How to remove acne on buttocks, butt pimples, buttock zits naturally

Do you want to talk about your butt pimples in public? Probably, you do not! However, avoiding the issue does not lessen the suffering in any way. Sometimes, the buttocks are particularly prone to have very painful zits.

Although it is a hush thing, yet if ever there is a survey, it must have revealed how common this is. You have already read about the conventional treatments on diet, hygiene, and special ointments. However, besides those, there are a several other top home remedies to treat butt pimples.

FAQs about Butt Acne

What are the causes of pimples on butt?
Acne-like bumps on the butts are because of inflammation of hair follicles known as folliculitis. Any infections from bacteria, fungus or yeast, blockage of hair follicles cause folliculitis. It mainly appears on the skin surface.
Are butt pimples normal?
Yes. Butt acne is common to both men and women. It is not a serious health problem. These problems can appear here and there on the skin. You may experience rough, red bumps on your bum.
Can I use banana for treating butt pimple?
Bananas contain vitamin A, zinc, and manganese that are anti-inflammatory. Banana is great for treating the acnes and removing the blemishes of acne. The enzymes in bananas help to heal scar and also hinder the new outbreak of pimples.
Does drinking water prevent butt acne?
Water is essential to keep your body hydrated. Studies show that increasing your water intake helps to keep your skin smooth and soft, there are fewer chances of the growing butt.
Which fruits and vegetables are good for butt acne?
Yellow and orange fruits like carrots, apricots are good for reducing acne. Also include spinach, greenly vegetables in your diet. Avocado, sweet potato, blueberry, lemon are several fruits that are effective to treat butt acne.

Hence here are the few home remedies to try out at your home to treat the butt pimple. These remedies helps to relief the irritation associated with the pimple.How ever, seek for the dermatologist help if the problem is out the border.

Types of buttock acne


The bumpy acne on the buttocks is caused by the inflammation of hair follicles and this leads to folliculitis. It can further enlarge due to the infection caused by bacteria, yeast, fungus or blockage of hair follicles. These little bumps are way too itchy and result in irritation.


These hard boils that are formed as a pus under the surface of the skin are similar to acne cysts and resemble painful knots. They are a result of serious folliculitis when it becomes way too hard to handle. You must visit dermatologist to get rid of this chronic skin allergy.

Butt pimple / Buttock acne remedies

3Hot water compress treatment

Sometimes, a warm compress provides great relief on butt acne. Warm water with one tablespoon salt makes complete natural and antiseptic in nature. Take a bowl with warm water and after that, add some salt.

Take a pure cotton cloth and soak with it. And then use this warm cloth on your butt acnes.  It helps to remove the bacteria from the hair follicles. It also helps to reduce the pain. Do this process daily 15 minutes and you will definitely get good result.

4Lemon juice with the yogurt

Lemon includes different antibacterial properties, so people can use this one for the butt pimple. It also helps to reduce the excess oil from the skin. If your skin will be without oil, then it will reduce the acne problem easily.

Take one tablespoon yogurt and fresh lemon 1/2 tablespoon and cotton ball. First you need to wash the area through the hot water and remove bacteria. Using the cotton ball apply the mixture on your butt pimples.

Wait 5 to 10 minutes till the position become dry. Wash the area with the normal or cool water and wash properly. Use this technique daily once and reduce your acne problem easily.

5Ditch tight fitted clothes

Let the buttocks feel airy and breathe in loose comfortable light clothes preferably cotton or rayon. Soft silhouettes must be preferred especially during scorching summers and humid weather to avoid acne bump or acne pimple to occur.

You can also choose cotton underwear and ditch the nylon or fancy fabrics for flattering your significant other. Style always comes secondary for comfort is the first and foremost.

6Nourish using coconut oil

Coconut oil is one of the effective remedy to get rid of stubborn acne on the buttocks. The painful zits and pimple on the butt can further lead to fungal infection which will be effectively dealt by coconut oil.

Infused with antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties, coconut oil can be applied with cotton on the infected area. Repeat this twice a day to soothe and relieve the affected area.

