Health & beauty benefits of dark chocolates – Best dark chocolates available in market

For all the chocoholics out there here is a bunch of information to boost their passion for chocolates even more. Chocolates, to be particularly the dark chocolates, have a number of health and beauty benefits.

So if you maintain a physically active life with regular exercises, there is actually nothing to stop you from having dark chocolates to your heart’s content.

Dark chocolates include some of the ingredients that can be very good for a healthy physical and mental health. In addition to that, it can also work as an active ingredient in your beauty care regime.

The secret behind the huge list of health and beauty benefits that dark chocolate offers is the cacao content of it, which gives dark chocolates its distinct bittersweet taste. Cacao is a bean filled with flavonoids and theobromine, which can do wonders for the health and beauty.

However, to make cacao more tasty milk, sugar and butter are added in the normal chocolates, which make it high in calorie and less beneficial for the health.

So, to get all the best health and beauty benefits of cacao it is important to stick to dark chocolates that have a higher percentage of this magic bean and lower amount of calorie supplying ingredients. Read on to know the unique health and beauty benefits of dark chocolates,

Dark chocolate promotes better cardiovascular health

According to the latest studies dark chocolates have been found to reduce the risk of heart failure considerably. Taking dark chocolates in specified portions have been found to lower blood pressure and it also reduces the risk of stroke by as much as 39%.

Dark chocolates have also been found to be effective in lowering the effects of increased blood pressure during exercising in overweight people.

The high flavonoid and antioxidant content of dark chocolate is considered to be the reason behind all these miraculous health benefits. These flavonoids and anti-oxidants make the veins and arteries more flexible, thus promoting a better cardiovascular health.

Dark chocolate controls blood sugar levels

The flavonoids present in dark chocolates enhance the nitric oxide coverage, which regulates the sensitivity to insulin. These flavonoids reduce insulin resistance of the body cells, thus helping in maintaining the normal insulin balance in the body.

Dark chocolates are also believed to offer protection from the Type 2 diabetes and can be a healthy food for pre-diabetic people when consumed in proper portions.

Dark chocolate improves brain activity

Some studies suggest that consuming dark chocolate can enhance the cognitive functions of the brain. The constituents of cocoa can be helpful for better functioning of brain in elderly people.

Dark chocolates also contain caffeine in a lesser amount which can have a mild stimulating effect on the brain. The theobromine content of cocoa can also be a key reason for the short term enhancement in brain functioning offered by eating dark chocolates.

Dark chocolate enhances mood

You know why you always crave more for chocolates when you are down? Simply because, chocolates can work as a great mood enhancer; dark chocolates contain serotonin, which can increase endorphin production in the brain.

Endorphin is the feel good hormone of the body; so, if you are going through a phase of mental stress, grab a bar of dark chocolate as often as you can and do not forget to combine it with exercises to get back your good mood.

Dark chocolate – a source of nutrients

The cocoa of dark chocolates has high mineral contents. It includes Manganese, Copper, Iron and Magnesium in high amounts, along with potassium, phosphorus and zinc in trace amounts.

Cocoa is also high in fiber content and hence, a piece of good quality dark chocolate that has 70-99% of cocoa in it is actually a good source of nutrients for the body.

Dark chocolate helps in weight management

Dark chocolate is most probably the only way of weight management that everyone is sure to love. Due to their high fiber and mineral content, even a small piece of dark chocolate can fill your hunger and food cravings.

The MUFAs along with the LDLs present in the dark chocolate can also help in increasing the rate of metabolism of the body thus assisting in managing body weight more efficiently.

Having said all about the health benefits of dark chocolates now let us move to the beauty benefits of these magic bars. You must have already heard about the famous chocolate facial and now we will tell you why dark chocolate is considered as one of the most effective and side- effect free ingredients for skin care.

Dark chocolate to fight skin aging

Signs of aging on the skin are one of the most common woes of all. This is a reason that has fueled the demand of anti-aging creams amongst people of every age. According to studies, dark chocolate can give you the same anti-aging effects.

Dark chocolate is loaded with a bunch of active anti-oxidants like flavonoids, catechins, polyphenols and others, which can eliminate the effects of free radicals on the skin helping it to regenerate and maintain its natural elasticity.

Dark chocolate improves blood circulation of the skin, helping it to retain moisture. The antioxidant content in dark chocolate is higher than many of the antioxidant rich fruits and it makes a completely side-effect free skin care option.

Dark chocolate protects the skin from UV rays

The damaging effects of the Ultra Violet rays of the sun on the skin are considered as one of the primary reasons of skin aging, wrinkle formation and even skin cancer.

