Egg masks for acne & pimple marks

You are one among the millions of youngsters who face the common problem of acne. Trust us we have ways by which we can treat the problems of acne and reduce the dreadful scars it leaves behind. Acne is caused when the sebaceous glands of your skin starts to release more sebum than is required. This sebum turns the surface of the skin oily which closes the pores of your skin by accumulating dust and impurities in it. Symptoms of acne include painful pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, nodules, cysts and skin irritation. Rather than spending a lump sum amount of money on products that will deteriorate your skin further use something that is safe and effective.

Why are we suggesting the use of eggs for treating the problems of acne?

Home remedies for acne scars

You will be amazed to know the innumerable properties that eggs have.

  1. The white part of an egg is rich in proteins, vitamins and amino acids. They help to build the skin cells again by absorbing the excess amount of oil that causes acne.
  2. Eggs contain Lysosomes which are powerful enzymes that kill the bacteria which causes acne.
  3. It has cleansing properties. When applied on the skin it dries up in an instant and removes the presence of dead skin.
  4. Eggs contain astringent properties which stops the growth of acne.
  5. The albumin in egg whites has the properties of antiviral in it. It annihilates the bacteria and microorganisms that cause it.
  6. Builds the tissues of the skin that that are destroyed.
  7. Eggs have the ability to reduce the size of the pores of the skin which prevents dirt and impurities to settle inside it.
  8. The best source for Vitamin B which possesses the properties if antioxidants.

How will you make use of eggs to reduce the acne marks?

Bio oil for acne scars

Egg whites have the ability to absorb the excessive oil from your skin and reduce the marks caused by acne on it.  You can treat the problems of acne with this. With the use of lukewarm water cleanse your face. In a bowl take the white portion of three egg whites and beat them together for a while. Apply this on your face and let it rest for a while. Go ahead and apply another coat above the existing coat of egg white. When both the layers dry up. Wash your face with water and apply some moisturizer after patting it dry. Carry out this procedure twice a week.

Lemon juice, honey and egg white

Not only will the scars fade away but this face mask will help to remove the rashes as well. It moisturizes the skin from deep inside and has anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Honey will soothe the irritation and inflammation of the skin that is caused by acne. Lemon juice will help to repair the problems of oily skin.

Aloe vera for acne scars

Wash your face with lukewarm water to open the clogged pores. In a bowl mix egg white(one), lemon juice and honey(one tablespoon each). Apply this on your face and let it sit for fifteen minutes. Gently scrub the face pack while massaging your face with the fingers. Wash it off with cold water and apply water-based, alcohol free moisturizer. Do this twice every week.

Mask of avocado, yogurt, and eggs

Treat your dry, flaky and dull skin that causes acne with yogurt and avocado benefits. In a bowl mash an avocado. Add yogurt(one tablespoon) and one egg white to this. Make a fine paste of these three ingredients. After half an hour wash this off. You can do this twice to thrice every week.

Green tea and egg white face pack

Green tea is the powerHouse of antioxidants .Brew a cup of green tea and allow it to cool. Add the white portion of an egg to this and mix well. Cleanse your skin before applying this on your face or the affected area. Once the face pack dries wash it with lukewarm water. Do this twice every week.

Oatmeal, rice and eggs

Rather than slathering your face with chemically laden products. Use a scrubber made with natural and beneficial products that will remove acne. In a blender grind equal portions of rice, oatmeal and wheat. To this add an egg white. Gently scrub your face with this paste. Allow it to dry and then wash it off. Use cold milk to wash off the paste. Do this on a regular basis to see results.

Cornmeal, mint and egg white

Your skin will lighten, brighten and tighten after you apply this pack on a regular basis. The marks that acne leave behind will be gone too. In a bowl add the paste of mint leaves(one tablespoon), cornmeal(one teaspoon), rosewater(one tablespoon) and the white part of one egg. Whisk it well to form a paste. Apply this on the acne affected areas. Wash with cold water after half an hour. Twice every week is enough for this mask to work and treat acne.

Treatment of acne using olive oil and eggs

Apple cider vinegar for acne scars

Olive oil helps to rejuvenate your skin and keeps your skin soft and supple. Whisk the white part of one egg with olive oil(one teaspoon) and apply it on the areas affected with acne. After a few minutes wash this with cold water. It can be practiced once or twice every week.

No more back acne with cucumber and egg white pack

Whisk the white portion of one egg. Cut cucumber into small pieces and blend it in a mixer grinder. Add three tablespoons of cucumber juice to the egg white and mix it well. Apply it on the areas that is affected with acne. After half an hour wash it off. Cucumber has cooling effects which will heal the pain, irritation  and itchiness caused by acne. Do this every week to see results.

Use of essential oil to treat cystic acne

When you use Lavender oil it will treat acne with its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. You have to pour a few drops of lavender oil in a bowl. Add the white part of an egg to this and whisk well. Apply it everywhere acne is causing havoc on your skin. Wash it off with water after half an hour. Once every week is enough to treat the cystic acne.

Banana and egg white

You will have healthier and acne free skin with the help of banana. It is rich with antioxidant properties. In a bowl whisk one egg white with one tablespoon of mashed banana and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Whip it until you form a smooth paste. Use this paste as a mask on the affected area. Wash it off after half an hour. Once or twice every week will reap you the benefits you need.

Mixture of egg white and honey

Tighten the pores on your skin and prevent bacteria to cause any damage. Redness, inflammation, irritation and pain caused by acne will be reduced too. Mix the white part of one egg with honey(one tablespoon). Apply this mixture everywhere on your face except for the eyes. Allow the mixture to dry and wash it with lukewarm water. Do this everyday to see best results.

Combination of tea tree oil and egg whites

How to get rid of acne holes on face

Tea tree oil is brimming with the goodness of antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Mix it with an egg white and your damaged skin cells will be removed. In a bowl add the egg whites of two eggs and mix it with tea tree oil(four drops). Apply this mixture as a mask on the affected.  Wash with water when the mask dries. Carry out this procedure twice every week.

Face mask made out of lemon and egg whites

In a bowl whisk egg whites(two eggs) with freshly squeezed lemon juice(two tablespoons)together. This helps to tighten the pores. Do this thrice every week and you’ll see best results.

Baking soda, yogurt and egg white to heal acne marks

The properties of Baking Soda have the ability to neutralize the pH level of your skin. Inflammation, redness and irritation of the skin can be removed as well, which is caused by pimples.  In a bowl add two egg whites, four tablespoons of flavorless, baking soda(two tablespoons) and lemon juice (two tablespoons). Apply this everywhere on the skin that is affected by acne. Wash it away with lukewarm warm after half an hour. Do this twice a week and see unbelievable results.

The problems of acne can be dealt with ease and right at home. So, without worrying about acne and its scars deal with it eggs.