How to delay your period – Postpone menses

In some cases you may want to postpone or prepone your period. There are foods and workouts to delay periods naturally. Menstruation is one of the natural processes of a female body. However, most of the young and middle-aged women feel pain and cramps due to this menstruation.

You cannot concentrate on your work or do not like to go anywhere, when you have periods. While you are experiencing menstruation, you try to avoid attending party or any important seminar. To delay the periods there are pills available in medical store. However, these pills are not the safest options to a woman since they can affect the reproductive system. That is why you can better rely on the herbal solutions and easy home remedies.

Workouts to delay period

It’s the simplest and safest option for delaying your periods. You have to spend just thirty minutes everyday for this workout session, and you will surely get the optimal result.

However, never give very high stress on the body since the capacity for withstanding the physical effort is different for every person. The increasing physical movements may turn out to be the reason behind your muscle ache.

You may better start to do stretching workouts instead of the heavy exercises. While you are accustomed to exercises, you may increase this workout duration. However, when you are doing these intense physical movements, you must eat some more foods for balancing the calorie loss. Aerobics and yoga are the best options to reach your target. These are also helpful for reducing the pain that you feel during the menstruation.

Uterus massage

Massage hour pelvic and lower abdominal region with essential oils gently running your fingers in circular motions to alter your period and stabilize period symptoms like pain and cramps. Before doing this you can seek advice from a good therapist.

Foods they can delay periods naturally

Now, we like to make a list of those foods, which can hold back your periods.

  1. French beans: Using French beans is also an excellent solution to delay periods. You need to boil a cup of French beans in 100ml water for 4-5 minutes. Now strain the boiled water and add lemon juice in it. Take this solution before your menstrual date to see the effective result.
  2. Chia seeds: Take a bowl of water for soaking chia seeds. Leave it overnight following morning strain this solution to drink. You need to drink this solution empty stomach. Make sure; you are drinking it for 6-7 days before your menstrual date.
  3. Lemon: Lemon, containing citric acid, helps you in playing a trick for postponing your period. Just keep on sucking the lemon juice or chew a piece for stopping the flow. However, you may have your lemon sap with some water, and this will never affect the result. It is also true that the final effect can be different for every woman. Some women feel aching during the period for consuming lemon. Thus, you can rely on lemon only when you are sure of the positive result.
    Tips: You must have the lemon juice at least for a week.
  4. Apple cider vinegar: Mix 3 tbsps of apple cider vinegar in one glass of lukewarm water and consume it three times a day. Doing this for one week before your actual period date will delay your period.Apple cider vinegar works amazingly on every health condition, so does for your period problems. It can postpone your dates, control the blood flow and also push your dates back to normal. So keep this ingredient handy on your kitchen shelf.
  5. Healthy food: Your diet can influence your menstrual cycle greatly. You might have heard eating spicy foods can prepone your period because of heat. Hence, for postponing your period you should avoid spicy and eat healthy nutrient, fiber and fluid rich foods.
  6. Lemons and Vinegar:Lemon and vinegar are acidic in nature, which helps to detoxify the body and delay periods. Add 1 tsp. of lemon juice or vinegar to a glass of lukewarm water and sip on it on empty stomach in the morning and night. Alternatively, you can slice a lemon and chew on it to make the acidic nature work to delay your period date.
  7. Vinegar to delay period: In most of the kitchens, vinegar is a very common ingredient, and we use it for our culinary purpose. Lets see how to delay period with vinegar.
    Steps for using pulses


    1. Pour water into your glass and then, add vinegar (3 to 4 spoons) to it. Sip this solution minimum 3 to 4 times everyday.
    2. Vinegar will cure various symptoms, related to menstruation.
    3. Take this solution regularly for postponing your periods.
  8. Gram lentils: Due to the good amount of protein content, pulses, like gram lentils, are healthy options to us. Lets see how to use lentils to postpone periods.
    How to make: Fry some lentils to make them soft. Then, start grinding them for your consumption.
    Steps for using pulses


    1. Add the lentil powder to your soup.
    2. Pour some hot water into it; blend it thoroughly. There must not be the lumps of pulses.
    3. Take the soup for one week to get the result. You can try to have it while you have empty stomach.
  9. Licorice Root: This root is effective at postponing your periods. At the same time, it has the properties for curing jaundice. The root contains few components, which prevent the contraction of uterine for delaying the menses.
    Steps for using it


    1. You may consume the powdered form of licorice root.
    2. While having this powder, you can pour hot water to it. Then, drink this solution.
    3. Another option for you is to consume this root by boiling it in water.
    4. Heat this root for fifteen minutes. Strain this water to sip it. Continue doing it for five days.
  10. Yarrow tincture: Yarrow is one of the flowering herbs, known for treating the females’ hormonal complications. This is also effective for delaying your periods.
    Steps for using it


    1. Look for yarrow tincture.
    2. Make a solution by blending this tincture (five to six drops) and cold water.
    3. You must drink it for minimum ten days.
  11. Gelatin: It contains collagens and is useful for various purposes. Although it is known for enhancing your beauty, it is also good for reducing the Estrogen level in the body. While the menstruation date is approaching, you may choose to have gelatin to delay your menses.
    Steps for using it


