Best tan removal packs available in market

People are constantly thinking about the remedies to remove tan layer from the skin which might not be possible without proper review of each product in the market. Some people might be availing some home remedies but that might not give you quick result always. If you are thinking about only sunscreen lotion to prevent tan layer from skin, then you are not totally in right track.

The Tan removal face packs Available in the market would work really well in cleaning your dark tone of your skin totally from the root. With the supply of different products that beautifies ones skin tone, tan removal is not at all a very big deal. The natural ingredients are always good to treat your skin. But, if you want to get a quick result, the products available in the market can easily help you out.

Let us find out the best among variety of tan removal products available in the market. You can get those products both in the departmental stores and also in the Ecommerce websites. If you want to shop in your home comfort, Ecommerce websites will be best.

[Best tan removal packs in Hindi]

Top tan removal creams & packs

Lotus herbal safe sun De-Tan after sun face pack


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The branded product Lotus has manufactured the de tan sun face pack with Liquorices extract which works in a wonderful way in suppressing melanin production over the skin. If you can apply this de tan face pack over your skin on a regular basis, this will effectively create a soothing effect on your skin with wonderful toning effect of skin. The antioxidant present in the product works really well in removing all oxidants from your skin with the richness of Vitamin A.

VLCC clear Tan Fruits Face PackVLCC clear Tan Fruits Face Pack

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Impurities inside your skin must be eradicated from inside so that your skin does not only looks white from outside, rather it should be clean and purified from inside. After applying this fruit face pack over your skin it cleans your skin from inside. The pack also contains the skin lightening properties which helps in improving skin complexion. Not only this, the fact pack will also keep your skin supple and radiant for a long time.

Fab India Lemon and mint face packFab India Lemon and mint face pack

You must have heard about Fab India. This is the particular brand that is not only dealing with beauty and hair care products, rather it has varied range of garments and other accessories. You can now get this product packed in a round pot made up of clay along with a wooden lid. If you can use it on a regular basis, removing sun tan can be quite easy. The pack is made up of the fragrance of mint and lemon which gives a strong fragrance that helps in giving a refreshing feel. After applying this face pack your skin will not feel parched, rather it cleansers your skin from inside and creates lighter tone of your skin. You can get the pack with a good quantity which will easily last for a longer period of time. If you are suffering from tanned skin repeatedly, this will be an ideal face mask for you.

Nature’s essence Aromatherapy Lacto clean Sun tan removalNature’s essence Aromatherapy Lacto clean Sun tan removal

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Nature’s essence is one of the wonderful brands in manufacturing variety of herbal products which does not have side effects. This particular product is made from the natural extract of honey and milk which helps in making your face very soft and supple. Milk is a wonderful natural cleanser and the honey is the moisturizer in a natural form. Thus, the face tan pack that is made with a wonderful combination of milk and honey will  easily give you lighter tone of skin with brightness and glow over your skin tone.

Aroma Magic anti tan Combo packAroma Magic anti tan Combo pack

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If you are facing exposed sun in the day light on a regular basis, simple sunscreen lotion is not enough, rather you require extra protection. Thus, Aroma Magic anti tan combo pack must be a wonderful combination that will remove tan or excess melanin level over your skin.  Apart from removing tan layer from your skin, the particular product will also create brightness over your skin for a longer duration of time.  Aroma Magic also works as an excellent exfoliate that helps in treating sun burns from your face and other parts of skin. Your skin can get repaired with luminous upgrade and lighter complexion. You can use this twice or thrice in a week to get excellent result.

Luster Lacto D-Tan Face Pack (Tan Removal)

Luster Lacto D-Tan Face Pack (Tan Removal)

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Different types of companies are working hard to provide the best to their customers. This is one of the new varieties which you can trust. You can look at the product review and rating of the product and decide whether you wish to go for it. Both the users and critics gives full marks to this product. Thus, you can trust and get it.

Sara Cosmetics Oxy Pack De-Tan Specific Treatment

Sara Cosmetics Oxy Pack De-Tan Specific Treatment

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You must have heard about the oxy packs. It is basically those packs that have the goodness of water and minerals content in it. The particular face treatment product removes the tan layer from your skin with variety of benefits. You get soothing of your skin which will give you benefit of lightening and brightening. Try it after getting from the online shopping store and enjoy its benefits.

