Homemade face packs, face masks for beauty care

Neem is known for its antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and has been used since ages for maintaining a healthy skin. Its leaves have been one of the best home remedies for people suffering with regular skin problems like itchy skin, rashes, allergy and inflammation. It is highly beneficial for oily and acne prone skin.

Neem remains an active ingredient in making many face washes and creams that are meant for oily and acne prone skin. Neem makes skin clear and flawless and absorbs the extra oil from the skin. There are several face masks and face packs that can be used to get a clear skin free from pimples and blemishes.

Neem leaves are the best herbs that are widely used in the beauty, skin care products. The neem leaves are helps to clear the acne, pimples, pimple marks and all skin related problems and infections. In ancient days neem leaves are used in ayurvedic , herbal products. In now a day’s also we see the many neem mixed products like soaps, shampoos etc. Neem has the anti fungal and anti bacterial properties helps to clears the skin infections. So try these homemade neem face packs for acne and pimples free skin.

Homemade neem face packs, Neem face masks

Neem with mint and honey face pack

Top benefits of neem for skin care

The natural goodness of these aromatic ingredients will help in flushing away the toxics from your body to regenerate the new fresh healthy skin cells. Mint (pudina leaves)are known to be extremely effective in cooling the burning sensation of acne and pimple and they greatly help in alleviating them. Ground a few mint leaves with neem leaves and crush them until your form a thick paste. Now, pour some honey to this mixture and apply it throughout your affected areas. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes.  You may feel the tingling effect due to mint’s cooling sensation and that’s how it works. Rinse it off.

Cucumber juice with neem face pack

This absolutely yummy and healthy face pack will help in treating the stubborn acne and pimples thereby giving you a flawless and clear skin in no time. Treat the inflammation and burning sensation caused due to acne and pimple with cooling property of cucumber. Grate the cucumber juice and let it refrigerate, now, crush some neem leaves and form a consistent paste. Mix the two and apply it throughout your skin, You can also add some argan oil which greatly helps in alleviating the acne and pimples away from your skin.

Sea salt with neem leaves

This absolutely amazing face pack to help you get rid of acne and pimple scars, pamper yourself with some sea salt and crush a few neem leaves to form a paste. Add some water in this mixture to make it consistent alongwith some lavender essential oil to treat the acne and pimples effectively.  You can now apply this on the affected areas and leave it to dry for 30 minutes. Rinse it off using lukewarm water. If you live somewhere near the coastal line, you can easily dive into the shoes and fetch some fresh sea salt. Otherwise, you can get it from the nearest drug store.

Neem with yogurt face pack

Whiff a fresh take of summertime with this absolutely exfoliating and indulgent face pack that will not only cool down your inflammatory acne and pimples, reduce the burning sensation but also work proactively to replete the dead skin cells and replenish them. This face pack will help detoxify your skin and infuse your skin with the quintessential nutrients to feed your face with the goodness of yogurt and neem.

Oatmeal, milk, honey and neem

Sounds like a perfect breakfast recipe? Well, gorge on the basic ingredients to enjoy the summer sans acne and pimple. Oatmeals are a great source of minerals and vital vitamins which help in exfoliation and scrubbing off the dead skin. Milk purifies the skin from within and moisturizes it to make it supple and soft. Honey has deep anti-oxidant properties that will help in further exfoliation an anti-aging. It shall remove the fine lines, wrinkles and give a natural youthful appeal.

Neem powder with garlic and coconut oil

Homemade sandalwood face packs

There’s nothing better than the granny’s secret to beautiful skin. All you need is a few garlic cloves, heat some coconut oil in a pan and let the neem leaves boil. Now, make a fine paste of neem leaves soaked in coconut oil and add some crushed garlic cloves to the rich mixture. This will help in clearing away the blemishes, pimples and acne scars alongwith healing your skin from several serious skin infections like eczema, psoriasis etc.

Neem with rosewater face pack

This purifying face pack will naturally help in clogging your pores and de-cluttering your face from acne and pimples.  Boil some water and put the neem leaves, now make a fine paste of neem leaves and add some rosewater to the paste. Now, apply this gently on the affected areas. This will naturally help in clearing out your blemishes, blotches, dark spots, anti-aging signs and will give you a natural looking clear skin instantly.

Neem & turmeric face packs

Take the fresh neem leaves and make the leaves as fine paste. Add the 2-3 pinches of turmeric powder to the neem leaves paste. Blend them to smooth paste. Wash the face before applying the face pack. Apply the paste on the face wait for 10- 15 minutes then wash with the cold water. This face pack helps to prevent the acne and pimples on the face. If you face the acne, pimples this face pack gives the solution to them.

