your salad or consume it raw as a fruit daily to get the same benefits. However, you need to have it in excess to get the effectiveness.  It is a safe and effective way to get periods quickly and avoid pregnancy naturally.

Pomegranate for quick period

You can also take the help of pomegranate to get periods early. Pomegranate is a rich source of iron and several other active ingredients that can help in rebalancing the natural vitamin and mineral levels in the body, promoting quick periods. You can also mix pomegranate juice with jaggery and take it 3-4 times a day to get periods quickly.

Get early periods with sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are the other effective ayurvedic remedy that can help you to get quick periods to avoid pregnancy. Soak 2 spoons of sesame seeds in 1 cup of warm water. Let it soak for 10 minutes and then drink it warm. You should take this drink at least twice a day for best results. This remedy can induce period within 10 to 15 days when taken regularly in proper dose.

Turmeric can help in getting early period

How to get pregnancy fast

Turmeric taken with hot water is one of the common home remedies for getting early period. You should start taking this drink from 15 days before your expected period date, and you will get your menstruation sooner by 5-7 days. Add smashed 1 spoon turmeric root to hot water, leave on for 5 minutes and drink it warm twice a day. This will help in inducing early periods and avoid pregnancy naturally.

Carrot juice for getting periods early

Women often depend on carrot juice for getting periods immediately. Carrot has a bunch of nutrients that is great for your body. It helps in balancing the natural processes of the body and also helps in fast- tracking periods.  Take 3-4 full glasses of carrot juice daily and you might get your periods quick enough. You can also sprinkle a spoon of black pepper powder on the carrot juice to get even better results. Black pepper increases body temperature which can be helpful to induce periods quickly.

Coriander seeds for early period

Coriander seeds are also effective in inducing quick menstruation.  Soak 2 spoons of coriander seeds in 2 cups of water for an hour. Boil the water to half and drink it along with the seeds.  Take this drink 3-4 times in a day and you are most expected to get your periods in 2-3 days if your periods have been delayed.

Get immediate periods with radish juice

Radish is a rich source of a number of active ingredients that can be helpful to heat up the body and induce early periods. If your periods have been delayed and you are worried about it, start drinking two glasses of fresh radish juice daily, you will get your periods within a week.

Do exercises to get periods immediately

Exercises that increase the body temperature can be effective in inducing periods quickly. Push-ups, sit-ups, aerobic exercises, crunches can be most helpful to get periods quickly.


This magical fibrous infused fruit adds a gallon of heat to your body besides filtering your body with all things healthy and effective. This fruit is known for many a home treatment to keep your body skin and hair in place yet this wonder fruit helps in getting periods early. Surprised? Well, don’t be, the nutritious elements present in it helps to form and secrete oestrogen hormone at a rapid pace. This can further lead to faster periods and avoid pregnancy.


Top remedies for Irregular periods

This rich iron infused fruit not only helps in blood flow and circulation of blood to all parts of body thereby removing toxics, but also known to speed your menstruation at your own will. Start peeling this red rider and munch on pomegranate as a healthy snack day and night to ensure early periods. You must consume at least 3 glasses of pomegranate juice, add some sugar or sugar cane if looking for a healthy and natural substitute. This will help you avoid pregnancy and result in early periods too.


Oh the sweetness galore is here to save you from pregnancy and get your periods soon. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself. Jaggery is a natural sweet and helps to metabolize and normalize your hormones. You can take it with sesame seeds before breakfast on empty stomach as a juice and later in the evening, prepare a healthy concoction of jaggery and ginger juice to remove the toxics away and invite menstruation soon.

Ginger and parsley

Parsley is known to add a lot of fibre and nutrition in a woman’s body which is missing, so you can try to make a healthy juice of ginger and parsley. Drink this heavenly liquid at east 2-3 times a day to ensure early periods and avoid pregnancy. The goodness of antioxidants helps in expanding the uterus and invites the menstruation early this way. You can prepare this delightful drink and feast on it until your periods arrive.

How to get periods immediately?

Once you are ensured that you are pregnant, the next step will be go for the remedy.


Most of the ladies have used aspirin to avoid pregnancy. After using it you can get your periods as you have desired. You need to take half cup of water, take 2 aspirins and crush it. Now mix it in water and drink it. You can easily get periods even after the intercourse. But, this is not a sure solution as in some exception cases this might not work.

Using menstrual synchrony

Menstrual synchrony is a very new concept which takes place with human psychology. Being a female if you hang out with the females who are already having menstruation at that particular time, your body can also get synchronized with them and you can also get periods. Some people say that, if you are not getting periods, even if you touch a lady who is having periods, you can get it.

Birth control pills

How to delay your period naturally

Birth control pills are indeed a very common way to have a control over your pregnancy immediately. You need to have 2-3 tablets daily and you get the periods without much botheration. Some ladies who carries on with intercourse on a regular basis need to have pills that are safer. Thus, you need to visit your gynecologist so that she suggest you with a birth control pill which suites your generic and body type. That will not induce any side effect if your doctor prescribes you. The birth control pills which are taken on a regular are much safer as compared to the one which is used to stop pregnancy immediately.

Planning beforehand

Best part to stop pregnancy and have periods after intercourse is none other than making plans. All you have to do is discuss with your partner beforehand when you are going for a special love making night.  You need to calculate your periodic cycle and find out the days when you are very safe even if you go through intercourse without any protection.

Consider other factors

After you have completed your intercourse, you must be worried about the date of your periods. You will be much more worried if youstart having a delay in periods. As a matter of fact, delayed periods can also take place due to tension and stress level. Thus, you need to consider about other factors which can give rise to delayed periods. Always remember, it’s not the intercourse that will make your period to stop or get delayed.

Hot and spicy food

If you think you are not getting periods long time after your periodic cycle, all you have to do is consume hot and spicy food. Having such variation of food will be really effective in producing heat inside your body and give rise to periodic cycle immediately. This is a wonderful remedy if you think you are not getting periods and for this reason, you might get pregnant.

Vitamin C

Sometimes Vitamin C is also a wonderful remedy to get out from the situation of missed and delayed periods. All you have to do is choose some fruits that are rich in Vitamin C. Since vitamin C is a wonderful component that can produce oestrogen in the body in your uterine lining, there will be contraction and effectiveness in getting menstrual bleeding. You can also get high dosage of Vitamin C to have periods immediately.

Ripe papaya

You can have ripe papaya just after you are confirmed that you have a great chance to have fertility. This will boost your body and initiate the periodic cycle immediately.

Spicy food

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You must have spicy hot food on a regular basis if you feel that you are pregnant and wish to get periods immediately.  This helps often to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Ways to get periods immediately

Before going for the remedy, it is important to check whether you are actually pregnant or not. Following are the ways you can adopt.

Basal thermometer

Sometime women are too much tensed after they have gone through an intercourse. But, actually they might not be a pregnant at all. It will be best not to depend on others and evaluate this by yourself. For this, you need to buy a basal thermometer. Within the period of 24 hours, your body temperature will drop. But, if ovulation takes place, your body temperature will rise slightly which can be observed only with the help of basal thermometer. You can monitor your pregnancy with basal thermometer.

Checking cervical mucus

You also need to check your cervical mucus in order to ensure your pregnancy. You can get specific type of cervical mucus till you are not pregnant. But, once you have gone through the process of fertilization, the color, texture and pattern of cervical mucus will be changed easily. You can do this easily with the help of your hand. First of all, wash your hand with anti-bacterial solution or soap. Then, insert your finger inside your vagina and bring it out. Then you can examine the texture.


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