How to use neem oil for hair care, skin care, beauty care

You must have heard about several benefits of Indian Lilac or Neem in treating damaged hair, pimples and removing the effect of micro organisms in the body. The oil extracted from neem is also really beneficial for beautifying each individual. The natural herb is really beneficial to eradicate some health issues and purify skin from inside.

Even the extract of neem is used by many cosmetic manufacturing companies to give a natural touch in beautifying ladies. Neem also has anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti inflammatory properties that works well to fight with infection and providing strength to the immune system of the user. It is a natural ingredient that has no side effects and involvement of chemicals that can harm your hair and skin.

Neem is the home plant in every Indian family. But in now a day’s these plants are disappeared from the homes in places of this Neem small flower plants are appears. Neem plants are grown in large range if they have the space to grow. The botanical name for the neem is Azadirachta indica. The neem tree belongs to mahogany family Meliaceae.

The neem tree origin is in India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Pakistan. Neem contains several amino acids like glumatic acid, tyrosine, arginine, methionine, phenylalanine, histidine, arminocaprylic acid and isoleucine.

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Every part of the Neem is beneficial to us. We use the neem tree, leaves, branch, flowers, fruits etc in many ways. In olden days neem is used in the ayurvedea to treat the illness, ailments etc. The neem contains the Azadiarachin in it .Because of Azadiarachin it works as the anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti inflammatory.

Neem oil is one of the oil extracted from the neem seeds and neem fruits. This neem oil is in light brown color, bitter taste and garlic , sulfur smell. This neem oil contains the sulfur in high content so it smells like sulfur. This neem oil has the many benefits. Here are the few beauty benefits of the neem oil.

Beauty benefits of neem oil

  • Neem oil works as the anti fungal and anti bacterial on the hair. Apply weekly once this neem oil for hair. This oil is bitter in smell. It makes the scalp fungus and bacterial free and gives the dry good scalp. Dilute the neem oil with the coconut oil or almond oil if you have the sensitive scalp.
  • Neem Oil helps to treat the skin diseases like eczema, ringworm, psoriasis etc. The anti fungal and anti bacterial properties in the neem oil helps to treat this skin diseases. Apply the neem oil on the affected are daily get the results in few days.

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  •  Neem oil helps to clear the dandruff on the scalp. Apply the neem oil 2-3 in week gives the good hair without the dandruff. This oil prevents the hair thinning and makes your hair strong from the root.
  • Neem oil best remedy for the acne. Apply the neem oil on the acnes with finger tips until you get the desired results. The neem oil also lightens the dark spots and black spots.
  • Neem oil contains the carotenoids and antioxidants are helps in treating the ageing skin. Neem oil contains the fatty acids and vitamins helps to reduce the wrinkles and scars on the skin.
  •  Neem oil helps in hair re growth. Apply the neem oil for the better hair growth. This neem oil helps to maintain the hair scalp good and results the hair growth increases.
  • Neem oil is widely use in the many beauty products like shampoos and soaps etc. This neem oil do the benefits to the skin. Compound Sulfur in the neem oil helps to treat the acne and psoriasis. Neem oil helps to make the skin free from eczema and itching.
  • Neem oil helps as the good moisturizer for the skin. It is the good for the dry skin. Apply the diluted neem oil before going to bath solves the dry skin problems.
  • Neem oil works as the good conditioner for the hair. If you have the frizzy hair applies the neem oil before one of your hair bath. Get the smooth straight hair.
  •  Neem oil used in many oral care products. Neem oil treats the tooth pains, bleeding gums etc. Antiseptic properties keep the dental health properly.

Neem oil for hair care

Treating Frizzy hair

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With the use of harmful chemicals and cosmetics over your hair in a repeated fashion, you can easily develop frizzy and rough hair over your scalp.  You can now get a remedy with neem oil easily. It is quite easy to apply this hair oil either directly on your scalp or can be mixed few drops with the shampoo. If you are mixing the neem oil with the shampoo, add few drops of the same in your daily shampoo by taking out the quantity of shampoo that you will be using. After washing your hair with such shampoo with neem oil drops, great shine can be viewed once it is washed and dried.

Removal of split ends

Excessive use of styling material such as serums, flat-iron or curling iron can give rise to dry hair and split ends. You can now extract oil from the neem seeds and apply the same on the roots of each hair strands. You can now get deep moisturizing through the wonderful effect of the neem oil. This oil can also help treating the damaged hair cuticle and makes the hair look smooth and manageable.

Treatment of lice

Lice are a very small insect that lies over the scalp of individual to suck human blood. Excessive bite on your scalp can give rise to wound that makes the individual get pain. Thus, it is always better to keep hair free from the lice effect. You can now apply neem oil to your hair roots and keep the lice away from your head. Since this oil does not have any allergic reaction you can easily apply it on your scalp regardless of the concern of your skin type.

Benefits of neem oil for skin

Vitamins for skin and beauty care

Neem oil can also benefit in a wonderful way when it comes to your skin care. Various soaps, creams and cosmetic manufacturing companies have taken the neem oil extract to manufacture their products. You can also get relief from the dry and itchy skin with the help of neem oil.

Relief from acne

Bacteria cause breakouts and gives rise to pimples and acne. Now, this neem oil works in a wonderful way to remove bacteria from the skin layer which is the reason behind the breakout. The first stage of pimples is redness over the face. Since the neem oil also has high fatty acid, acne and scar mark can be eradicated after regular application.

Treating fungal infection

Most of the people suffers from fungal infection that lies over their skin in the form of patches. Neem is a powerful anti fungal agent which is good for your skin rather than the cosmetics available in the market. You can now simply apply neem oil over your skin where you have fungal infection. Even it has been proved that neem oil can treat around 14 different cultures of fungi.

Fight aging

Aging is a mechanism that comes naturally to individuals but no one wishes to get old very soon. Thus, neem oil can be applied to postpone your signs and signal of aging. Even due to the change in lifestyle people gets age before they are actually old. You can apply neem oil before taking bath for 10 minutes and wash with warm water. This can also be applied before sleeping to keep the effect overnight. You can look youthful and beautiful with neem oil treatment.