How to look beautiful in teenage

Teenage is such a phase in everybody’s life which people wishes to get back again. This is the time when the skin tone look beautiful with bubbly cheeks, n wrinkles, bright tone of skin and wonderful touch of youthfulness. But, many individual don’t look good even if they are in their teen age. The reason is due to lack of maintenance. Along with skin you also need to have proper hygiene towards other parts of your body. Generally teenage girls are spontaneous about their beauty. They wish to stay away from dark spots and pimples. Thus, they try on applying variety of chemical rich products available in the market. It is better to stay away from such chemicals and adopt the natural way to stay beautiful. Let us find out some of the steps to stay beautiful during teenage.

You don’t need to do much for beautifying the looks of the teenage girls. It is just because they are so young that, natural beauty is imbibed with them. The artificial makeup or overdoing might spoil their natural beauty. Let us find out some of the effective tips that can make them look naturally beautiful among the mass. You will absolutely stay gorgeous with such looking beautiful tips. You just need right hands and guidance.

Ways to look beautiful in teenage

Clean your face

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Teenage girls would always go here and there either to comply with educational need or to spend time with friends. But just after coming back home it is important to clean the face. You can use a gentle face wash that suites your skin tone. This is the time when excessive hormonal secretion takes place. Thus, you need to wash away excess oil that blocks your skin pores. You must go for a branded acne and pimple cleanser. It is better to wash face with a cleanser at least twice in a day. One must be applied after getting up from bed and next one before going to bed.

Clean your teeth

If you want to look beautiful, caring your teeth will be another important fact. Even if an individual has no attractive look, a smile can bring inner beauty to her. Thus, getting a yellow or plaque rich teeth in front of the mass is really disappointing. You, you need to keep your teeth beautiful with proper maintenance. Brush your teeth at least twice in a day.

Drink water adequately

Many people even at their very advanced stage also have a tendency of not consuming water. It is actually not good for health. This will makes your skin dry and unwanted wrinkles can form. Thus, it is always important to stay hydrated by drinking as much water as possible. It is better to drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day to stay hydrated and get elastic skin.

Hair care

Hair is rather another tool that will help you stay lovely and attractive. Thus, it is also very important to keep your hair clean and beautiful. It is better to wash your hair with a gentle shampoo on a regular basis. You can speak to the hair stylists and seek advice for the type of shampoo that suites you. It is better to wash your hair at least 3 times in a week. Also make a habit of using a conditioner along with the shampoo.

Wear suitable dress

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You should know the type of dresses that suites you the most. This would depend on your body shape. For example, if you are very thin, do not wear any tight fitting garment. If your legs are well shaped wear a short skirt with an attractive top. If you think your boobs are very attractive, go for the tops that will enhance that part of your body. This will make you look attractive and beautiful when you are out with your friends.


Teenage girls must stay fit all the time. If you have a problem of putting on weight only when you are in your teen age, it is really a serious issue. Regular exercise and diet is an important consideration. You can speak to a dietician and get an attractive list of food that will help your stay in well shape. Also go ahead with some cardio or free hand exercises everyday so that you can stay well shaped throughout.

Use a deo or perfume

Only looking beautiful is not enough. It is also important for you to smell beautiful. It is only possible if you can clean yourself and put some deo to remove body odor completely. You can also apply some perfume on your clothes if you are going out for a longer duration. This is also an effective way to stay beautiful.

Remove unwanted hair from your body

Teenage girls would go for all types of trendy dresses. This is only possible if the internal hairs are well shaved, you can use a hair removing cream or a laser therapy to remove unwanted hair from the underarms, legs and hands. It is really unattractive to view an individual with removed hair that lies over the exposure region. For example teenage girls would like to go for sleeveless dress, miniskirts etc. Thus, view of hairs over those areas is really odd.

Boost your personality

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Only visually beautiful is not enough, it is also important for you to speak beautifully. You should develop a positive and bold personality so that others can respect you. The speech should be developed with proper grammatical knowledge. You should not speak in a feeble way. If you are not confident, better to join a personality development class. The expert professional will make you boost your personality. You can speak confidently in front of your professor, teacher or a mentor. Even in your job field this attitude is important.

Proper jewelry

When you are going out to attend a traditional function or an invitation in a marriage occasion, wear good jewelry set. This will help you drain attention of the crowd. You will look very pretty. Also the jewelry must go with the dress code that you have adopted. The odd dress with odd jewelry will be totally mismatched. This will pull away your looks from being very attractive to a total lost case. Thus, you should be aware of the proper dressing sense. If you are not confident, ask your friends or your elders after dressing up or while you are getting ready.

Apply toner on skin

Some people only applies cleanser over the face and they are done with the cleaning process. But, it is not all. Your skin needs to breathe to stay healthy. You need to apply the toner over your skin just after the cleaning with cleanser is done. This will open the skin pores and make the skin breathable. You must do this step regularly right from teenage to stay beautiful after 30 years of age.

blackheads removing

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The dirt and oil deposits over the skin layer can make it very unhealthy. Blackheads are also formed over the both sides of nose as well as chin. You actually need to remove such blackheads. All you have to do is use a natural exfoliate. Sugar and olive oil mixture will be good. You must apply it over your face and slowly rub the portions like nose rings and chins where you have blackheads. Wash it off with warm water and see the difference.

Proper sleep

Teenage girls are too much occupied with their studies. They need to go to college and then come back and study. Also they need to attend the coaching classes. While doing it, they might not be able to sleep properly. Rather they need to go ahead with sleepless night to complete their assignments. This absolutely affect the skin and beauty of individuals. All you have to do is take a good sleep at night. At least 7- 8 hours of sleep will be needed for individuals in their teen age. The dark circles formation under your eyes can be due to improper sleep. This will make you unattractive.