Dark chocolate has been found to reduce the effects of the UV rays on the skin. Most probably it is the flavonoids of cocoa that gives dark chocolate this miraculous ability.

Soothes the skin

The rich mineral content of cocoa gives dark chocolate, natural anti-inflammatory properties, which help in fighting skin infections and reducing any inflammation caused by skin infections. So, dark chocolates can actually give your skin an all-round benefit without any side effects of chemical loaded products.

So, now once you are known all about the great health and beauty benefits of dark chocolates it is the time to know about the best dark chocolates available in India. To help you out, here is a list of the best dark chocolates available in India,

Lindt Excellence 99% Cocoa Dark Noir Absolute Chocolate

Cocoa Dark Noir Absolute Chocolate

If you are planning to get all the health and beauty benefits of chocolate, this 99% cocoa dark chocolate can be an ideal pick for you. This 100% vegetarian chocolate bar can be perfectly paired with fruits, coffee and wine.Due to the maximum Cocoa content this chocolate bar gives you all the benefits of dark chocolate but not the calorie.

Lindt Excellence 90% Cocoa Dark Supreme Chocolate

Cocoa Dark Supreme Chocolate

For people looking out for a high quality dark chocolate with high cocoa content, this 90% cocoa dark chocolate bar can be a perfect match. This chocolate has a balanced taste that is luxurious and smooth. It can be best paired with milk based coffee.

Mason & Co. 75% Bittersweet Dark Organic Exotic Artisanal Chocolate

Bittersweet Dark Organic Exotic Artisanal Chocolate

This gluten and soya free bittersweet dark chocolate give you a richer and creamier taste along with all the best benefits of dark chocolates due to its 75% cocoa content. The chocolate is made from 100% organic sources and apart from organic whole cocoa beans it also contains organic cane sugar and organic cocoa butter.

ZOROY Pure Belgian 70% Dark chocolate bar

ZOROY Pure Belgian

This pure Belgian chocolate has a luxurious taste and 75% cocoa content to offer all the best health benefits of dark chocolates. Apart from fat reduced cocoa powder, the chocolate bar also contains sugar, edible vegetable fat, milk solids and nuts.

Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate

Lindt Excellence

This dark chocolate bar has a luxurious smooth taste and is less bitter in taste due to its 70% cocoa content. The product is 100% vegetarian and makes a perfect combination with milk excess coffee. The initial taste of this chocolate is bitter, which slowly turns into a leveled softer flowery taste. The aftertaste of this dark brown chocolate is something to be enjoyed by every connoisseur.

Schogetten Dark Chocolate

Schogetten Dark Chocolate

This fine European dark chocolate bar is made in Germany and contains more than 50% cocoa which adds to its rich flavor. This dark chocolate has a sweeter note which makes it preferred by all. It is great to be paired with coffee and you can even indulge in the taste without pairing it up with anything else.

Hersheys Special Dark Pure Chocolate Luscious Pearls

Hersheys Special Dark Pure Chocolate Luscious Pearls

This dark chocolate makes an ideal option for snacking as well as for gifting. It can also be used ideally for baking purposes. This dark chocolate has 65% Cacao and includes sugar as well as processed milk to get the right taste. You can pair this up with fruits or wine to enjoy the taste.

Rage Dark Chocolate

Rage Dark Chocolate

Rage Dark Chocolate is made in India and it includes high cocoa percentage along with sugar, vegetable fat, milk solids, soya lecithin and vanillin to create a sweeter taste. This chocolate is a complete vegan product and it can be best to have as a snack due to its more sugar content.

ZOROY Luxury Chocolate

1. ZOROY dark chocolate

Zoroy chocolate is the best chocolates packed safely. This chocolate consists of sugar, edible vegetables fat, permitted emulsifier, fat reducing cocoa powder and stabilizer. This also contains milk solids, nuts and artificial flavoring agents. The chocolate is made with a vegetarian and should be stored in a cool and dry place. This chocolate is of 200 gram slab dark chocolate with 70% cocoa. The chocolate material may contain different various ingredients which are good for health and helps in beauty care. This chocolate has a specialty of vegetarian with a brand name Zoroy Luxury Chocolate and manufacturer name ZOROY.

Loacker Quadratini Dark Chocolate

2. Quadratini dark chocolate

The Loacker founded in 1925 with a delicious wager and chocolate specialties. The Loacker quadratini dark chocolate wafers are best snacking option. The chocolate is made in Italy. This ensures that the product information is correct with an occasion of manufacturers. This can alter according to the ingredients list. It’s purely vegetarian, which is packed within a wrapper of different information. The information presented in read labels, warnings, and directions before consuming it.  The chocolate is about250 grams and has pure vegetarian ingredients with a brand and manufacturer name Loacker.

