How to treat the scalp pimple / scalp acne

Acne can occur on your scalp too. So, it is important that you take measures to keep the scalp free from detrimental acnes. You can see the growth of pimples along the hairline and these are even visible on the scalp area.

If pimples and acne keep on coming back then there would be reddening of the scalp and you would feel like scratching your head all the time.


The most common reasons are production of excess oil in the scalp, clogged pores and presence of dirt. You may feel tough to deal with your hair when your scalp is prone with these kind of problems. So treat them as soon as possible to inhibit from developing more.

Some might had tried applying oil to the boils on the scalp but it helps to soothe your pain then nothing else. It even clogs your pores and causes the further problems. So, get rid of those paining boils here are few home remedies that can serve best in curing the problem.

Home remedies to treat scalp pimple & boils


Fenugreek seeds and leaves– Both of them have unique properties to give you therapeutic solution. You can apply them for treating scalp acne. While you have leaves, you have to crush them and blend them with water to form a paste. Then, use this paste for covering the scalp. Leave it in this way for fifteen minutes, and cleanse it with.

Now, when you have seeds, you need to soak them in water for one night. Use the grinder for creating a paste and apply it on scalp. Leave the scalp for thirty to forty minutes. Do it on every week to cure the scalp acne & pimples.

Aloevera and mint leaves

These two ingredients are effective to reduce scalp acne and pimples. Boil fifteen mint leaves in water. You have to heat it until the amount of water is reduced to fifty percent. Then, take out the pulp of Aloe Vera and combine it with mint solution.

Apply it rightly onto the scalp. You will get a cool feeling in your scalp. Do it everyday, and you will see results within one or two weeks.

Ginger sap

Amazing tips for scalp pimples

Take the juice out of the ginger, and then use it as the best scalp pimples treatment solution. This sap has special properties to fight against bacteria, and thus, your acne on the scalp will get cured very fast. You have to clean the ginger and then grate the ginger pieces. Strain this sap for applying it to the scalp.

Baking soda

It is another ingredient to reduce pimples on scalp. While your scalp skin pores get closed, you have pimples. Wash the scalp thoroughly after massaging it with baking soda.

Honey and sour curd

To get the best remedy, you can use these two components. If hygiene and hormones are not the reason behind scalp pimples, you have to treat it by making a paste using honey and sour curd. With honey, you will be able to moisturize the scalp. After applying the paste, you have to wash it with high-quality shampoo.


The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties infused in this natural Indian grown herb prove to be absolutely blissful for treating the stubborn scalp pimples and acne.

The compound present in turmeric called as curcumin further helps in balancing the ph content of your scalp. The potent ingredients will restore healthy nutritional content of your hair follicles thereby giving you amazing texture.

All you need to do is to soak ½ teaspoon of turmeric with virgin coconut oil to form a thick consistent paste and apply it all over your scalp. This way, scalp will be able to absorb the quintessential nutritional value.

Apple cider vinegar

This effective natural ingredient helps to fight acne on your scalp with its amazing antibacterial and antiseptic properties present in it helps clear the hair follicles of the contaminants in the air.

It penetrates deep within the hair thereby removing the unwanted bacteria and excessive oil secreting through scalp that causes pimples and acne on your scalp.

It also helps in maintaining a perfect ph balance, so just mix a spoonful of apple cider vinegar with lukewarm water and rinse your hair with the heavenly solution.

Do this post shampoo, so that the goodness of apple cider stays in your scalps and it helps fight against the bacteria and germs breeding on the scalp. Repeat this at least twice a week for effective results.

Aloevera gel

There’s nothing more miraculous than the Aloe Vera herb that can be easily grown anywhere. The medicinal properties of aloevera are galore, it has antiseptic, antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties which proves to be a bliss for both the skin and hair. You can always count on this natural remedy to get rid of pimples and acne breeding on your scalp.

