How to wake up beautiful? Overnight tips

While you are off to sleep, your body is still at work. It works on all kinds of healing, rejuvenating and energizing processes.

We should harness that power and add to that, to make ourselves look more beautiful. Follow the overnight tips and discover how you could wake up being more beautiful.

Get rid of wrinkles

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You might have already started applying anti-wrinkle creams or serums at night, but sleeping masks are much more effective than these. These are one of the best overnight skin care tips. You have to first apply your regular moisturizer and then apply the face mask.

Wake up in the morning like a young princess and see your skin glow. On choosing a mask, try to get a pack with elastic-building cranberry extract along with hyaluronic acid which plumps the skin. This pack will keep your face hydrated all through the night.

Keep your feet smooth and dry

Do you have cracked and dry feet? There is a simple tip which would repair them overnight. Slather some Vaseline or a thick moisturizer on your feet and put on cotton socks before going to bed.

The pair of socks would ensure on keeping the moisturizer stuck to your skin and will help it penetrate easily. It is an amazing beauty treatment which would make you look pretty overnight.

Change the pillow case

This is specifically for hair care. While twists and turns during sleep, our turn tends to cause friction and result in breakage.

If you switch over to a slippery pillowcase, for example silk and satin ones, you would help your hair glide through the night has minimum damage done to it. This also prevents you from having knots in the hair when you wake up in the morning.

Moisturize your lips

You really don’t need a lot of efforts to maintain kissable lips. Apply a thin layer of almond oil and that is enough to have moisturized lips. Apply and go off to sleep, and you would have a softer look and feel when you wake up the next morning.

Soft cuticles

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Make the task of soften cuticles a little easier, by simply rubbing some coconut oil before going to bed. This will keep them moisturized and even make your nails stronger.


You get to buy numerous eyelash growing serums in the market today. But, they might not work and can be very expensive too. This can be resolved simply and within your pantry. All you need is some castor oil.

Apply some castor oil on your eyelashes before going to sleep. You could also use a clean Q-tip for dabbing some castor oil on your top eyelash line. This will lengthen you eyelashes and make them look thicker. Apply it consecutively for 8 weeks and see visible results.

Softening hands

By now you know how you can soften your feet. This remedy is about softening your hands. Use a homemade scrub to exfoliate your hands.

Add brown sugar in olive oil and blend well. Use it as a scrub and rinse. Next, massage your hands with vitamin E oil. Wear a pair of gloves and go off to sleep. When you wake up you will have softer looking hands.

Glowing skin

Waking up with a radiant glow every morning is not difficult if you can follow a simple routine. Apply Vitamin E oil before apply your night cream and then go to bed.

You could also use olive oil and massage it on your skin. The oil penetrates into the skin, and then does its magic! Wake up and see your face glow.

Get rid of pimples

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Pimples come with a plan to spoil your look, just before an important event! Don’t worry, as you can get away with those pimples simply by dabbing toothpaste before you go to sleep.

Apply toothpaste on your face and let it dry all through the night. In the morning you will notice a breakout. Be sure that you’re using a paste and not a gel.

Keep your body hydrated

If you have dry skin, you could apply moisture every night. This will keep your body away from the dryness and hydrate it. You must also drink a lot of water as that is quite a humidifier.

In the night, our skin dries out the hydration no matter how much water content we have. This is why both the humidifiers are constantly needed, to keep your skin hydrated throughout.

Brush your teeth

This is one of the most important things which we shouldn’t neglect. Keeping teeth healthy makes them look brighter, while cleansing the mouth keeps bad odor at bay.

Washing the mouth twice a day should be in practice and there should be nothing that stops you from following the rule. Wake up to healthier teeth, which you watch once again in the morning, and then start off for the whitened day!

Wash your face

Everyday, you come back home, with dirt, dust, makeup, etc. It is important to wash your face every night, so that you can take a fresher face to bed and wake up with the fresh face the following morning.

More than cleansing the dust and dirt, washing off makeup is important. No one should go to bed with makeup on, as the chemicals in the products last longer than they should and can cause unexpected skin conditions.

Cold eye cream

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You probably know the goodness of eye creams, but you should get the ones which can be refrigerated. This is simply because cold eye creams work better than the regular ones.

They keep dark circles at bay and also reduce the puffiness it forms. Cold eye creams are a great remedy to make you fall asleep faster and wake up with brighter eyes.

Hair mask

Night when you are looking forward to moisturized hair days, you should go something to make the strands feel lustrous.

Add honey and coconut oil in the purest of form and make a smooth combination. Apply it to your strands and go off to bed. Wake up and go for a healthy wash. You are surely going to have a good hair day, which should stay for 2-3 days too.

After all the tricks you have just learnt, on making yourself more beautiful overnight, the one you just can’t miss out on, is having a peaceful sleep. Sleeping is one of the most important parts of our daily routines, and disrupting sleep is not healthy.

Doing 10 minutes of meditation just before you go to bed, will help you promote better sleep and satisfaction. Try and relax your senses and keep away books or electronic gadgets, so that nothing hinders a good sleep.