Chocholik Luxury Belgium Chocolates Dark 70% Intense Bar


This luxurious chocolate is sure to give you the right taste along with the best health benefits. It comes in a premium gift box along with melt proof packaging which ensures that the delicious chocolate reach your hands in the best of condition. It includes 70% cocoa along with dry fruits to add to the taste.  It is made from the finest ingredients and offers intense flavor. It can be enjoyed with coffee or alone.

Rage Rich Dark Chocolate with Roasted Almond


This completely vegetarian dark chocolate is known for its luxurious taste and flavor. Along with Cocoa powder it contains whey powder, cocoa solids as well as roasted almonds that give it the finest taste. This chocolate can make a perfect gift for any of your loved ones and can be best enjoyed on its own.

Mason & Co. 70% Cocoa Chip Dark Organic Exotic Artisanal Chocolate – 70 Grams


This gluten free dark chocolate comes with 70% cocoa and offers great flavor that can be best enjoyed with coffee. The product is completely vegan and free from soy protein. The chocolate comes with dried almonds and it has been sweetened with palm sugar to ensure that you get the best health benefits from this dark chocolate bar. High quality cocoa beans are used for making this chocolate bar and you can feel it in every bite.

Brookside Dark Chocolate Covered Goji and Raspberry Flavors Candy, 198g


Enjoy this delicious dark chocolate bar made with the finest cocoa, goji and raspberry. This dark chocolate is known for its great taste and excellent flavor that can lift your mood with a single bite. This chocolate can be an ideal pick for gifting your loved ones and can be excellent for enjoying on your own. This smooth dark chocolate has soft fruit flavored center that is sure to offer the best taste.

Hershey’s Nugget Almond, 340g


This dark chocolate nuggets from Hershey’s is a high rated product by the customers. It comes with high quality dark chocolate made outer coating with sorted roasted almonds inside. If you want to enjoy the goodness of dark chocolate without compromising on the taste, these dark chocolate nuggets can be a perfect pick.

Bournville Rich Cocoa


This 50% dark chocolate bar has been made with rich cocoa which gives it a smooth taste and rich flavor. This fine quality dark chocolate will melt in your mouth and make the best treat for your senses. You can devour it on its own or combine it with coffee or wine according to your choice.

Lindt Swiss Thins, Dark


End your day on a perfect note with these thin bites of dark chocolate from Lindt. These dark chocolate pieces come in thin delicate shapes and melts in the mouth giving a rich flavor and taste. You can have it after a meal or combine it with your favorite beverages. The chocolate squares include traces of almonds and hazelnuts along with cocoa butter for that perfect taste.



A classic Swiss pattern pure dark chocolate bar prepared for the connoisseurs who enjoy the perfect, unadulterated flavor of dark chocolate after a meal or with their favorite beverages. This high quality dark chocolate bar has been made from the best quality cacao and can be a perfect addition to your day end meal. The Swiss Classic dark chocolate bar is also ideal for gifting your loved ones.

Godiva 50% Cacao Dark Chocolate with Blood Orange Pieces


This 50% dark large chocolate bar includes the finest quality Belgian chocolate along with Italian blood orange pieces to provide a rich and smooth chocolaty feeling in the mouth along with a tangy sweetness. The subtle crunchy bite of this dark chocolate bar is sure to match with all your expectations. This chocolate bar is ideal for gifts and also for parties and other occasions.

Jus’ Trufs Artisanal 72% dark Sugarfree chocolate


This 72% dark chocolate bar comes with organic palm sugar and includes cocoa mass along with cocoa solids and cocoa butter to give you the best taste and flavor. The chocolate bar includes no artificial coloring agents or preservatives and can be a perfect gift for any one above the age of 6 years. This chocolate bar can be suitable for any occasions including parties and special events.

Mason & Co. 75% Dark Chocolate with Peppermint & Sweet Nibs


Enjoy the deep note of dark chocolate along with the melting smoothness of peppermint and sweet nibs in this 75% dark chocolate from Mason & Co. Each of these bars contains 75% of pure cocoa and suitable amount of peanut butter to get the right taste. This 100% vegetarian product is a delicious combination of health and taste.

ASAP Almond and Dark Chocolate Granola Bars

Get the taste of the finest dark chocolate without compromising with the goodness of cocoa. This combo includes high quality dark chocolate along with the best quality almonds and presents a perfect blend of the two. This wholesome dark chocolate bar is healthy and can work as a good source for protein, fiber as well as Vitamin E. The product is completely vegan and comes without any added preservatives.