Nature’s Lacto Tan Clear 100gm

Nature's Lacto Tan Clear 100gm

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If you want to try one tan clear face remedy product, this is the particular one you can try. The 100 gm packs are not very expensive. Thus, you can try it out without any hesitation. The product has its main ingredients as vitamin E and milk.  You can now order it online and get the benefit. Use it on a regular basis and enjoy being beautiful always. Even the customer review of this product is really impressive. As compared to other products, it is really affordable. Getting it online is also easy.

Luster Pack of Lacto Tan Removal Face Pack + Dark Spot Remover Cream


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If you are looking out for a pocket friendly yet effective tan removal pack, the combo of Luster’s tan removal Lacto pack and dark spot remover cream can be an ideal pick. The Lacto D-tan face pack comes with the goodness of milk and Aloe Vera that removes excess oil from the skin and clears the face from even the deep set tan with regular use. The dark spot remover cream on the other hand, works magically to give your skin a sport free and even toned appearance.

Raaga Professional De-Tan with Kojic & Milk


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Trying to get rid of the deep set tan quickly? Check out the Raaga Professional De-Tan face pack. It combines the goodness of nature and ensures quick action even on deep set tan. The face pack has been formulated with active fruit extracts, milk, honey and Kojic acid. It helps in removing the skin tan while nourishing the skin. This pack also offers good protection from the harmful sun rays. Apart from the ability of this pack to remove tan, it also offers anti-aging and anti-acne benefits.

Leeya Professional Instant Tan Removal Cream Pack


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If you are suffering from epidermal sun tan, this cream de-tan pack can be the best solution for you. This product has been formulated with active ingredients that help in removing the tan or blackness from any part of the skin. You can use it on your face as well as on your armpits, knees or elbows to remove the unsightly black spots. This pack is known for its quick action.

Aloe Veda Orange and Multani Mitti Ubtan Tan Removal and Brightness Pack


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A completely herbal formulation designed for removing skin tan effectively while nourishing the skin in the best way. The product contains the extracts of wild turmeric root, sandalwood powder, Aloe Vera and a number of other active herbal extracts. It is a completely herbal product and is free from paraben and artificial colors. You can use the pack mixed with rosewater, milk or yogurt to get the best effects.

VLCC Anti Tan Single Facial Kit


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A complete anti-tan formulation that will not only give you rid of the stubborn skin tan but will also add glow to your skin. The kit comes with 5 different sachets, including one scrub, one gel, a de-tanning melawhite powder, pista massage cream and the mealwhite pack. The kit is ideal to remove the tan and to get an effective in-home facial. The kit can be used for every skin type and is known for its effectiveness in removing skin tan.

Herbal Roots Anti Tan Facial Kit – Ubtan, Mix Fruit Pack and Rose Water


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Now you can remove tan from your skin while ensuring the most luxurious natural treatment. This tan removal facial kit from Herbal Root comes with a special de tan ubtan, rose water and mix fruit pack that ensure complete removal of sun tan from the skin. This kit helps in brightening the skin complexion and reduces the appearance of spots on the skin. This product will also help in repairing the damages caused by the UVA/UVB rays.

MahaGro Herbal Face Pack- 100 g


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Remove skin tan instantly with this herbal based powder pack from MahaGro. This product is chemical free for removing sun tan as well as skin blackness caused due to any other reasons, like sun damage or other skin injuries. You can also use it for removing the excess pigmentation from black heads, white heads, pimples, removal tan and spots on face effectively.

Instant Tan Removal Crème Pack 250gm

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It can remove the epidermal tan of the sun from all body parts. Blackness of armpits, elbows, arms and knees can also be removed. You can expect the product to show you significant results from the very first appliance. Add this to cart if you want to see your skin brighten up, and repeat usage regularly.

Aroma Magic Tan Removing Milk Pack, 35g

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This product acts on the skin area to heal spots. It targets the area with black or dark spots caused by pimples, pigmentation, acne, etc. Apply the product liberally twice everyday in case your skin is prone to acne, oily, patchiness, blackheads, blemishes, pigmentation, early ageing, under arm dark spots, under eye dark circles, etc. It can manage excess oil, unclogs the pores, present the skin in a better tone. A naturally bright and beautiful glow is presented to your skin due to milk enrichment. Aroma Magic Tan Removing Milk can fit into your daily skin regiment to beat the everyday tan.