Take a portion of aloevera, squeeze its gel and apply it all over your affected scalp area. Let it sit for sometime till it absorbs and then wash it using lukewarm water. Alternatively, you can also mix ½ tablespoon of aloe vera gel with 1/2 tablespoon of lemon juice drops and mix the enriching solution. Apply it throughout your scalp and rinse it with lukewarm water.

Indian lilac

The wondrous properties of natural herb helps in getting rid of several skin and hair problems including chronic skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, ringworms and warts. Indian lilac proves to be a bliss in treating scalp acne for it contains antiseptic and antibiotic goodness which helps in healing the acne faster and effectively.

Boil a few Indian Lilac leaves and them grind the leaves till you get a thick consistent paste. Now, apply the paste on the affected areas of your scalp and leave it for about 1-15 minutes.

Rise it. Alternatively, you can also mix Indian lilac oil with virgin coconut oil and massage your scalp gently with this amazing mixture. Apply it throughout till it reaches the ends and roots thoroughly and leave it overnight. Next morning, rinse it with mild shampoo.

Honey & cinnamon

Feast your hair with some natural plush ingredients to get rid of scalp pimples and acne. The aromatic and luxe paste made by honey which is primarily antibiotic and helps nourish your scalp health thereby restoring the moisture.

Furthermore, the blend of cinnamon has anti-microbial property and also prevents bacteria from increasing. To make this ethereal paste, you need to mix double the honey with half the quantity of cinnamon powder.

Additionally, you can also add argon oil drops to effectively treat your scalp pimples and acne. Apply this heavenly mixture on your scalp and rinse it with lukewarm water.

Sugar and honey mask

The oh-so-exhilarating hair mask is composed of sugar granules and honey. Sugar in the earlier times, was used to dress cuts and wounds since it contains antiseptic and antibacterial healing properties. It greatly helps in exfoliation of your skin also helps heal acne on scalp. Honey is again an extremely potent substance to help treat fine lines and wrinkles, it is a great anti-ageing treatment. So, mix the amazing substances together and additionally, you can add grape seed or argan oil, scrub it gently and rinse it off using lukewarm water. Eating excess of sugar often leads to production of pimples on skin.

Papaya pulp mask

This fibre-enriched fruit is known to treat the scalp acne and pimple like nothing else. The fruit contains several acids that break down oily substances in your skin and help declutter the dead skin cells breeding underneath your epidermis.

Papaya contains an enzyme called papain, which reduces inflammation and allows your skin to breathe thereby reducing acne breakouts to enhance.

Mix papaya with equal amount of yogurt and a bite-sized portion of honey until you get a thick consistent paste. Apply this paste on your affected scalp areas and rinse it after 20 minutes with lukewarm water.

Nutmeg powder

Take a nutmeg and grind it into powder, add four tablespoons of milk to this powder and apply it on your scalp entirely by concentrating on the boils zone. Retain it for an hour and then rinse off with a mild shampoo.


Get a garlic clove and mash it slightly.Now massage this clove on the pimple  area for few seconds it helps to diminish scalp pimple. Use this remedy to reduce the pain as well.

Tea tree oil

The antibacterial properties of tea tree oil helps to fight with the bad promoting for pimple on the scalp. Mix equal amounts of tea tree oil and olive oil. Massage this oil on the scalp and rinse off after an hour or two.


Using neem on the pimple prone area is one of the best home remedy helps to treat the problem in a quick manner.

Get a handful of neem leaves and boil them in water for 20 to 30 minutes, separate the solution and grind the leaves in order to make a fine paste.

Apply on the scalp entirely, concentrating on the boil zone. Hold it for about 30 minutes or more than that and then rinse off with normal water.

Neem work actively on  the scalp problems with its antiseptic and antibiotic properties.

Rose water

To numb the pain & itching associated by the scalp pimple rose water can help you well. Apply few drops of rosewater on the pimple. It helps to soothe it.

Lavender oil

Curd for dandruff & itchy scalp

Here is yet another home remedy to treat the itchy scalp pimples and other infections.

