How to remove tan from neck naturally

Negligence is what that leads to tanning of neck. Many people out there care a lot for their facial skin but neglects neck which is also exposed to the harsh pollution and sun tan.

Tan over your skin layer will be very distracting especially when you are wearing a dress that does not covers your neck.

Some people get their whole body tanned whereas others gets tanned skin over their neck. It is a peculiar condition when people have other parts of skin white only leaving the neck which appears to be dark.

This can be due to excessive exposure to some. Generally melanin spreads in various parts of the body of different individuals whereas for some individuals melanin gets accumulated at a certain part of the body especially the neck.

Cosmetic products might not be harmless over the skin of every individual. Some people might get irritations due to the same. Thus, it will be preferable to avail some home remedies.

Causes of tan neck

A tan neck is caused due to a plethora of reasons including poor hygiene, long exposure to sun, environmental pollution, obesity or chemicals in cosmetic and beauty products.

Eczema and fungal infections are the major causes behind darkening of the sensitive body parts like neck. There are several home remedies which can help in alleviating the dark or tan neck.

However, scientists have further proved that hormonal imbalance which is termed as Acanthosis Nigrican can also lead to dark or tan neck.

Tips to remove tan from neck naturally

Watermelon and honey

How to remove sun tan

This amazing combination of facial will instantly wear off the pigmented skin thereby giving you a smooth, fresh, rejuvenated and clear skin. The goodness of watermelon helps in cooling down the inflammatory and burning sensation of the sunburnt skin area.

Honey is a great source of vitl vitamins and proteins that help in enriching the shine and brightness of the skin thereby reducing the dullness and dark patches.

Saffron and milk

This aromatic and rich mixture will give you skin the perfect blend of smooth, moisturized and even skin tone within a few weeks’ from usage.

You can add a few saffron strands in a bowl of milk to add its essence for it immensely heals the tanned skin and works actively to clog the pores, brighten and whiten the skin naturally.

Saffron consists of such elements that help in promoting a fairness and milk will give you smooth, soft and supple skin instantly.

Vitamin E

The capsules of Vitamin E are a lot in vogue these days, all you need to do is pierce the capsule and apply the extract on the affected areas. These capsules help in evading the enzyme tyrosinase and acts as a great depigmentation factor on the skin.

It also keeps your skin hydrated for it comprises of humectant property that enables the clear and clean soft and smooth skin naturally. You must apply the extract every night before sleeping for a better action throughout the night.

Apple cider vinegar

One of the best natural remedy to help alleviate the stubborn dark skin on neck. It further removes the dark patches, blotches on the skin and balances the ph level.

The exfoliation property further helps in removing the dead skin cells and eliminates the malic acid. You can totally count on this heavenly natural substance to effectively remove the tan skin on your neck.

Mix it with some water to neutralize it and apply it evenly on your skin. Alternatively, you can also dip a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and scrub away the dead skin cells from the tanned surface post cleansing and toning for a better exfoliation.

Almond oil

This aromatic and rich textured mixture of almond oil and a few drops of tea tree oil will help rejuvenate, refresh and brighten your skin naturally. Just take moderate quantities and mix it thoroughly, then you can apply it evenly on the affected tan areas of your skin.

This potion will rip away the sunburnt area effectively as almond oil constitutes of Vitamin E which is a great exfoliator and helps in hydrating skin.

Tea tree oil has antiseptic and antioxidant properties which helps in healing skin and preventing acne, pimples, breakouts etc. Regularly nourish your skin with this amazing concoction for a beautiful skin everyday.

Olive oil and lemon juice

Home remedies to remove sun tan naturally

Include the awesomeness of olive oil and add a few drops of lemon juice to prepare a healthy and nourishing mixture which will add grace to your face instantly. Olive oil hydrates and nourishes skin from deep within and penetrates into the skin cells to embed the healthy nutrients.

Lemon has bleaching property which enhances the complexion of the skin naturally and also treats blemishes, acne scars and pimples. Give rise to visibly lighter skin by using this mixture regularly.

Yogurt and lemon juice

Take a cup of yogurt and add a few drops of lemon juice, now mix it thoroughly till you get a consistent paste. Now, apply it evenly on your skin and let it sit for 10-15 minutes, now wash it with lukewarm water.

Yogurt is a great anti-microbial agent which acts as a catalyst and helps in removing the excess dirt, oil, bacteria from your skin.

It also nourishes, moisturizes and hydrates your skin naturally while lemon has natural bleaching property which helps in enhancing the glow of your face instantly. So, use this mix regularly and flaunt a healthy fairer neck.

Shea butter

The goodness of shea butter or cocoa butter is that it greatly helps in depigmentation for they are amazing sources of Vitamin E and Vitamin A. Apply shea butter daily on the tan or dark parts of the skin to leave it smooth, supple and soft.

It helps to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated for long, works well for women who keep traveling. Get a high quality shea butter cream or serum to keep your skin secure and safe from stubborn sun.

Coconut oil

You must have known various benefits of coconut oil but have you ever noticed or know how effective it is for your skin tanning.

Apart from providing proper nourishment to your skin, coconut oil is also capable of removing back tan from your skin. If you have tan over your neck, applying coconut oil slowly everyday will be an ideal remedy.

Tomato and oats

Tomato is a fruit used by many cooks and housewives for cooking delicious dishes. Getting juicy tomato at home is quite easy.

