Herbal supplements for dark circles under eyes

Dark circles kill the young look, makes you look old and tired. Lack of sleep, stress and genetic factors are commonly considered as causes of dark circles. But Nutrient deficiency can be an important root cause of this health condition. As the skin under eyes is sensitive, they tend to show the weakness of the body sooner than any other part of the body. This article introduces you to various dietary supplements which can restore collagen and blood vessels health under the eyes and help you regain the smooth skin.

Grape seed extract

Dark circles under the eyes are mainly caused due to the appearance of blood vessels or capillaries. The extract strongly improves the blood vessels health in the body and studies have shown that it can treat chronic venous insufficiency efficiently. Grape seeds are loaded with antioxidants – oligomericproanthocyanidin complexes, these help the body to reduce the appearance of dark patches under the eyes. It promotes collagen health which reduces the visibility of lines, makes the skin firm and smooth.

Generally, 300mg is to be taken on daily basis. Don’t consume this extract if you suffer from other diseases. Do consult a medical expert before use.

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Iron deficiency is one among the common reasons that cause dark circles. The bluish blood capillaries become visible on the skin and the skin becomes pale. If you have dark circles due to iron deficiency, the dark colour will be noticeable and more. Recent research shows that more than 20% of women and 5 % of men suffer from iron deficiency. Lack of iron leads to poor oxygenation of blood tissues and the impact of this condition is shown under the eyes as dark circles.

Proper intake of iron supplements can heal dark circles and improve health. Statistics say that men need 8mg of iron and women need 18 mg of iron on a daily basis. Consult a doctor to know about the deficiencies you have and then treat them accordingly. For better absorption of iron in the body, consume iron with vitamin C.

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Vitamin C

Unhealthy collagen leads to a thin skin under eyes, blood vessels become weaker and hence lead to dark circles. The appearance of eyeshadows are prominent and the skin becomes dull. Intake of Vitamin C strengthens blood vessels and promotes collagen health. Vitamin C has antioxidant – ascorbic acid that helps the body to repair damaged tissues and rejuvenate the skin under eyes.

An adult man needs 90mg and women needs 75mg of vitamin C daily. Dosage can be confirmed by consulting your doctor.

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Vitamin B-12

B-12 deficiency causes anaemia and as a symptom of this condition, dark circles occur. This weakness disrupts the oxygen supply to tissues which result in blood clotting and pooling of vessels. Vitamin B-12 supplement will help the body to gain energy and produce red blood cells. With the regular intake of these capsules, the dark circles will fade away and you will look younger again.

The dosage for adults is about 2 to 3 micrograms per day. Consult with a physician before supplementing yourself.

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Vitamin K

Vitamin K is an anti-coagulant, which helps to repair damaged blood vessels under the eyes. Vitamin K clots the blood from blood vessels and reduces the dark appearance of the thin skin. Lack of vitamin K leads to capillary damage and dark circles. A regular intake of Vitamin K capsules can improve blood vessels healthy and prevent dark pigmentation under eyes. Vitamin K is used in various eye products to get rid of dark circles but it is better to consume these in the form of capsules to repair the problem internally.

Add vitamin K supplements to your diet to improve blood circulation and promote good health. Ask your doctor for proper portions of dosage.

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Folic Acid

Folic acid or vitamin B9 deficiency can cause pale skin due to anaemia. It is essential to add this vitamin into our diet to get smooth skin and healthy eyes. Team this vitamin with Vitamin B-12 and B6 to improve the healing effects. A regular consumption can help the body to revitalize the under eye region. 400mcg is the recommended dosage for daily consumption. For exact information on dosage requirements, seek medical advice.

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