Mix one tablespoon of lavender oil with one tablespoon of olive oil and 3-4 tablespoons of tea tree oil. Mix all the three ingredients well and use it on the scalp like a shampoo to watch changes on your scalp infections.

Lemon juice

Squeeze half a lemon and apply it on the scalp pimple. It cleanses your scalp, reduces the acne break outs and fights with the bad promoting for acne as well.


Massage your scalp with a ripe tomato for few minutes. Leave it for about an hour before rinsing off with cold water. This simple home remedy works excellent on your scalp pimple.

It is best avoiding greasy hair products

Please do not take to thick and greasy hair styling in case you want to get rid of those acnes on the scalp. In fact, the use of various hair products can cause blocking of the pores and in the way there can be acnes and boils on the scalp.

  • Hair products for styling are used at random these days and they can really have adverse effects on the scalp.
  • It is not god using gel, wax, hair spray and mousse.
  • In case you are applying something to your hair which is taking time for the skin to absorb, this can really do bad to the scalp.
  • The product causes an unusual film and the thickness of the same will encourage the growth of boils and pimples.

Rinse your hair

When you are exercising your scalp gets the sweat. This makes the area so wet and greasy. Once again this is an open invitation to germs and acnes. The sweat produced contains sodium, potassium and magnesium.

These three in combination produces electrolytes which are slid and rough. Thus, the electrolytes can cause damage to the scalp. Moreover, sebum and sweat can once more cause damaging of the area of the head.

Thus, due to the reason it is always essential that you make the scalp stay sweat free. So after a heavy workout it is important that you rinse your hair. It is also important that you keep the hair dryer but for this there is no need to make use of a hairdryer all the time. You can sit under the fan and dry your hair normally.

Washing your hair with vinegar

Yogurt to stop hair fall & dandruff

Remember that when you are washing your hair you should make use of vinegar. One tablespoon of vinegar added to the tumbler of water can really work best when you use the same to wash your hair after you have used a shampoo.

Once you have regulated the pH level of the skin the same becomes less attractive and the way the skin becomes ales breeding ground for the bacteria. Vinegar also helps in revitalizing the layer of the hair keratin.

This is a perfect natural solution and it is absolutely harmless for the scalp. So it is recommended that you wash your hair with vinegar on regular basis.


In case you want to keep your scalp free of acne you can make the best use of natural henna. This is something good for the moisturising of the scalp. Henna can even cause antiseptic effects.

This is one of the best natural solutions you can make use of to make the scalp stay acne free. To make things less messy you can at best make use of a henna scalp mask. This is the perfect thing you can arrange for the hair.

For the same a paste of water and natural henna powder will do. However, after the application wear a shower cap and allow the pack to get dry for thirty minutes. After this it is time that you wash off the same and feel the goodness of the hair.

Sulfur based products

To make the scalp remain acne free you can even try for sulfur based products from the market. The product is generally available in form of lotion or soap. It is essential that you wash your hands properly before and after the application of the topical solution.

You can use the lotion well before you rinse your hair. This is sure to keep the scalp so fresh and less dirty. No, you are sure not to have those itchy acne on the scalp.

What to eat during scalp acne?

Here are some of the quintessential items that you must include in your diet to avoid scalp acne from occurring in future:


Rich in iron, it will immensely help in bowel movements and improve the hair texture greatly. So, you can munch on them all day long and see how your hair treat you well, in return.

Green tea

Sip the holiness and later apply it on your hair to flaunt healthy lustrous hair. It is often said that green tea contains several antioxidants and polyphenols which hep in fighting against the dandruff and acne problems thereby keeping your tresses long and strong.


The Vitamin A infused amazing fruit is not only beneficial for your eyes and vision but also works wonder for your hair health. It helps in the production of sebum which makes your hair well moisturised and nourished. It will keep your hair healthy and strong.


