Potatoes for acne scars & pimple spots

Clear, shining skin makes us look more beautiful. However, due to various factors, like aging, we experience various skin issues.

We try to retain the beauty of our skin by applying moisturiser and cleansers regularly. Still, skin problems appear mainly on our face. Though you may find several skin care solutions in the market, most of them are much costly.

In addition to it, you are not sure of whether they will be effective for you. Thus, to cure one of the common skin problems, like acne, you may rely on the home remedies.

Who are more prone to acne

Home remedies for acne scars

People, whose age ranges from eleven to thirty, have more potential to experience acne. The chronic skin, inflammation, acne causes pimples and spots on your face, chest, arm, neck and back.

Cysts, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads– these are acne in different forms. In the USA, millions of people have acne issues. Although acne does not cause any risk it may leave scars on your skin.

Acne – What are the causes?

Tea tree oil for acne scars

Our skin pores can link oil glands beneath this skin. There are also follicles for setting a connection of pores and glands. These follicles produce fluid. Glands can form oily component, known as sebum.

While your follicles become blocked, you will have pimples. Hair, cells and sebum get clustered together, and bacteria grow slowly. It will also cause swelling. In due course, pimples appear on the skin.

Researchers have said that your acne severity depends mainly on the bacteria strain. Thus, all bacteria cannot cause pimples.

Why potatoes prevent your acne?

Potato has high amount of B vitamins and minerals. While your body does not have much vitamins and minerals, like zinc, you may have acne.

As there is vitamin C in potato, you will also have youthful look by using this vegetable. This vitamin is also effective at reducing acne cysts.

In many cases, the shortage of zinc becomes the main reason behind acne. This mineral helps in reducing the production of oil and skin inflammation. It also gives protection against harmful bacteria.

That is why lots of skin care products contain zinc as one of the major ingredients. Since potato contains zinc, it assists you in solving skin complications.

How to use potatoes to treat acne?

Orange peels for acne scars

It’s the best way to maintain your skin’s beauty.

Potatoes – Acne solution in two ways

Potatoes can work for your acne internally and externally.

The nutrients in these vegetables keep up the glowing up look of your skin. However, while you consume them in deeply fried condition, you will not get these nutrients.

Eat these potatoes without removing the skin. You may bake the potatoes, and within few weeks, you will start seeing the reduction of acne breakouts. Sweet potato also works effectively for your skin. This is the main way how potato does its function internally.

Now, to heal acne problem externally, you have to apply cold potato slices on different parts. It will reduce swelling and redness to get pimples faded very fast. Use blender to have the sap of potato.

Create a solution with this potato juice and lemon sap (one third portion). Then, rub this solution over your face.

There is another way of using potatoes

  • Wash your potatoes and then dry them. Peel off those potatoes, and cut them into thin slices.
  • Start massaging your skin using those slices. Apply different slices for every part, and it helps you in avoiding the spread of bacteria. With slow exfoliation of your skin surface, you can remove dead cells.
  • Then, place the pieces acne affected skin, and wait for ten minutes. Potato has special acids, which function as antibacterial component, and kills bacteria that have caused acne.

Potatoes in raw form are useful not only to cure acne or pimples but also to

  • Soothe your skin inflammation and burns.
  • Treat dark spot on the skin beneath eyes.
  • Heal skin warts with antibacterial power.
  • Makes skin clean by removing excessive oil.

People with clear skin use potato

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Many people apply potatoes only when they find skin problem. However, you may also use it for clear skin.

Take out the potato pulp and then grate it finely. Use the pieces as your facial mask and wait for fifteen to twenty minutes. Wash the face with vinegar and water.

It is also good to blend the potato with cucumber (never remove their skin). Add yogurt and egg yolk to create a paste. Wash your skin using mild hot water.

For controlling oil and for eliminating dirt, potatoes play a good role. Prepare potato juice and place it inside your refrigerator for thirty minutes. Apply the sap and then scrub the face with a piece of cloth. You may do it everyday to get vibrant and fresh-looking skin.

To have fair and brighter skin, potatoes are the best option. Combine potato juice with coconut milk.

Cleanse your skin and massage it gently. After you have massaged it for two to three minutes, you can wash it with water. Repeat it two to three times on every week.

So, remove all your fears on using potatoes to reduce acne problem. Just get into your kitchen; take potatoes and look for other essential ingredients to apply the natural acne solution for your skin.

Potato pulp and peel- both have nutrients for curing the acne. However, you can speak to the best dermatologists for your acne issues. We will never ask you to stop medication, and it’s only your choice.