How to cure eczema naturally at home?

Eczema is a skin disease that can affect people with any type of superficial inflammatory. The skin conditions such as crusting, oozing, weeping, redness, pigmentation can also give rise to skin disease known as eczema. This skin problem can be used for two conditions. The first one is known as atopic dermatitis which is a chronic skin condition which takes place from infancy and persists throughout the childhood.  This condition can persist even when individual becomes adult in some cases. Some people with lack of immunity can also develop skin eczema. You can pay a visit to skin specialist and get the problem resolved. But, before going for a medicinal aid, it will be better to try out some natural home remedies.

Diet is an important factor which should never be overlooked by people suffering from skin eczema. You must consume bone broth as well as healthy fat if you really wish to get a skin free from variety of skin problem including eczema. You should also avoid the food items which has been induced with the food dies and other processed ingredients. There are much more factors that can help curing eczema naturally at home.

Age is not a factor for eczema. It can affect people of all ages. The widely used solution for eczema is a steroidal cream, which won’t work for many people. Here we have discussed some methods to ease the terrible itching and blistering.

Make your diet healthier

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Add more fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts, mostly in their raw form to your diet. Salmon and other fish may help, because they contain fatty omega acids.

Avoid things that could worse your eczema

Any change in weather conditions, dish detergents or clothing fabrics can make your eczema more bad. So, avoid wearing the itchy kind of wool or any synthetic fabrics since they may irritate you more. Avoid lotions and perfumes that contain alcohol, because it will make your skin drier.

Consider getting an allergy test

It is better to treat the cause than to treat the disease. So better conduct a test to know the cause of your Eczema.

Conduct a self-diagnosis

Record everything you eat, wear and do on a day and also write how you felt on the same day. Do this for some days or weeks and then you may find some pattern or reason for your eczema.

Choose natural supplements and substances

Choose Virgin Coconut Oil, which contains Medium Chain Fatty Acids or medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) ortake a natural kelp supplement which reduces the levels of acidity in your body.

Be clean

Use creams that contain neem oil which is very effective for eczema.

Have an oatmeal bath

After the bath, take some castor oil mixed with calendula extract in your hand and massage your hands and feet smoothly and wrap them in plastic bags for a few hours.

Take a lukewarm bath as cold as you find comfortable and pour in some milk and a little almond oil

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Soak until your fingers start to prune up and then rinse yourself before stepping out of the tub. But don’t rub the skin.

Consider your skin as a baby’s

Pat yourself dry after baths and avoid tearing the frail forming new skin.

Use colloidal oatmeal/coconut butter lotion, which helps in smoothing and moisturizing the skin.

Rub Vaseline on the affected areas.

Vaseline seems to be greasy but it works for the dry skin effectively within 2 days.

Wash your hands in every hour, because each time you touch your eczema bacteria can spread and make you eczema more worse.

Rub almond oil: rub almond oil on the affected areas before taking a short shower

Take baths and showers as infrequently as you can

At the same time you should not compromise with you hygiene. The water should be as cold as you are comfortable with.

Do these things for about 3 months. Surely you can see the changes.

How to cure eczema naturally at home?

Following are some of the factors that help curing skin eczema naturally at home:

Fermented cod liver oil

You can now consume fermented cod liver oil on a daily basis to get a protection against skin eczema.  Though this fermented cod liver oil is not so tasty, you must consume it on a regular basis to get a very healthy skin. Apart from curing skin eczema, this is also really successful in curing tooth decay. This fermented cod liver oil is quite rich in vitamin A, E, D and K which can ideally cure any type of skin problem from root.

Coconut oil

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If you have been already affected by the skin disease known as eczema simple natural coconut oil can also do wonder. Just apply the coconut oil over your skin where skin eczema is visible and see the difference in a couple of days. Cosmetic industry has also been using it in creams, lotions and even in soaps to provide wonderful remedy to each customer willing to get the best skin care product in the market.

Magnesium bath

Some people suffering from skin eczema can get magnesium bath to stay out of it. You need a cup of magnesium flakes and Epson salt to be mixed up in a bucket full of water. You need to take bath with it and enjoy relaxing bath. Even if you cannot have time to take manganese bath, apply manganese oil throughout your body and stay away from eczema.

Sea spray

You can now make a solution with salt and put it over a spray bottle. This needs to be applied over your skin where eczema is noticed. The homemade spray will be really effective for treating eczema over your skin layer. You can stay with healthy skin for a long time with Epson salt spray.