How to remove tan with rice flour? / Tan removal packs with rice flour

Summer is a great season to go out and cherish the colorful vibes. The soaking in the water, playing sports and even indulging in a lot of travel during this time comes as a way to unleash. But with summer also comes the scorching heat, nerve wrenching temperatures, sweating, tanning and the pollution just adds up to it to make our skin burn, look dark and daunting. While the market is loaded with a lot of cosmetic products to work on the tan and help you ease out, they are all so chemically loaded that they might not be mild on your skin or leave with harsh experiences.These chemical products even take up the natural radiance of the skin while leaving your skin just pale white.

Rice flour is a wonder ingredient! Being a super ingredient in many of the dishes cooked in your kitchen, the rice flour can also be a great aid at making your skin look brighter and lighter. Rice flour has anti-inflammatory properties that helps fight with the acne and give you a clearer skin. It also aids in reducing the signs of ageing and acts as a skin whitening agent. While there are a lot of products developed with rice flour as the main ingredient for your skin to be nourished every time, you might as well walk into the kitchen and use the flour all by yourself to give your skin a healthy boost and remove tan!

Why does it work?

Tan removal with raw milk

Rice flour is rich in a lot of vitamins and minerals which makes it one of the best picks for removing tan. Its skin lightening properties aid the tanning process and help you get a fairer skin in no time. Here is how!

  • Rice flour contains allantonin and ferulic acid which are rich sun-protecting agents. The rice flour thus soothes the burnt skin and prevents from extra tan while acting as a natural sunscreen to your skin.
  • Rice flour has a cooling effect on the skin which helps you cure the puffiness of the eyes and even treat the dark circles. Those ugly looking eye bags can thus be reduced to a great extent in just a few uses.
  • Rice flour has a grainy texture and is super absorbent making it a good scrub too. While it shall absorb the excess sebum from the skin, the grainy texture provides for a good scrubbing that removes the dry cells and gives your skin a smooth and supple life.
  • Rice flour has anti-inflammatory and skin lightening properties which makes it one of the unbeatable products to remove tan naturally.
  • It is rich in amino acids and vitamins which make it a good clearing agent that induces radiance and shine to the skin.
  • The minerals present in the rice flour provide for skin lightening properties which help you get a few shades lighter on the complexion chart.

Face masks / Face packs with rice flour that helps remove tan

Here is a collection of face masks and packs that can be made with rice flour to remove tan naturally from your skin. They all provide for a fairer skin, soothing effect and a radiant skin!

Rice flour and Milk mask

Tan removal with potato

This is a pretty simple and sorted way to remove tan without using much of ingredients from your kitchen. Just take 2 tablespoons of rice flour with a little of milk and turn it into a paste. Apply this paste on your face and let it rest for about a good 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes are over just rub the mask with little milk in your hand. This shall feel like a good scrub too. Once you are done scrubbing for a couple of minutes – wash it off with cold water. You shall see a difference in your skin immediately. Do it consistently for about a week and watch your tan go!

Rice flour and Banana mask

For dry and dull skin which has tanned there are only a few ingredients which work in giving good results. The rice flour and banana mask works miraculously well for nourishing the skin and providing for the moisture while removing tan naturally.

  • Make a thick paste with a ripe banana, castor oil and rice flour.
  • Apply this mask all over your face and on your dark circles too.
  • Let it rest for 20 minutes and then carefully scrub it off while washing with cold water later.

This is a good relaxation mask with nutritional benefits that help you remove tan and nourish the skin. It helps you remove the dark circles too while giving your skin a lightened feel.

Rice flour and Chocolate exfoliating mask

Exfoliation can help remove tan faster and better. Rice flour helps you attain just that with a careful nourishment of the skin. Just mix grainy rice flour with dark chocolate powder, honey and sugar in a bowl. The ingredients shall give a body scrub consistency and it is ready to use. This scrub can be applied all over your body. Just rub gently in all the areas you want to remove the tan from and exfoliate the tan. The scrub will remove the dead skin cells, remove tan and give a younger looking brighter skin. It’s a good scrub to get a natural glow too!