Today most of the people have become very cautious about their fitness, even if they may not be in a state to carry on with exercise on a regular basis, consuming fat free diet such as oats in the breakfast or dinner is quite likely. This implies that, getting little bit of oats at home is easy.

Now you need to make a pulp out of a tomato by using a spoon or even a blender. Now crush the oats and make it little small in pieces. Now mix the tomato pulp with that of oats and apply over your neck where you can see your skin getting tanned.

Rose water

You will be surprised to learn that simple rose water application can eradicate the black color mark over your neck. If you want to make it much more effective, combine turmeric powder with rose water and apply it over your neck.

Aloe vera gel

You can easily get aloe Vera leaves from its plant which is available at your kitchen garden. Just like people plugs flowers from garden, leaves from Aloe Vera plant is also really effective in treating variety of skin problems.

The gel like substance which is extracted from the plant can be applied directly over the neck dark spot.

Sugar and oil

Sometimes, the homemade scrubbers are also very effective in treating darkness and tan appearance over the skin layers. You need to make a paste by mixing 2 spoon of olive oil and a single teaspoon of sugar.

Now mix it well and apply it over the particular area of your skin that has become discolored. Since exfoliation helps in removing dead skin from your body, tan mark with dead skin will also be eradicated.

Rice water

We generally throw away the unclear water which we have acquired after washing the rice. People are really very surprised to learn that, even the left away rice water can be really effective in treating the darkened layer over your skin.

If you can apply this left over rice water everyday, getting wonderful and mark free neck is really possible.


You can get chickpea powder in a grocery shop or that of a departmental store.  You can make a wonderful paste by adding chick pea powder with those of yogurt. Now apply it over your neck and stay away from dark layer over your neck.

Papaya and strawberry

Best face packs to remove tan naturally

Strawberry is a wonderful fruit which can be used like an exfoliate. A wonderful combination can be formed is papaya is also applied with the same.  You can apply this paste over your neck to remove tan skin layer completely.

Pineapple and banana

You need to make a smooth paste out of the banana as well as pineapple. Apply it over your neck which will not only remove your tan skin layer but also help nourishment.

Here I recommend you to use these most effective home remedies to remove sun tan from neck and get an even skin tone from face to neck and from neck to hands. Make sure you this anti-tan neck packs and tips at least once in a week for more benefits:

  • Use a homemade scrub made out of any gram flour and exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells that eventually removes tanned skin away.
  • Use a sunscreen with at least SPF 35 on the neck to avoid the tan.
  • Mix lemon juice + rose water + cucumber juice.

Apply on face & neck regions and wash off after 15 minutes. Lemon juice removes sun tan while rose water and cucumber acts as cooling agent.

Summer tan scrubs for face

  • Mix Honey + Lemon Juice

Apply on the tanned neck regions and wash off after 20 minutes. Honey soothes skin and is a natural bleaching agent which causes no side effects while Lemon juices removes tan.

  • Prepare a paste of Raw Milk + Turmeric + Lemon juice

Apply on the sun tan neck, allow it to dry and wash off with cool water. Raw milk is natural cleanser and moisturizer, Turmeric is a natural bleaching agent while lemon juice removes sun tan.

  • Mix oats + Buttermilk

Rub on the tanned neck, hands, face and other tanned areas. Oats help exfoliate dead skin cells while buttermilks soothe the skin and are a very good cleanser for the neck.

  • Mix Gram flour + Lime Juice + Curd

Rub on affected areas, allow it to dry and wash off.

  •  Apply Aloe Vera Gel on dark tan areas of neck, hands, elbows and face, allow it to dry and wash off.
  •  Apply fresh coconut water on tan affected neck areas
  •  Massage the papaya pulp on sun tanned neck areas


• What are the best home remedies for removing tan from neck?

Lemon juice and yogurt are some of the best home remedies for removing tan from the neck.

• How can I use natural ingredients to remove tan from neck?

Mix together a paste of yogurt, lemon juice and turmeric and apply it to the tanned area of the neck. Leave it on for 15 minutes before rinsing it off.

• How can I reduce tanning from neck by using turmeric?

Mix 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder with enough water or milk to make a paste. Apply this paste to your neck and leave it on for 20-30 minutes before washing it off.

• Is it possible to remove tan from neck with lemon juice?

Yes, lemon juice is known to be an effective remedy for removing tan from the neck.

• Can I apply a combination of yogurt and tomato juice to remove tan from neck?

No, it is not recommended to use a combination of yogurt and tomato juice to remove tan from the neck.

• Is honey an effective remedy for removing tan from neck?

Yes, honey is an effective remedy for removing tan from the neck as it helps to naturally lighten the skin.

• Can I use a mixture of almond oil and milk to reduce tanning on neck?

Yes, you can use a mixture of almond oil and milk to reduce tanning on your neck.

• Does using a paste of oatmeal and honey help remove tan from neck?

Yes, a paste of oatmeal and honey can help to remove tan from the neck.

• Is using a mixture of cucumber juice and yogurt effective to remove tan from neck?

Yes, using a mixture of cucumber juice and yogurt can be effective to remove tan from the neck.

• What are the best natural ingredients to lighten the tan on neck?

Lemon juice, yogurt, honey, and aloe vera are some of the best natural ingredients to lighten the tan on the neck.