How to remove sun tan on face naturally? – Homemade Summer sun tan removal face packs

Tan is a dark layer seemed to form over individual’s skin due to excessive exposure of sun rays. Some people with lighter complexion of skin wishes to grow melanin over their skin layer. Thus, they take sun bath beside the sea beaches. But, people with moderate complexion would hardly like to have dark color skin. Sun tan becomes an issue for all those people.

Sun tan stays in possibility when you are exposed to sunlight in the mid day say after 12 noon.  You should be aware of the face and take some precautionary measures even if it is urgent for you to get out during the particular time of the day. All around Europe and western countries summer is the season of outdoor fun and frolic with pretty summer dresses.

This is the time when the family and friends get together and run to beaches and parks. But all this calls for harmful effect of the glazing sun on the skin which tans the skin. Most people run to parlors to remove tanned skin but all these chemical processes have side effects which damage the skin on the long run. There are certain home remedies which are made with natural ingredients that help in nourishing the skin and in removing the tan in a gentle manner.

Tan or dark layer over the skin can be very irritating whether it is for men or women. During the summers, the scorching hot sunrays can tend to make your skin dark and unattractive. This is due to the unhealthy sun rays. But, you can eradicate has problem with homemade packs for the summer tan.

Even if you don’t want the UV rays to fall on your skin, the change in lifestyle and work will push you to face sun sunrays. But you can easily get precautious with the homemade face packs. With some simple ingredients combined together, you can get wonderful remedy of skin tan.

Homemade face packs for summer tan

Aloe, Masoor dal and tomato

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You have to take one bowl of water, and put masoor dal into it. Prepare a paste with it. Then, apply the smashed tomato and aloe vera extract. This pack works best for your tanned face. Wash the face after thirty minutes with water.

Coconut water and sandalwood face mask

You know that sandalwood has lots of medicinal values for your skin. You have to use sandalwood paste or powder for applying it foryour skin. It acts as the cleanser and removes dead cell and impurities. This ingredient also soothes the skin, enabling you to cure blister and blemishes. Blend coconut water and sandalwood powder for making the paste. Then, add almond oil to this powder. To remove the tan from neck and face, this mask is the best solution.

Lemon and glycerin

These two ingredients have to be blended in equal amount. Apply the solution to your burnt skin, and rinse it after few minutes. However, you may also use this paste at night, and then, wash the face in the morning. It will make your skin much supple.

Bathing salt

This is another ingredient, beneficial to your skin. Blend essential oil and salt in a bowl. However, for oily skin, it is good to take very small amount of oil. Then, add honey and lime juice to this solution. After blending them with your spoon, you can use it for your face. Apply this scrub for two times every week.

Hair removal lotion

You may think of why you have to use hair removal lotion for tanned skin solution. This cream helps you in waxing. At the same time, it is also effective at removing sun burnt spots. After applying the lotion, you have to wait for some seconds, and then wash it away.

Papaya and honey

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You need to get a fresh ripe papaya from the market to make this natural face pack. Cut 1/4th papaya in small pieces after peeling its skin and get it in the juicer to get smooth pulp. Now, you need to add a table spoon of honey and mix it properly with the ripe papaya. Now, wash your face with a face wash and wipe it with cloth. Now apply the face pack evenly. This pack needs to be kept for ½ an hour till it becomes dried. Now wash the face with water.

This face pack is very effective for tan over your skin as the natural enzyme present in papaya helps in exfoliation of skin along with restoration and skin whitening properties.

Red lentil (Masoor dal) with aloe vera

Masoor dal has wonderful cleaning property such that it helps in making the tanning clear. Along with tan clearing properties, your skin would also require rejuvenation after getting damaged through the sun rays. First of all you need to take a spoon of red lentil and soak it in water overnight.  Now, use the grinder or a hand blender to make a paste such that the masoor dal has not formed fine pulp. Rather, you can feel grainy appearance. Now add a spoon of Aloe Vera gel in it and mix them well. Apply the mixture over your face, keep till it dries and wash it away.

Yogurt and orange juice

Get fresh orange from the market and extract juice out of it. Take a container and add one tablespoon of orange juice with same quantity of yogurt. Mix both the ingredients and apply over your face. Keep the paste for the period of 20 minutes and wash away. Along with removing the dark effect of tanning these wonderful face packs helps in removing blemishes and slows down the process of aging. Richness of vitamin C in orange helps in skin lightening and tightening effect. Also the natural bleach in yogurt will lighten your skin color.

Milk powder with almond oil

You can either you milk powder or liquid dairy milk available in the market for making this anti tan face pack.  Take either two spoon of milk liquid or milk powder with water in a container. Now add few drops of almond oil in it. Mix it with spoon really well and apply it over your face This pack needs to be kept for 20 minutes and the wash away with water. Milk helps in clearing your skin and making it lighter along with moisturizing properties of almond oil.

