Coconut oil benefits for your hair care

In India from ancient times Coconut oil has been used for haircare. This oil is believed to be the magic potion behind soft, healthy and lustrous locks. Coconut oil can be used in many ways in your haircare regime to ensure that your hair gets all its miraculous effects. Read on to know how coconut oil can benefit your hairs and why you should make it a vital part of your regular hair care regime,

A natural deep conditioner

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Tired of dry, frizzy and weak hair? Try out coconut oil deep conditioning and you are sure to get the results pretty quickly.  According to studies, it is one of the oils that reduce protein loss from the hair strands most effectively without any side effects. Coconut oil conditions the hair shafts from their core and provides a protecting cover over them, which ensures not only soft hairs but hairs that are strong from within. Coconut oil protects the hairs from all the abrasions caused due to brushing or towel rubbing, helping them to stay strong. It also helps in recovering the split ends by moisturizing them from the core.

Promotes hair growth

If you are trying to grow your hairs in length or you are suffering from hair thinning, in both the cases coconut oil can be your most budget friendly and effective companion. Coconut oil can be very effective to promote hair growth. It nourishes the hair follicles and provides protection from hair breakage and split ends, which naturally promotes hair growth. The smaller molecular structure of coconut oil promotes easy penetration into the scalp and thus it nourishes the hair roots supporting growth of new hairs.

Fights dandruff

Dandruff is a common hair problem for all of us. Come the winter and dandruff becomes the primary reason of hair fall and poor hair health. Coconut oil can fight dandruff effectively. Dandruff is often caused due to dry, flaky scalp. Coconut oil moisturizes the scalp and helps in keeping it healthy thus preventing dandruff to make its appearance. If you are suffering from dandruff, start taking coconut oil massage every night and wash off with a mild cleanser in the morning. You are sure to see results in a week.

Cures scalp infections

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The fatty acids in coconut oil, like the lauric acid and capric acid has antifungal and anti-microbial properties that help in fighting any type of scalp infections or conditions. So, if you are suffering from itchy scalp or any other type of scalp condition, try out coconut oil treatment to get a side effect free cure that is also healthy for your pocket.

Coconut oil for hair detangling

If you have long hairs and you prefer to keep your hairs open, you are sure to have tangling problems at times. Using the hair serums easily detangles the hair strands but their long term effect on your hairs is not good. These chemical products harm the hairs making them weak and prone to breakage with time. To detangle your hairs coconut oil can work miraculously. Just add a smallest drop of the oil on the tangled strands of hair, let it seep in and then comb lightly to remove the tangle completely without damaging even a single hair.

Get natural sun protection for your hairs

The Ultraviolet rays of the sun are not harmful only for your skin but also for your hairs. So, if you want to protect them from the damaging effects of the sun, you need a sun block for hairs too. While there are a lot of hair care products with Sun Protection Factor, in the market, I would like to suggest you to go completely natural for protecting your hairs from sun damage. The chemical filled products can never be good for your hairs in the long run and they are bound to come up with some or other side effects sooner or later. So, use a small portion of melted coconut oil, mixed with rose water, lightly on your hairs as a sunscreen and style as usual. This will protect your hairs from any sun damage and will also make them appear shiny and smooth.

Some effective hair treatments with coconut oil

Coconut oil with curry leaves

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You can make an effective hair nourishing tonic with coconut oil and curry leaves. This combination is often considered as a secret for long, beautiful hairs. Take 1 cup of extra virgin coconut oil and heat it up. Now add 25-30 fresh and clean curry leaves in this hot oil and bring it to boil. Remove the pan from the heat after 15 minutes and let it cool. Now strain the curry leaves in the oil and remove. You can store this concoction in an airtight container and use it to massage your hairs and scalp as frequently as possible.

Coconut oil with aloe vera

This treatment is highly nourishing for the hairs and can give you quick results. Collect Aloe Vera pulp from fresh Aloe Vera leaves. Mix 4 spoons of this pulp with 2 spoons of extra virgin coconut oil to make a slightly sticky mixture. Now apply this pack onto your scalp and hairs and let it sit for 30 minutes before washing off with water and a mild hair cleanser. This pack can be highly moisturizing and can help you to keep hair dryness at bay.

Coconut oil with yogurt

This is another nourishing hair pack that can be made with coconut oil. Yogurt is filled with ingredients that can moisturize the hairs and mend the damage; when mixed with coconut oil, it can actually work best. Take 3 spoons of yogurt and mix 3 spoons of coconut oil in it. Apply this pack all over your scalp and hairs and let it set for 20 minutes before washing off with a hair cleanser. This treatment can be ideal for giving new life to dull and damaged hairs.