This exotic non-vegetarian staple food is rich in Vitamin D and Omega fatty acids, both of which are impeccable in hydrating your hair and keeping them well moisturised for long. So, as long as your scalp and hair are being treated with protein and fatty acids it’s amazing.

Diet restrictions in scalp acne condition

There are several diet adjustments that people suffering from scalp acne have to undertake to keep their sebum production in regulation and moderate control.

Sebum is produced in case a person is taking excess amount of adulterated foods or which have oil producing potential like junk foods that are dipped in oil and lead to the temptations of our quenched hunger.

However, it is very important to avoid eating pizza served hot in the puddle of oil. While you thought it’s just the oil that affects sebum to activate and provide a perfect breeding ground to bacteria, you’re wrong. It’s the dairy that is the biggest culprit.

Milk and cheese are often the substances which are fetched from our Mother Cow who is infected with hormones to produce more milk. This, in turn, affects us since those hormones in a way get inside us and react with our normal functioning.

It’s way too difficult to live without dairy products and hence, you must go for organic dairy products to stay fit and healthy.

Causes of scalp acne & pimples

Scalp acne is caused in a similar way as the normal facial acne occurs. So, basically the sebaceous glands secrete excess oil which then meets the hair follicle at the other end. Oil glands are connected to the follicles while the sebaceous glands are located deep within the skin.

Our skin produces a natural protective layer of oil which is called as sebum. Sebum penetrates through the skin’s surface via pores, dead skin cells or other substances that can clog it.

When the bacteria starts to germinate and breed inside the sebum, it forms a pre-pimple which is called as microcomedone. Once the microcomedone becomes huge and visible, it starts to appear in the form of blackheads and whiteheads. Furthermore, it becomes red and filled with pus, then it is a zit.

Similarly, our scalp produces sebum and our crowning glory hold sebum close to its heart. While you venture to try to remove it, your shampoos and conditioners and hair styling products might be just another reason of clogging pores in the scalp making a way for sebum to get inside.



• How can I treat scalp pimples/scalp acne?

The best way to treat scalp pimples/scalp acne is by using a medicated shampoo or topical treatment containing ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

• What are the best over-the-counter treatments for scalp pimples/scalp acne?

The best over-the-counter treatments for scalp pimples/scalp acne are medicated shampoos containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

• What home remedies can I use to treat scalp pimples/scalp acne?

A few home remedies that can help treat scalp pimples/scalp acne include using tea tree oil, aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, and coconut oil.

• What type of shampoo should I use to treat scalp pimples/scalp acne?

A shampoo with salicylic acid or tea tree oil can help to treat scalp pimples/scalp acne.

• What types of medications can I use to treat scalp pimples/scalp acne?

Topical medications, such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, and corticosteroid creams, can be used to help treat scalp pimples/scalp acne.

• What lifestyle changes can I make to help treat scalp pimples/scalp acne?

Eating a healthy diet, reducing stress, and maintaining good hygiene are all important lifestyle changes that can help treat scalp pimples/scalp acne.

Are betel leaves useful for treating scalp pimples?

Yes. The antiseptic and antimicrobial property in these leaves reduces inflammation. Grind some betel leaves and make a paste. Apply the paste and wash it after some time. You will find results in a few days.

Can jasmine essential oil reduce scalp pimples?

Jasmine oil contains benzoic acid that removes dead skin cells naturally. Mix dilute jasmine essential oil with grape seed oil and apply it on the scalp. The grape seed oil has vitamin and linoleic acid that works well on scalp blemishes.

Is Epsom salt helps to treat scalp acne?

The salt helps to reduce the acne on the scalp. The application of this salt is relaxing. Dissolve some Epsom salt in lukewarm water and soak a compress in it. Apply the compress on the area for 20 minutes. Follow it thrice a day for better results.

How does castor oil treat scalp pimple?

Castor oil is rich in ricinoleic acid that is a natural and powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient. Combined with antibacterial properties, it treats scalp acne well. Apply an optimum quantity of castor oil on the affected area thrice a day till it disappears.