Herbal Roots Anti Tan Mix Fruit Pack – Glow & Skin Hydration

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Since many people want to stick to herbal products for maximum gain and minimum side effects, we ought to add herbal product on writing about tan pack. The Herbal Roots Anti Tan Mix Fruit Pack is a tan pack which will give you an instant glow and last you for long. It is a complete natural product which deeply cleanses your skin and blends into any skin type. It has been added with precious nutrients like antioxidants and vitamins. The product is known to remove pimples, sun tan, dark spots, dark circles, etc. It is added with fruits which fight against most of these problems. The product comes with the extract of peaches, papaya, oranges, pomegranate, strawberry, etc. which provide enhanced nourishment. Apart from all these the lemon content is worth mentioning. It is one of the most important aspects for fading the scars and preventing newer ones to occur. The pack will moisturize and firm your skin tone, and truly stands out to be one of the best choices!

Auravedic Anti Tan Treatment & Care

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This tan removal cream removes sun tan which is epidermal from all you of body parts. Blackness can be removed from armpits, elbows, arms and knees. This can be used for removing dark circles around the eye. This is yet another herbal product addition which has been seen to reverse the skin damage process. It can be applied in a regular basis to make it work faster, and doesn’t lead you to any ill effects.

Nature’s Essence Caressence Lacto Bleach

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This is an exclusive product which comes with the enrichment of milk and honey. You can expect a lot of people to admire you after you have applied this product for a while, which in turn means that it simply works! It is added with the goodness of milk proteins, lavender oil and honey. It works on your skin like a beach and brings out your de-tanned complexion. It has been infused with antioxidants and honey extracts which not only cleanses your skin but also makes it soft. The antiseptic properties prevent further penetration of pollution and make your skin glow. The product is known to make your skin hydrate with the moisturizing abilities.

Clear Face Lacto De-Tan

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The market of Clear Face has been ever significant and they have produced some of the finest products we’ve bought. This product has been specially designed for removing sun tan and making skin glow like there has been no sunshine! There are two products in this order and you have to use both of them to make the de-tanning process work. The gel comes with the goodness of papaya, while the kesar and milk extract makes your skin tone lighter.

Liquorice and Mulberry Face Pack (Anti Tan) 250gms Silkberry

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This is another product on this list, but it certainly not the least. It comes with the enrichment of mulberry which is famous as an anti-tan agent. It also includes liquorice which is known to enhance complexion. It nicely lets you skin get exfoliated and lifts off the excess oil content. It lets you skin get refreshed naturally and comes with the goodness of vitamin E!

O3+ D-Tan Pack (350 g)


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The O3+ D-Tan Pack is a tan removal solution for all skin types. It isn’t at all harsh on the skin and has no negative effect on your skin too. It comes in a 350 gram tube and is very much effective for cleansing the skin. It contains all natural elements which removes tan effectively. It does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Astaberry Detan Sun Tan Removal (50 ml) Pack


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The Astaberry Detan Sun Tan Removal Pack is an effective solution when it comes to tan removal. It cleanses the skin, removes tan, reduces fine lines, cleans the skin pores and removes oil and dirt. It contains milk solids, oats powder and lactic acids that remove the tan from the upper layer of the skin. It also prevents from melanin synthesis. This pack comes in two 50 ml tubes. It has no adverse effect on your skin and is applicable for all skin types. It keeps the skin smooth and soft, removes tan and moisturizes the skin. It elevates the skin tone and helps in balancing the oil secretion.



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This pack is formulated with specially chosen herbal ingredient extracts and Diamond dust. This kit by Leeya is a value for money which delivers 15 different facial treatments for your skin in just one pack. It is completely safe for all skin types and has zero adverse effect on skin. It is non irritant and has been standardized with the human skin pH value. This facial treatment kit pack contains 6 different products which are, a Gel based cleanser scrub, Cleanser Gel, Massage cream, Massage Gel, Serum and Wash off Mask. A professional pack of Leeya Diamond Spa Bleach 270gm contains ammonia activator 45gm, 225gm cream jar, a mixing tray and applicator. Along with all this comes an INSTANT TAN REMOVAL CREME PACK 80 gm. This entire package comes in one single attractive mono carton. The packaging is so done that it gives a fine and attractive look to the product kit. The maroon metallic finish makes it look more stylish. When it comes to the fragrance part, all the products come with a mild fragrance.

[Best tan removal packs in Hindi]