Rice flour and Curd mask

If you are sunburnt and need an immediate relief from it – there can be nothing more magical than the curd and rice flour mask. The lactic acid present in curd helps in fighting with the tan while rice flour makes it even easier with lessening the itch and scrubbing all the dead cells away. Just mix the rice flour with curd and let it rest for 5 minutes. Now apply this paste on your tanned area and let it dry completely. You can scrub it off and wash with cold water or just clean your face off after the mix turns dry. The face mask will leave your skin de-tanned and supple.

Rice flour and Cucumber

Sugar face packs for tanned skin

Rice flour when combined with cucumber and lemon gives a soothing effect for the skin while helping fight with the pigmentation that comes with tanning. This face mask is absolutely great for the oily skin and helps in crucial summer months the most.

  • Shred the cucumber and add lemon and rice flour to it. The natural water of cucumber and lemon shall be enough to soak the rice flour.
  • Apply this pack on your face and let it dry completely.
  • Wash it off with clean water.

This face mask shall leave your skin feeling fresh, de-tanned and amazingly soft.

Rice flour and Gram face pack

Rice flour is a good aid to removing tan and gram powder just adds to the process and speeds up the cure. This face pack is a soothing mix of flours with natural toner to help you get rid of suntan at the earliest.

  • Add half tablespoon gram flour with half tablespoon rice flour.
  • Now squeeze in half a lemon and with the help of rose water turn it into a thick paste.
  • Apply the pack on your face, neck, hands, feet and every suntanned area.
  • Let it rest for a good 20 minutes.
  • Start scrubbing the dried pack with wet hands and take off the pack completely.
  • Wash off the pack and take a good bath.

You shall find the tan removed to a lot extent. Be consistent with it and you shall be able to remove sun tan in just 2-3 times.

Rice flour and Aloe vera pack

Aloe vera is rich in a lot of skin soothing and de-tanning properties and combining it with rice flour makes it a great tan remover. You just need to mix the rice flour with aloe vera, a little of lemon juice and hint of turmeric to get a smooth thick paste. Apply this pack on your face, neck and sun-tanned areas and let it turn dry. Wash it off after the pack turns completely dry.

This face pack removes dirt from the skin, takes off the tan, soothes the skin and also gives a light shine to the skin.

Rice flour and Tomato

Tan removal with papaya

Tomato is known for its de-tanning properties and rice flour along with tomato makes for an ideal de-tanning face pack. Just squeeze out the pulp of tomato and mix it with rice flour to make it into a thick face pack. You can add in lemon juice and turmeric for additional healing and lightening aid. Now apply this pack on your face and let it rest for about 20 minutes. This pack shall give a little tickling effect on the skin as tomato & lemon are citrus. Wash off the pack after 20 minutes to find a better looking glowing de-tanned skin.

Rice flour is multi-purpose and can be a good aid to removing tan. Just try one of the many tan removal packs and assure yourself a lighter de-tanned skin!


• What types of tan can rice flour help remove?

Rice flour can help to remove many types of tan, such as sun tan, pollution tan, and tan caused by dust and dirt.

• What are the benefits of using rice flour for tan removal?

Rice flour can remove tan naturally and effectively, without causing any side effects or damaging the skin.

• How often should I apply rice flour for tan removal?

It is recommended to apply rice flour once or twice a week for best results.

• What ingredients should I mix with rice flour for tan removal?

You can mix rice flour with honey, yogurt, or lemon juice to create a paste for tan removal.

• How long should I leave a rice flour tan removal pack on my skin?

It is recommended to leave the rice flour tan removal pack on your skin for at least 15 minutes.

• Does rice flour work on all skin types?

No, it depends on the individual’s skin type as different skin types may react differently to rice flour.

• Does rice flour work on all types of tan?

No, rice flour may not work on all types of tan.

• Are there any risks associated with using a rice flour tan removal pack?

Yes, there is a risk of skin irritation or other adverse reactions due to the abrasive nature of the rice flour. It is recommended to do a patch test before applying the pack to the entire face.

• What is the best way to store a rice flour tan removal pack?

In an airtight container in a cool and dry place.

• Are there any other natural ingredients that can be used in combination with rice flour for tan removal?

Yes, baking soda and oatmeal are two other natural ingredients that can be used in combination with rice flour for tan removal.