How to use neem oil for hair care, skin care, beauty care

Personal care is the priority to make a balanced beauty and health. Fortunately, we are blessed with the natural remedies Neem oil that is full of benefits for skin care and hair care as well. Let’s get a look at the benefits and facts about neem oil.

What does science say about using neem oil?

You may have the queries related the logic between science and neem oil well, let you know some of the studies have proven that neem oil is an effective remedy to care your skin and hair as well.

Neem oil for beauty care

  1. Blackheads removal: Regular use of neem oil helps to remove blackheads and whiteheads and prevent their occurrence and appearance as well.
    • Process: You need to dilute a few drops of neem oil with water to make a solution. Apply it to your blackheads or whiteheads once a day to get a smooth skin.
  2. Reduce acne with neem oil: Neem oil has fatty acids and aspirin compounds that help to reduce acne appearance.
    • Process: Get your face cleaned and take a few drops of neem oil on your fingertips to apply on your face. You can do it two times a day to reduce acne.
  3. Fades hyperpigmentation: Neem oil is good to obstruct the melanin production that is a coloring agent in the skin and this production results in fades hyperpigmentation.
    • Process: Using neem oil on cleansed face regularly can quickly show the better effect by reducing hyperpigmentation.
  4. Get rid of wrinkles: Neem seeds oil has the components that rejuvenate your skin by giving a higher boost to your immune for fighting against wrinkles.
    • Process: Don’t forget to use this useful remedy before going to bed everyday.
  5. Anti-aging serum: Neem oil has all the essential compounds that help your skin to prevent damage and slow down aging.
    • Process: You can use neem oil as a night cream along with using it in the day to notice the best result.

Neem oil for skin care

  1. Treat ringworm: Neem oil has antifungal ingredients that make it an excellent remedy to treat ringworm that is caused due to fungal infection. You can also use the extract of neem seeds and leaves.
    • Process: Take a few drops of neem oil, or the extract of leaves and seeds in a small piece of cotton to apply directly to affected area 2-3 times a day.
  2. Get rid of infected nails: Using neem oil with oregano oil is good to cure infected nails or itchy toes.
    • Process: Take the equal parts of neem oil and oregano oil. After blending well apply it 2-3 times a day to the infected area.
  3. Reduce fine lines: Here is another benefit of using neem oil to reduce fine line and get a smooth, attractive, and supple skin.
    • Process: Take a few drops of neem oil to massage your skin gently before going to bed. Do the same daily.
  4. Treat dermatitis: Neem oil has all the components including antiseptic that make good combat to treat almost all types of dermatitis.
    • Process: Apply neem oil regularly on your affected area until you get rid of the problem. Use neem oil at least two times a day.
  5. Deals with eczema: Caring for your eczema disorder with the help of neem oil can reduce the symptoms.
    • Process: You need to soak your skin correctly in neem oil regularly for dealing with eczema.
  6. Improve skin elasticity: Neem oil has two main ingredients vitamin E and fatty acids that are important to improve your skin elasticity while retaining and providing moisture.
    • Process: Apply neem oil, or any neem extract to your on a daily basis for a couple of time to see the better results.
  7. Treating minor skin wounds: The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties available in neem oil make it a better ointment when it comes to treating minor skin wounds.
    • Process: Apply neem oil or a smooth paste of neem leaves on your skin wound after cleansing. Follow the steps twice a day.

Neem oil for hair care

Who doesn’t want healthy, long, and shiny hair with luster? Well, let you know if you also dream to get an excellent quality of hair then neem oil is the best option that can help you to get perfect hair with an absolute beauty.

  1. Prevent premature graying of hair: If you are noticing premature graying hair that occurs due to hormonal changes, then neem oil is the option that can relieve your condition.
    • Process: Make your habit to apply neem oil regularly to your hair for better nourishment and preventing premature graying.
  2. Nurture undernourished scalp: Neem oil has fatty acids that may help to nurture your malnourished scalp and hair while leaving behind moisturized and healthy scalp as well as hair.
    • Process: Massage your scalp with neem oil and leave it overnight. Following morning wash your hair with mild shampoo and follow up with conditioner.
  3. Deals itchy scalp: Experiencing dandruff causes an underlying inflammation that causes your scalp itchy and irritated. Using neem oil is good to deal with an itchy scalp.
    • Process: Apply neem oil to your scalp and leave for one hour, or overnight before washing twice a week. You can also use neem hair mask that is equally useful to get free from an itchy scalp.


Neem is a natural remedy that has the potential to cure several issues such as skin, hair, beauty and other health problems.

You can also use the products that are including neem benefits in it, and other neem supplements are easily available in the market that can help you to stay healthy, happy, and of course beautiful.