Pine apple with honey

It is quite tasty to have pine apple as a fruit but, its beauty benefits are also cannot be undermined. The enzyme present in the tropical fruit will effectively remove the dead skin formed due to tanning effect of sun. The tangy fruit also have effectiveness of reducing the aging effect.  To make this, take a spoon of honey and add the pine apple pulp in the same. Apply it over your skin to remove tan and stay fresh always. This mask can be applied 3 times in a week to stay away from tan effect.

Milk and saffron pack

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Milk is a natural cleanser that helps in making your skin clean and bright. Combination of saffron with milk can even bring exclusive glow. All you have to do is take some milk in a small container and add some saffron extracts with it. Make a combination of both and apply it over your face.  This will remove tan layer from your skin.

Cabbage and turmeric pack

Turmeric has good cleansing abilities and the cabbage will be a wonderful remedy for tan. Antioxidants and phytochemical present in cabbage juice will remove the free radicals of your body. Even this will remove all problems such as acne, pimples from your skin with the presence of vitamin C in it.  You can apply the face pack and stay away from tan.

Buttermilk with oatmeal

Oatmeal is easily available at home as it forms one of the ingredients of healthy diet. Now, this can form a wonderful remedy to remove tan from your skin. You have to take a spoon of oatmeal and take it in a container. Also add a spoon of buttermilk in it. Mix it well and apply over your skin. Keep this for 20 minutes and then scrub it slowly with your finger tips. This will also work as a scrubber. Now, this will be removed with cold water. Do these 2 days in a week and see your skin with no sun tan at all.

Face packs to remove summer tan

All these below mentioned packs are natural and will gradually remove the tan. They are helpful for summer as well as in other seasons. These packs need to be applied after cleaning the face with mild soap.

Lemon and aloe vera face pack

Lemon is one of the best natural bleach for a tanned skin. It has rich medicinal properties to fight with free radicals that collect under the skin surface. The vitamin C in lemon helps is getting glow to the dull skin. Aloe Vera is a plant that produces antiseptics that can kill all bacteria, fungi, virus which collect on the skin by pollution, dirt and dust. This face pack can be used as a bleaching agent and from preventing the skin from getting tanned.

Curd and gram flour face pack

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Curd helps in removing the dead skin cells and in keeping the skin cool. Gram flour whitens the skin and brings instant glow on the face.

Turmeric powder, yogurt and honey face pack

Turmeric powder is best known as an antiseptic agent. It helps in relieving the pain andserves as a disinfectant in cuts and burns. Yogurt and honey, is one of the most moisturizing agent that helps the skinto retain its elasticity and suppleness. This pack helps in retaining the moisture of the skin in the summer season when the dry skin is subjected to dehydration

Sandal wood and rosewater face pack

is beneficial in cleansing toning and cooling the skin during summer. The paste helps in preventing sun burns and in clearing tanned skin.

Cucumber, lemon and rose water pack for summer tan

Lemon consists of acidic property that acts as a natural bleach in removing tan and fighting pimples. Cucumber juice and rose water acts as cooling agents for soothing the damaged skin. Take tbsp of each lemon, cucumber and rose water in a bowl. Mix them well and apply with cotton on tanned areas. After 10 minutes wash the face with cold water.

Saffron and fresh cream face pack

Kesar or saffron is an old ingredient for skin care but the benefits are new. It helps in skin toning, tan removal, fighting, brightening, acne and pimples. Soak the colorful few strands of saffron in 2tbsp of milk cream over full night. Blend it in the morning with fingers and apply on face. Dry it for 20 minutes and wash with water. It helps as an deep moisturizer.

Tips on protecting the skin from summer tan

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  • It is advisable to stay indoors during the scorching afternoons when the sun is very hot.
  • Sunscreen lotion should be applied half an hour before going outdoors.
  • Sun glasses, hats and other accessories must be used to prevent the harshness of the ultra violet rays on the body.
  • Rigorous physicalactivities must be avoided during the day.
  • Apply a mixture of cold milk and ice on the face. Keep it for 15-20 minutes and wash it off before going out.
  • One must wear light clothes in summer and keep the entire body covered especially legs and arms.
  • Water and other juices must be consumed in plenty to avoid dehydration.

There is nothing to be scared of in summer. One simply needs to take small precautions and continue to enjoy the summer season.

People avails variety of summer sports in the broad daylight when the sun is at its peak. It might be very enjoyable during the moment but after sometime you can see the formation of dark layer over your face and other parts of your skin which is exposed.  To avoid these, you need to apply some effective home remedies.