Best home remedies to treat dull & damaged hair

Damaged hair, which comes easy through many ways such as pollution in the environment, chemicals in the hair products and the heavy usage of hair tools, but don’t go off that much simple that it comes. A good attention to the hair products and natural remedies can treat your damaged hair. Here are some home remedies you can follow to get the damage-free hair.

Home remedies to treat damaged hair

Try hot oil treatment

Hot oil treatment is considered as one of the best treatments to manage your damaged, dry and oily hair. It can be made by you with in just few minutes. Take half cup of coconut oil and heat it for few minutes. Let it come to warm temperature, and then apply on your hair roots, scalp and especially on the damaged part. Leave it for one hour or two and then follow your normal rinsing method. You can add few drops of your favorite essential oil when the coconut oil is boiling to catch the good smell.

Honey and milk

Honey and milk mixture will help the hair which is damaged. Use milk cream if your hair is coarse and go with skimmed milk if you have fine hair.

Take two cups of whole milk and boil it for three to four minutes, to the hot milk add two tablespoons of honey and stir it well until it dissolved perfectly. Apply this honey milk mixture on your hair, concentrating on hair strands. You can leave this mixture on your hair about 45 minutes. Now rinse off with plain water and shampoo.

People who use low-fat milk to make this mixture can add a tablespoon of flour to make it a bit thick.

Banana and olive oil hair mask

To treat the hair which got damaged by the environmental pollution, chemicals in the hair products and the hair tools like flat irons and curling irons you can apply this banana and olive oil hair mask to give a new life to the dry and damaged hair.

Take a medium sized banana and drop it in to a blender along with the addition of one tablespoon olive oil. Blend it perfect to get the smooth paste, make sure the banana paste doesn’t have any lumps. Lumps may stick in the hair and wastes your time while rinsing off. Separate your hair into number of sections and dab this mixture. Hold on your head for 30 to 40 minutes and then rinse off with a mild shampoo followed with conditioning.

The rich amount of amino acid tryptophan in banana helps to make the hair stronger, whereas the potassium mineral regulates the pH value of the hair.

Avocado and olive oil

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Take an avocado and mash it to form like a paste, add this paste two tablespoons of olive oil and mix well. Now apply this mixture on your hair, starting from the bottom. While you are applying the mixture, concentrate more on the damaged area avoiding the scalp and first two inches of hair from the scalp. Let the mixture sit about 20 to 30 minutes and then wash off with your normal shampoo. The moisturizing properties of avocado helps to treat your damaged hair well.