How to remove tan with raw milk? / Tan removal with raw milk

Itching, burning sensation, dark skin and a lot of pigmentation – sun tan that summers has to offers can bring you down in a minute! The soaring mercury level has started to get the better of our skin and body and this is the right time to take the best care of you. Summer indeed comes with a lot of cherishing moments like the bright and sunny days, the light sky and indulgence into the water sports but the one downside which makes us hate it to the core is the sun tan which comes with it. And if you are not quick to take an action it might just make you sick!

Very few people are aware of the fact that raw milk is a really wonderful ingredient in removing sun tan. The cool and refreshing feel that raw milk has to offer can solve a lot of summer problems while giving you a lighter and brighter skin. Its natural anti-tan properties help you remove the body tan completely while giving a soothing smell to the skin. What’s more exciting is that it is readily available in your kitchen to be made into face masks that make your skin glow and dewy!

Why it works?

Tan removal with potato

Raw milk has time and again proved to be a wonderful ingredient in making your skin look fresh, remove the tan and give a very toned look to the face. It has a lot of skin benefits to help you this summer!

  • Raw milk is a natural sunscreen protecting the skin against the sun damage. It has a reversing tan effect and acts like a natural skin protecting agent.
  • Raw milk has anti-tan properties which works into the skin to remove tan in the best possible and natural way.
  • Moisturizes your skin to the core while giving a soft dewy finish that is exceptional.
  • Raw milk also has anti-ageing properties which fights with the symptoms of ageing skin and removes it thoroughly. It helps reduce the fine lines and wrinkles with regular use
  • Provides radiance to your skin that makes your skin shine from beneath.
  • Raw milk is the secret ingredient in many fairness creams as this is loaded with skin lightening properties and gives your skin a natural glow.
  • Keeps acne under control. The chemical properties of raw milk are such that it acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent and fights with skin infections too.
  • Unbeatable fairness agent that fight with the tyrosine hormone in the skin. Tyrosine causes dark skin and thus raw milks controls its proportions so that you can have a better complexion.

Face masks / Face packs with milk that helps remove tan

Of course there are a lot of raw milk products available in the market, but nothing can beat the natural homemade face masks and packs which give an instant boost to the skin and help you fight with your skin problems without investment. Here are some of the face packs you would totally fall for!

Raw milk and Almonds face mask

Raw milk acts as the natural anti-tan agent removing the burnt feel of the skin and also the tan. To use it with almonds brings into a it a natural scrub feel that gives a faster tan removal. Just soak 5 almonds and 5 dates in raw milk and then make a fine paste of it. The face mask would still have a grainy texture because of the almonds and dates. Now apply this on the face and scrub it off. Let it turn completely dry and then wash it off with cold water. This removes a lot of tan easily and faster.

Raw milk and Turmeric face mask

Sugar face packs for tanned skin

Sun tanned skin can be best cleaned off with a mix of turmeric and raw milk. The beauty of this face pack is that it removes tan while also giving your face a golden glow. Just need a small amount of raw milk in a bowl and add a pinch of turmeric to it. Squeeze in half a lemon too. Now apply this mix on the face evenly and let it rest until it turns dry. Wash it off with normal water. The face pack works magically on the skin and leaves a soft glow.

Raw milk and Cucumber pack

Milk and cucumber both being cooling agents make this face pack a good solution to summer tan. The Vitamin C present in cucumber helps in soothing the skin while the raw milk removes the excessive tan.

  • Just blend in a cucumber with about 2 tbsps of raw milk. Let it turn into a paste.
  • Apply this mix on the face, hands, legs and all the affected areas.
  • This is a little runny face pack so it shall spill a bit.
  • Let it turn dry on your skin. It will give a soothing feel.
  • Now wash it with cold water.

This face pack helps in cooling down the sun tan burns and the tingling sensation that comes with it.

Raw milk and Sugar scrub

Nothing removes sun tan more than a good scrub. Raw milk when mixed with a little sugar turns into a great scrub for your tan affected areas. The best way to do it is to let the sugar soak in to the raw milk for a couple of minutes. Now squeeze in half a lemon. Apply this mix on your face, hands and legs. Start with gentle scrubbing until the sugar starts melting completely and the scrub starts to dry on the skin. Let it rest until it turns completely dry and then wash off with cold water. This scrub does wonders in removing tan the fastest. It also gives the skin a soft glow.

Raw milk and Gram flour mask

It is always great to use chickpea flour or gram flour as a mask to remove tan. And when you make it with the help of raw milk, the mild touch of moisture and tan removal properties of raw milk make it an excellent solution to removing tan.

  • Take about 4 tbsps of chickpea or gram flour.
  • Add in 2 tbsps of raw milk.
  • You can also add fresh grated turmeric, rose water and half a lemon for extra benefits.
  • Now apply this pack on the tan affected areas and let it turn dry.
  • After the pack has dried, with your wet hands start scrubbing the pack off.
  • End up with a good bath!

The pack is known to remove sun tan to a good extent in just one time. This also leaves your skin super clean and soft.

Raw milk and Bread

Tan removal with papaya

This is the oldest and most mild way to remove tan, nourish the skin and get a light skin tone. This pack cum scrub is excellent and mild on the skin. It even works on small babies and adults alike.

  • Take about 8 tbsps of raw milk and soak in 2 slices of white bread in it.
  • Now used the soaked bread on your skin and apply it evenly. Remove excess raw milk if required.
  • Let the mix turn dry on your skin.
  • Now start scrubbing with wet hands and remove the pack off.
  • Wash off with cold water.

This is a good scrub to remove tan and also get skin brightened up. Use a couple of times to get real results.

Raw milk and Saffron face pack

The richest way to treat your skin with a beauty elixir is to use raw milk and saffron together. This face pack doesn’t just remove the sun tan and pigmentation but also treats the skin with nourishment, lightens it up and gives a good radiance.

  • Soak a few strands of saffron in raw milk overnight.
  • Apply this milky face pack on your face, hands and legs.
  • Let the pack turn dry.
  • Wash off with cold water.

You shall find a soothing smell, a lighter skin, a soft and supple feel to your skin. This pack also acts as a great lotion and moisturizer.

Raw milk and Rice flour pack

A great exfoliator, sun tan remover and skin lightening agent – the raw milk and rice flour face pack is ideal to do it all together. Just mix in rice flour with raw milk and let it soak for a good 20 minutes. Now apply this paste on your face, hands, legs etc and let it turn dry. You can scrub with this as it removes the dead skin cells and gives a soothing feel to the skin. End up washing with cold water.

This face pack is known to provide for skin brightening and lightening.

Raw milk is known for its anti-tan, anti-ageing and moisturizing properties. It can be used in a variety of ways to tone your skin, remove tan and also lighten the complexion. Just make use of it and see the difference!