Natural kitchen ingredients for face cleanser

If you really wish to clean your face, it is not mandatory to use the soap that include chemicals nor do you need to go for the cleanser that has cosmetic and other harmful ingredients. Some ingredients that are natural and are readily available at your kitchen can also do wonder in making your face clean and effective. Even your cost of going to the beauty parlor and spending for your facial and massage can be reduced with the help of some simple homemade kitchen ingredients that you have handy. You can make a mask with few kitchen ingredients or apply some single item directly over your skin to get an exclusive cleanliness and removal of dead skin layer from your face. Let us have a look at some of such kitchen ingredients.

Running over the chemicals contained products won’t give you the results that you wish for but going natural will works well and never call for the side effects. Then why don’t you try the natural ingredients for cleansing the face. Here is a list for cleansing the face by easy home available items.

People might not even realize that their beauty treatment lies among the kitchen ingredients. But, you actually require exploring it and finding out which one is for which purpose. Keeping your face clean is the basic and most vital step. With the combination of some ingredients available in your kitchen, it will be easier to make a wonderful face cleanser. No need to go for the products that are expensive and pricy. You can now get exceptionally beautiful skin with home ingredients.

Natural kitchen ingredients for face cleanser

Natural cleanser – Honey

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The main beauty benefit of using honey is that it is a natural cleanser itself, there is no need to dip some other mass in it to get the cleansing effect. Honey can be used as a daily cleanser, it will do an amazing job in smoothing and softening the skin.Regardless of the skin type, honey can be used by any skin type people.

Wash the face with honey

Take few drops of honey into your palm and rub it to make a bit warm and then massage over the over for few minutes and rinse off with warm water. Make sure to remove your make-up before practicing it.

If you want to remove your make-up with the help of honey, then pour small amount of honey on your wet bath cloth and dab little amount of baking soda. Remove your make with this cloth and clean the face. To wash out the other dirt present on the skin use a toner.

For the dry skin mix the honey with a little amount of milk to use it as a cleanser, whereas oily skin people can make use of it by replacing the milk with lemon extract.

Natural cleanser – Oil

Oil has became a super cleanser agent for face over the past years with its tremendous benefits of tuning the skin smooth and radiant.The application of oil as a face cleanser is a very easy method. Just take few drops of oil and massage over the face in circular motion. Leave it for few minutes and then wash your face with the warm water. To get the extra advantages, keep a warm washcloth on the oil applied face for 2 to 3 minutes. This process helps opening up the pores of the skin.Among the all oils, castor oil is most generally used for cleansing the face. But other oils will also take the privilege in cleansing and even the mix up of oils will do many magics.

Natural cleanser – Yogurt

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The plain yogurt is the best source of natural cleansing agents. With its fat, proteins and lactic acid yogurt swipes the skin into clear skin.Yogurt when mixed with lemon will works as a good cleanser. Add one tablespoon of yogurt with one tablespoon of lemon juice, mix it and apply over the face by gently massaging to remove any dirt over the skin. Leave it for four to five minutes and rinse off by using warm water. To make this cleanser smelling good add two to three drops of any essential oil.

Natural cleanser – Cleansing grains

Cleansing grains can be prepared by your own just by grinding the oats or almonds and adding some amount of water to it. To the created paste add few drops of essential oil if you wish to add. Massage the paste over the face by avoiding eyes. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse off with warm water. Some other grains that can be used for preparing a gentle exfoliating cleanser are: wheatgerm, ground sunflower seeds, cornmeal, baking soda and rice bran.


Milk is regarded as one of the important kitchen ingredient that is required to make variety of snacks and food material. Even when you are going to prepare tea, milk is a vital ingredient that will be required. Along with food benefits, it has also some beautybenefits. You can easily get a clear and attractive skin tone with the help of raw milk. To clear your skin, you have to dip a cotton ball over the raw milk and apply the same over your face. After rubbing the cotton ball one time over your face, you can squeeze the liquid and feel the carbon remains over the skin. You must repeat the process 3-4 times and see the difference on your face. You can easily get a clear white face with the help of milk cleanser.

Gram flour/ Besan

In order to make some friend items, gram flour is required in every Indian kitchen. When you are willing to make something crispy, gram flour or besan is the wonderful ingredient which must be diluted, dipped and fried. Today, you can also get an excellent remedy of face cleaning with the help of gram flour. Just take two spoons of gram flour in a container and dilute it with cold water. Make the consistency in such a way that it is not too sticky or too liquefied. Make the consistency in a medium density and apply the same over your face. Keep the pack over your skin for 10 minutes till the time it becomes dry and then wash with water and feel the natural fairness.

Lemon and honey

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Lemon is having citric acid which will remove all types of darkness from your skin layer. A combination of honey will make the skin tone improved. You can now make a container and pour half a lemon in squeezed form. There after add a spoon of honey in it. Mix them all well and apply it over your face. After applying keep the pack for 20 minutes and remove it with lukewarm water. This will not only give you a clear skin but also keep it well moisturized. Try this natural face pack twice in a week and feel the difference.


When you are out in the sunlight, getting a burning sensation over your face is quite natural. But, it is not very easily to avoid the sun rays falling over your skin as working people would always need to go out in every weather condition. But, after returning back home, a simple kitchen ingredient can provide you with an excellent remedy. You just need to slice a tomato and rub the juicy part over your skin. Cover every portion of your face staring from the forehead, cheeks to that of chin. Let the watery part dry. Wait for 20 minutes and then wash with water.

Multani mitti / Clay

You can apply a simple clay pack to remove dark spots and make you feel clear and fresh over your face. You can get fuller earth in s solid form or that in powdered form. Powdered form will be better as this will help in measuring a perfect quantity. In order to make a clay pack, take two spoons of fuller earth and mix it with rose water. Also add some raw milk and apply this face pack over. Wait for 10 minutes and remove.

Olive oil cleanser

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You must be consuming olive oil in your food while making a wonderful cooking deal with health benefits. Now this will help the availability of olive oil easily at home. You can now use this for a face cleanser in natural way. For this you have to make a solution of ½ cup olive oil, 1/4th cup water and same quantity of vinegar. Now apply it over your face with small cotton ball. This will clean bacteria and make yours kin clear.

Coconut oil cleanser

Coconut has wonderful properties to treat variety of skin disorders. It also has the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that help in removing unhealthy skin totally from your face. The dirt and pollutants trapped in your pores can easily be eliminated with the help of coconut oil cleanser. You have to take some coconut oil in your hands and massage it over your face. Massage it in such a way that the oil gets absorbed through the pores. Wait for 20 minutes and remove it with warm water.

Grapes cleanser

If you have grapes at home, it can prove to be a remedy to get a clear skin in all season. You can get many products in the market that has grapes extract. But, now you can get the natural grapes, not an extract. Take a grape and make pulpy juice with it by smashing it. Now apply it over your face and keep for 10 minutes. Then you can remove it with simple wash with the cold water. This will help your keep your skin fresh and clean.