7Use apple cider vinegar

The goodness of Vitamin C enriched Apple cider vinegar will help you fight against the bacteria breeding on the acne on butts. You can apply it all over your buttocks using cotton ball and evenly spread it, wash it off after 30 minutes with cold water.

Do not pop or scratch your acne pimple or zits on buttocks for this can enhance the problem. Let it soak the apple cider vinegar and this will help in unclogging the pores.

8Turmeric powder and lemon juice

Make a thick paste of the turmeric powder, lemon juice and a bit of water to intensify the mixture. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties loaded turmeric powder will be a bliss to get rid of the itching and painful acne and pimples on buttocks.

Lemon juice contains Vitamin C which will help revitalise and unclog the pores. This can be repeated at least thrice a week for effective results.

9Natural oil

How to get rid of butt acne with natural oils like coconut. Using coconut oil on the butt pimple is nothing but a natural way of treating the problem with great care. Coconut oil helps to cure the butt pimples effectively so use it to get benefited by it.

10Honey treatment

A nature’s gift honey is an excellent solution to cure many skin problems including butt pimples. It is also believed to cure wounds with its medicinal properties. So it is one of the remedy to cure butt pimple.

11Baking soda

Did you ever think that baking soda is useful in removal of butt acne? One of the best effective remedy for butt acne and pimples, you can try at home is using baking soda. Prepare a thick paste out of the baking soda and water.

Keep this paste on the pimple and lie down on your belly. Hold it for about 10 to 15 minutes and then  rinse off. This remedy cleans and treats the butt pimple in few fast days.

12Maintain hygiene

Maintaining hygiene is a precise way to prevent the happening of many problems. Bacteria which is the main cause of pimple can born and live on any medium. It grows fast by feeding on the sebum.So make choices that helps to keep you clean and fresh to avoid such conditions.

13Undergarments care

What you wear matter big while coming to skin problems.So always look for clean, neat and comfortable undergarments. Help your skin take breath by wearing the comfortable clothes rather than the tight and uneasy ones.

14Acne combating ingredients

Use the products that are consisting of Benzoyl-peroxide to cure the butt pimple. Also try using the salicylic gel which is renowned to fight with the butt pimples. Salicylic acid reduces inflammation, exfoliates the skin and thereby gives you best results.

15Also follow

  • Do not stay with the dress from the day start to the end, change it frequently to avoid sweating and clogging of pores.
  • Wearing cotton clothing is the best way to make your skin take breath.
  • Keep the area clean; clean it for three to four times a day.
  • Do not use cosmetics and sprays which may irritate you.

16Sun treatment

Pimples show up in soft regions of the body like the cheeks; like in all the four cheeks! The morale of this understanding (the mystery of cheeks) is in making the point that soft, fatty regions, must not suffer from the maladies of excess oil.

If it does, the sufferance shows up as nasty butt acne, making it difficult to sit. It is horrible! Did you try the sun treatment? Once in a while, moon it to the sun.

You should head on to the nude beach if you live anywhere nearby. Otherwise, your courtyard or sunlit verandah should do just fine. Enjoy the warmth drying the excess oil but avoid excess exposure as it can cause sunburns. Use a sun protection cream always. You know the norms!


Detoxify your body. This will always keep buttock zits naturally away. Apart from healthy greens, have a glass of fruit juice occasionally. Drink a lot of water. Plain water works like miracles in keeping the body clean from the inside. Try mixing a tablespoon of cream of tartar to a glass of water. Include good hydration in your diet all the time, especially if your skin is oily.

18Lemon juice

Topical application of acidic lemon juice (citric acid) kills the bacterial infestation in your butt acne. Have you ever heard of the principles of osmosis? It says dissolved particles flows from higher concentration to lower concentration spontaneously through a semipermeable membrane.

You must be wondering how this scientific principle is applicable as a remedy for butt zit treatment! Well, you have to understand the science of the situation.

