Benefits of coconut oil over human beings

Coconuts – as we all know is very famous and common oil used in India (more of in south). Virgin cold pressed coconut oil is the new revolutionary oil bestowed with the natural goodness of coconuts with high levels of antioxidants, Vitamin-E and minerals besides having great taste and fragrance – compared to the normal coconut oil.

Virgin coconut oil is extracted from fresh coconuts without the application of any heat source thus saving on loads of nutritional elements usually lost when under heat treatment.

What are medium chain fatty acids all about?

Are saturated fats good enough to eat?

Coconut oil for dark circles

Not all saturated fats are bad!! Guys common do not be in the impression that all saturated fats are bad for health. It no more is true. Let me put it simple for you.

  • Long chain fatty acids, medium chain fatty acids and small chain fatty acids are the three types of saturated fats.
  • Long chain saturated fats as the name implies the size of fatty acid linking of carbon and hydrogen atoms – the more is the chain big – the more difficult it becomes for us to digest and eventually is stored as fat.
  • Many of the saturated/unsaturated oils that are commonly used in today’s kitchen such as ground nut oil, sunflower oil, soya bean oil are all long chain fatty acids which loses its natural power when heated or cooked.

Cold pressed virgin coconut oil is the only functional oil that is made of medium chain fatty acid having a longer shelf life and does not lose its nutritional power when heated/cooked and also the smaller fat molecules are easily metabolized by the liver and can be easily absorbed by the body. To add on, the lauric acid which is 50% present in virgin coconut oil is health promoting.

Medium chain fatty acids of virgin coconut oil are very easily digested and broken down to energy so there is no way for fats making their way in the body.

There are a lot many benefits to put on using virgin coconut oil in your daily life – be it for health – consumption or in skin and beauty care.

Skin and hair care with virgin cold pressed coconut oil

  • Cold pressed virgin coconut oil can be used as head and body massage oil to make your skin well nourished and hydrated.
  • It is generally recommended for external application to relieve from stretch marks.
  • In winters, use virgin coconut oil as a natural moisturizer by adding about 3-4 tablespoons to hot water before taking bath and you will feel the results.
  • Virgin coconut oil is a natural conditioner for your hair – all you need to do is rub the oil on to your hair roots and regular massage helps your hair retain moisture and conditioned for a long while.
  • It is also a natural sunscreen lotion helping your skin stay safe during extreme summers. 2-3 drops of oil on to your face and hands before you step out works wonders.
  • The anti-bacterial and antifungal properties of this oil helps take care of your teeth and bad breath in a great way by oil pulling and brushing techniques.

Virgin coconut oil internally

Benefits of coconut oil for hair care

The cold pressed, virgin, unrefined, organic Coconut oil as is less processed has zero trans fats/ hydrogenated fats. Using this oil in making your regular foods helps regulate blood sugar levels, fight cholesterol, cancer and colon problems and lot more myriad benefits.

Lose weight using virgin coconut oil

Lose weight by having fats – yes this is absolutely true. Sounds weird right!!

Now using Virgin coconut oil helps you lose that belly fat, heavy buttocks and thighs – what not – you tend to burn more fats by increasing energy expenditure. It also lends a great hand and making you feeling full for longer.

Belly fat

Belly fat has now become a common health issue for most of us. Virgin coconut oil helps promote loss of fats settled in the stomach between the organs risking their functionalities. Cook your foods with this super food Virgin coconut oil and see the results.

Immunity builder

We all know the nutritional richness of breast milk for the babies. The same lauric acid is also found in virgin coconut oil helping you enhance your immunity system to fight against general viral fevers and cold. Besides, fight against yeast infections.

Diabetic use

Virgin coconut oil is a naturally produce of sweet that does not over load pancreas for more insulin as with the refined sugars which need extra insulin to combat the glucose. Thus virgin coconut oil balances out the insulin production in your body making you stay out of type 2 diabetes.

Switch to Virgin coconut oil and repair all the damages you have incurred to your system and help your bodies defend many diseases in a go.