If the fresh neem leaves are not available to you can prepare the neem face neem leaves power. Take the some fresh neem leaves and dried them in sun shade for 2 weeks. Now blend the dried leaves into fine powder. Use this neem powder instead of neem leaves.

Neem & lemon face pack

Take the fresh neem leaves and grind them well. Mix the lemon juice with the neem paste. Apply this paste on the face. After 10- 20 minutes wash the face with water.  Instead of neem leaves you can use the neem power also. The making of neem powder is described above. This face pack helps to remove the excessive oily from the face.

Neem & curd face pack

Take the neem power mix the curd and gram flour (besan) with neem power. Mix all the ingredients into fine paste. Wash the face before applying the face pack. Take the paste on the finger tips apply all over the face. Leave it for 20- 30minutes. Wash the face pack with luke warm water. This face pack helps to clear the acne, pimple on the face.

Neem face scrub

Homemade beauty tips for winter

Take the fresh neem leaves and basil leaves (tulasi leaves) and grind them well. Take the paste add the 1 tbsp of honey to it. Now add the multani mitti to the paste make the whole as scrub for the face. If the mix is too smooth add few more multai mitti to and make ready it for scrubbing. Now wash the face scrub the face with prepared mix. The scrub clears the dead cells from the skin makes the face glowing.

Neem & rose water face pack

Take the neem power add the sandalwood powder and rose water. Mix all the ingredients as smooth fine paste. Apply this paste on the face. Wash your face after 10-15 minutes.

Try the neem face packs good to treat the acne and pimples very well.

Homemade neem face packs

Pimples and acne can be troublesome for those with oily to combination skin. These leave the skin scarred and make the skin look blemished .Face packs made from neem help to clear pimples and acne from the face.

  • Sandalwood and Neem face pack calms down the skin and makes skin clear by reducing the bacterial infection.It is prepared by mixing neem and sandalwood powderwith plain or rosewater. Apply this mixture on the face evenly and wash after 20 minutes
  • Neem face pack with Gram flour is excellent for oily skin. Make a paste of thick consistency using neem powder, gram flour and milk. Spread itevenly on the face. Wait for 15- 20 minutes and then rinse off with plain water
  • Neem face pack with Fuller’s earth and coconut water is good for absorbing excess oil for acne prone skin. This is ideal for very oily skin. Make a thick paste with crushed neem leaves, fuller’s earth and coconut water. Apply it evenly on the face and wash after 20 minutes
  • Neem face pack with honey is suitable for oily acne prone skin. Honey helps to tone and refresh the dull and tired looking skin. Make a paste with neem powder and honey and apply it on a cleansed face. Wash it off after 20 minutes.
  • Neem face pack with papaya adds extra glow on the face. Papaya pulp and neem powder make a good face pack for whitening the skin.
  • Neem face pack with Tomato pulp- Neem powder and some juicy tomato pulp make an excellent pack to make the skin refreshed and hydrated. It clears pimples and adds a glow on the face

Some other neem face packs which can be used for all types of skin

  • Neem face mask for glowing   skin is made by drying Tulsa and neem leaves in the sun and powder them. Add some honey to make a paste.Apply this neem pack for face all over and keep for 10-15 minutes,then scrub gently in circular motions. Rinse off with cool water after the pack dries.


  • Neem face pack for clear skin –Apply a thick paste of neem powder, gram flour and yogurt on the face.  Leave it on for 20 minutes till it dries up, and then rinse with cool water.  This helps to revive dull skin reduce acne and pimples andads glow to the face.
  • Neem face pack for dry skin—Make a paste using whipped cream, neem powder and turmeric and apply it over the face. Rinse off with cool water after 10 minutes. This pack adds glow to dry skin Turmeric is known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties, hence it protects the skin from many skin infections.
  • Fresh neem paste for a glowing skin—Wash and soak fresh neem leaves till they become soft. Grind them with a pestle and mortal to a paste. Apply them on the face and leave them for 15 minutes to dry. Wash it off with cold water.

Benefits of neem face packs

Benefits of neem oil for skin & beauty care

Neem paste can be combined with other natural ingredients. These other ingredients can be added to a Neem face pack considering factors like skin type and the specific nature of the problem.

Any of the above neem face packs can be used to treat all kinds of skin problems like acne, blemishes, rashes, allergy and skin inflammation. It is helpful in treating all kinds of skin infections as well. It makes the skin clear and glowing. It is also helpful in preventing wrinkles and fine lines. Neem also serves as an excellent skin toner. Neem possesses extraordinary bleaching and oil-controlling properties.