The oil deposit in your acne is thick in concentration. Skin is a semi permeable membrane at the microscopic level. So, if you can apply a non-toxic solution of lemon juice on the affected region with a cotton ball, it acts as a lower concentration solvent film microscopically.

Once you apply the lemon juice, the thick oil from your acne spontaneously discharges as pus and blood. Unclogging the pore can be painful, but it is a good treatment. Apple cider vinegar also works. Lay on your front for about twenty minutes after applying these solutions. Wash it later.

19Ice packs, warm treatment and turmeric

Application of ice packs also kills the germs and relieves a lot of the pain from butt zits & buttock acne. You have to keep applying it once in a while, but also remember to try other remedies like lemon juice or turmeric.

Turmeric paste possesses amazing anti inflammation properties. You can buy turmeric ointments but it makes no sense to buy when anyone can easily prepare the turmeric pack right at home! These are considered among the top home remedies to treat butt pimples.

Ice reduces the blood flow to the affected region and gets the swelling to cease. One needs to prepare a paste of turmeric in water and apply it directly on the affected region. Mint juice can be used instead of cold water for further cooling effect.

Allow the paste to dry for ten minutes and let it harden. Wash it and repeat it periodically before you bathe. You can also apply the paste before going to bed at night and let it act for a prolonged time.

Expect fast action with this highly effective remedy. Just like the ice reduces swelling, lukewarm water causes the pore to expand, making it easy for the clogged dirt to eject.

20Light exfoliation for butt acne

Light exfoliation helps to unclog the pore. You can use exfoliating remedies like dried orange peels, or finely ground sugar. Use a loofah and a non-comedogenic lotion when you bathe.

Such lotions do not clog your skin pores. Avoid using soap when you have butt acne. The chemical components of soap may react in an allergic manner, causing further distress. Stick to home remedies as they are safe.

21Do not forget the vitamins

Your immune system, particularly the white blood cells are constantly trying to neutralise the germ infestation. You should be reinforcing your immunity with vitamins to treat buttock zits & acne naturally from inside.

Your doctor may suggest a multivitamin tablet, but you can derive the nutrient from your food as home remedies! Consume foods rich in vitamins A, B5, C, and E.

22Garlic for buttock acne

If you are worried about acne on your buttock then garlic is the solution you should look for. It is the best natural remedy for treating acne as it works as an antibacterial and antifungal agent.

You need to take a clove of garlic, peel off the outer skin, paste it properly and apply it on the affected area of your buttock. Rinse it off with water after 30 to 35 minutes. Repeat this procedure two times a day for few days to get rid of the acne.

23Tea tree oil

If you want to get rid of butt acne then you should apply this remedy. Tea tree oil is an effective remedy for curing butt acne and is easily available in the market.

  • Take a cotton ball and soak it in warm water.
  • Add 4 to 6 drops of tea tree oil on it.
  • Now rub the cotton ball gently on the acne affected area of your butt.
  • Practice this method before going off to bed as it will help the skin to absorb the oil benefits overnight.

24Aloe vera

Aloe Vera is known as a natural soothing agent which cures acne easily. You can simply heal the butt acne with the help of aloe vera.

  • All you need to do is take some aloe vera and rub it on the acne affected area.
  • Let it dry out completely so that the skin absorbs all its goodness.
  • Else you can buy natural aloe vera gel and apply it on the acne after you wash it with warm water.
  • It helps in soothing the skin, reduces inflammation and heals effectively.

25Antiseptics to clean butt acne

Keeping the skin disinfected and clean is one of the best remedy one can opt for curing butt acne. Don’t forget to use antiseptic on your boil before going off to sleep. When you wake up in the morning don’t forget to wash it and keep it clean for the rest of the day.

This will help in keeping the skin disinfected as well as help your immune system fight infections.

26Neem oil

The antifungal and antiseptic properties present in neem oil helps in curing butt acne & zits. Apply it on the acne affected area 5 to 6 times a day for effective results and faster healing.

People who are prone with pimples on their face may also tend to develop pimple on their butt. Though it is not a topic discussed by most of the people in spite of being with it, the process of curing is required enough to make them off.