Best beauty care tips during summer

Women face variety of problems during the winter seasons. Problems related to skin, hair etc can be easily found in many individuals. One of the problems includes uneven skin tone. A lady having fair skin tone can easily suffer from darker complexions with excess exposure to sun. Since the complexion of fair skin people are vulnerable, it is important to avail a perfect solution in this regard. The best solution of this is to put sunscreen lotion with SPF 15-30 before going out in scorching sun rays. It is better to re apply higher SPF product to get better sun protection in summer season.

Ladies willing to stay beautiful in all season won’t take summer as exceptions. But this is the season when people sweats and gets exhausted. Skin tan and rashes are also quite common. It lessens the appetite of individuals with too much exhaustion. But, you can now get best beauty care tips in summer. Human skin gets affected in a vigorously way through the environmental changes. Summer too is such a climate that can make your skin either dry or sweaty. But, some homemade remedies can help you stay away from such troubles.

Beauty care tips during summer

Thorough exfoliation is absolutely a must

Top beauty care tips for women

Remember, the glowing skin is simply the reflection of good skin condition, and in the scorching summer, the most important act to retain your beauty is to restore the health of your skin. This makes exfoliation absolutely a must. You have the options to try the usual exfoliating agents, available in the market, or you may opt or the home based packs that will produce an equally delightful outcome.

Take a minimalist approach towards the use of makeup

It will be good for your skin, if you are avoiding excessive and heavy makeups during the summers, especially during the daytime. The use of excessive chemicals and artificial makeup items will only intensify the damages to the skin, and in addition, it can even pave the way for skin dehydration, intensifying the rate of cell damage, resulting in the colonization of the deal cells on the skin surface.

Opt for those attires that covers your entire body

The summer months are not the right time to expose your body, and it will be wise to opt for those clothes that will cover the entire body. This will enable you to combat the attacks of the UV rays that damages the skin and trigger various other threats to the skin. Cotton fabric clothes would be ideal for the summer months as it will enable you to cover the entire body, without sacrificing on the aspect of comfort and convenience.

Include more of fruits and vegetables in your diet

Including these items, you can not only ensure adequate nutrition and complete hydration, but, the fiber content will boost the digestive functions that will keep the skin healthy and glowing.

Stay away from exposure to the sun during the afternoon

You should try not to go outdoors during the afternoon time as the maximum extent of UV rays is transmitted during that time. This will enable you to escape the chances of damages to skin.

Solution for embattled bikini line

Homemade face packs for beauty care

Ladies with white skin have a tendency to take sun bath in beaches by wearing bikini. Wearing bikini makes the lady get a tanned skin of the portion of skin that is exposed outside the bikini. Some ladies wear one piece of bikini and others are comfortable with two pieces. But in either case the legs and other parts of the body will be exposed. The area of waxing line gets affected. You can apply the oatmeal in the affected area.

Treating dull skin

Some people develop dull skin during the summer season. Even the self tanner as well as blush is not appropriate to eradicate the dull skin tone. You need to beautify your skin from within. Some of the natural ingredients that helps in glowing skin include green leafy vegetables, Vitamin A, Vitamin C. As soon as people gets older, you will get shorter supply of the estrogen. But you can also fulfill the requirement of estrogen in your body by replacing the same with the plant estrogen.

Eradicating the problem of frizzy hair

During the summer season, even your hair becomes ineffective. It also depends on the place where you stay. Hotter the climatic variation of the place more is the growth of frizzy hair. This can also be the result of your hair styling. But, with the effective technique you can also get a wonderful hair with the styling methodology without causing damage to your hair. While you are styling, you need to use the ceramic bowler along with the diffuse which will help making your hair very smooth and silky with less damage.

Some people also suffer from the problem of parched lips or dry lips. This takes place when the summer climate is lack of moisture. The humidity of the place can be less making your skin and lips dry during the summer season. For such situation, you must avoid the balm with medicated and camphor based. But you can use the natural ingredient such as Shea butter; Beeswax can also be used to make your lips smooth again.

Avoiding blemish

With the year round heat, extra oil and sweat, people gets affected with blemishes. The best way of treating such blemishes is to use salicylic acid, multani mitti etc. This will help eradicating blemishes in your face and other parts of the skin.

Heat rashes

Top summer health care tips

Due to heavy temperature during the summer everyone loose the humidity levels. Skin heats up and flushing can appear on the body without inflamed appearance. For this problem apply hydro-cortisone cream for three days to bring down the inflammation. If you don’t find any results immediately contact the dermatologist. Check out the type of rash that caused to you and then use hydro-cortisone or anti fungal.

Happy feet

During summer our feet becomes the target of a variety of potential foot maladies along with fungal infections, smelly feet and eczema. Give your feet a chance to breathe by wearing a open sandals in summer. Feet can also damage from sunburn so apply lightweight moisturizers can give great relief. Having pedicure once in a week results your feet better. Avoid dirt and dust from your nails.

Maintain a proper diet

Fruits are the best friends for you to protect your body from being dehydrated. Follow proper diet and maintain balanced health.

Drink good amount of water

It is must to drink loads of water during summer. This is the season when your skin secretes too much. The energy from your body gets out in the form of sweat leaving behind your body very tired. You have to replenish water inside your body. This will also affect your getting beautiful. One of the beauty care tips also includes drinking loads of water.

Apply sunscreen

Before moving out in sun, you have to apply sunscreen throughout your skin whether on face, hands or other parts of the body. This will keep your skin away from sunburn. If you don’t want a tan skin and retain a healthy glow, application of SPF in the form of creams and moisturizer will be must. This is another beauty care tips in summer.

Cucumber and curd pack

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If you want to keep your skin cool, the home pack with cucumber and curd will be amazing. You have to take 1/4th portion of cucumber and curd. Take both the ingredients in blender and blend it properly. Once the task of bending is done, you must apply it all over your face. This will make your skin really soft and smooth during summer.

Oatmeal scrub

Scrubbing should be always within your skin care routine if you really wish to stay beautiful. You have a good option to make it with oatmeal and few drops of honey. Mix them and apply all over your face. Use your fingertips to create the scrub over your face. All the dead kill be removed with a glow.