    1. Buy a standard size gelatin packet; pour hot water into gelatin and then start blending it.
    2. Consume it instantly for delaying period for 4 to 5 hours.
    3. It’s an emergency solution to set back the period.
  12. Parsley leaves: These leaves contain lots of vitamins, and they help in strengthening the bones, immunity and nervous system. They are also good to remove much amount of fluids in our body. Most of the women do not know about the potentials of these leaves and how they can postpone periods.
    Steps for using it


    1. Buy fresh parsley leaves and pluck them from your garden.
    2. Put those leaves into water. Then, start boiling it.
    3. Add honey and strain it. Drink this hot solution.
    4. Consume this solution for 2 to 3 times everyday.
  13. Raspberry leaf: It can delay your menstruation, apart from making your reproductive system stronger. You will have no adverse effect from it.
    Steps for using it


    1. Put some raspberry leaves into water (two cups).
    2. Boil it for ten minutes; strain the water.
    3. Sip this solution two times daily for five days to get the effective result.
  14. Coriander seeds: It is known for its unique flavor. However, you will get benefits from its property.
    Steps for using it


    1. Take 20 grams of seeds in water.
    2. Heat it for ten minutes until the water amount gets reduced
    3. Delay your periods and control your hormones with these seeds.
  15. Cinnamon tea: Due to its astringent property, it is capable of delaying the menstruation date and reducing your cramps. Take water and cinnamon sticks. Boil them in your oven. Start straining this tea. Sip it after 2 weeks of your previous period.
  16. Crushed tamarind: Soap some tamarinds overnight and make a pulp of those tamarinds. Add a little amount of salt to the water, blended with tamarind. For better taste, you may also add honey to this solution.
  17. Mango bark: It is highly useful for its medicinal value and is able to regulate your hormone. Thus, you can make a solution by blending mango bark with water. Drink it twice every week.
  18. Mustards: Use mustard seeds for reducing the amount of estrogen in your body. Grind the seeds and consume the powder by combining it with hot milk.
  19. Watermelon: If you want to delay your period, start consuming watermelons on a daily basis few days before your actual cycle starts. The cooling property of a watermelon helps in dealing menstruation for some days. Often because of climatic conditions, generation of excess heat takes place in our body and this excess heat might lead to the early menses. As watermelon has cooling properties it might help in postponing your monthly period.
  20. Chaste berry: The level of progesterone in the body plays a vital role in regulating the menstrual cycle. Chaste Berry has the ability to normalize the balance of progesterone and prolactin in the body and hence can be effective to postpone periods. Chaste Berry can also be helpful for having shorter menstrual cycle with light flow.
  21. Cucumber: Similar to watermelon, cucumbers is also high in water content. Cucumber is effective in cooling our body and thus helps in delaying menses. For this remedy, all you have to do is start consuming 1 to 2 cucumber a day for a week before your period ’s date. By doing this you will be able to push your period for some days.
    In addition to the above foods, you may eat yogurt, banana, resins, fish and omega 3-rich ingredients.

Foods to avoid

To alter the menstruation date, you must make out what to eat everyday. Most of the women mistakenly eat the foods that can cause early menses. These foods include-

  1. Turmeric tea
  2. Papaya
  3. Pineapple
  4. Sesame seeds
  5. Pomegranate sap
  6. Dark chocolate
  7. Jaggery
  8. Dates
  9. Red meat

Away from the spicy dishes: The researchers have presented different views on the relation of two things- consumption of spicy items and effect on menstruation. Heat, present in these spicy foods, activates your periods.
To prepare the spicy dishes, we usually apply garlic, pepper, chilies, ginger and paprika. While you aim at delay your menstruation date, you have to avoid using these condiments in your foods.

It is not always easy to deal with the menstruation issue or to control the date of periods. We have presented you with the best solutions that help in delaying your menstruation date. Lots of women have got the desired result from the herbs and natural ingredients that we have listed above. However, still, you may find difference in the intensity of the effects. While the above tips do not work for your case, you can try to massage your uterus part. This manipulation is also helpful in treating the cramps. Moreover, you must drink more water to reduce the flow.


Is it safe to delay periods?

Delaying your periods once or twice, a year may not affect you much but doing it frequently will affect your hormonal cycle. More consumption of period delaying pills can have a lot of side effects such as weight gain, bloating, disturbed sex life etc.

Do bananas delay your period?

No, they do not. Instead, bananas help to fight PMS due to high quantity of potassium and vitamin B6.

Can Lemon delay your period?

Due to high quantity of vitamin C lemon does contribute in delaying period to some extent. However lemon juice also helps to relieve period cramps.

Can vitamin C delay my period?

There is no scientific proof about it but it is said that vitamin C affects the level of estrogens and progesterone, which are responsible for maintaining right menstrual cycle.

Will drinking cold water delay period?

Medical science has no proof of it. However, cold water should be avoided during periods as it worsens period cramps.

Does vinegar delay periods?

There are strong rumors about it but there is no study or research supporting it.

Can papaya delay periods?

No. Instead, papaya helps you to regularise irregular periods.

is period delay tablets safe?

Taking period delay tablets at times doesn’t not cause harm but taking it frequently can disturb your cycle. It can also have various side effects and increase the chance of PCOD/PDOS.

Can you take period delay tablets on your period?

It is not advised to do so. Period delay tablets are to be taken 2-3 days before the period date. However taking a contraceptive pill on the first day of period can reduce the flow and make your periods lighter.