How to make natural face cleansers at home

Cleansing is the first step to skin care.  During the course of the day  the skin  gathers  dirt,  dust, perspiration, grease and bacteria which make it prone to many diseases. The body requires a daily cleansing routine to get  rid of the impurities that clog the pores on the skin. There are several cleansers  available in the market but they turn out to be expensive and can harm the skin with certain chemicals in them . Homemade cleansers are made from natural ingredients which are effective  safe and inexpensive.

If you want to care your skin from its root, cleansing is the first and foremost step. Everyday when you are exposed to the outer world, your face and skin has to face the dirt, dust, bacteria, precipitation and dust. Even if you stay with the makeup till the end of the day, the stale makeup can make your skin dirty. Thus, every individual requires a thorough cleansing routine in a day. The impurities that clog the pores can easily give rise to much variety of skin problems. Many ladies make a habit to clean their face with cleanser everyday.  According to your skin tones, the easy cleaners can be applied.

When you go to bed, you need to feel fresh in all ways. It will be quite infectious to sleep with the dress which you have put on throughout the day, went out and came back. All polluted substances, bacteria and dirt might attack you at night. Similarly, your skin also needs some moisturizing effect just after the cleansing.

Whether you apply makeup or wish to get a glowing skin in a natural way, the first step in all these will be the cleaning of face. You don’t have to jump for the expensive cosmetic treatment in the parlor nor will it be necessary for you to get the expensive products at home. All you can do to get proper cleanliness on your face will be through the use of natural cleansers. Yes, we are going to discuss the same in this article.

Natural homemade recipes to clean skin


Homemade facial cleansers for glowing face

Milk is a wonderful natural cleanser which can be applied in the raw for in your skin. To do this you have to take milk in small amount in a small container. Soak a cotton cloth or cotton ball in it. Squeeze the excess milk that can drip down. Now apply the milk with the cotton cloth on your face. Rub it once and dip the used cotton cloth in the liquid milk. Again, apply the milk with the cotton cloth on your face. Continue this method 4- 5 times. Keep it for 10 minutes and wash it away. You will soon see the used milk turning grayish or blackish in color. This is the proof of dirt and dust present on your face.

Flour and turmeric cleanser

To make this cleanser at home, you have to two tablespoons of gram flour or besan in a container. Now, add a small song of turmeric powder in it. Now add some milk and mix it well so that the paste becomes smooth.  No lump should be formed within the mixture. Now apply this on your face and neck very well. Keep this to remain for a period of 5 minutes and then wash it away with the cold water. If you are having oily or a combination of skin this home cleaner is the best.

Cucumber cleanser

Individuals with the normal skin must use cucumber, as a cleanser. For this, you have to take a cucumber, peel its skin and grate it. Now this juice, cucumber should be applied to your skin in a circular motion. If you can do this once in a week, this will prove to be an excellent cleanser as well as a toner for the individual having normal skin. In an alternative way, you can add 1 table’s spoon of cucumber juice in one teaspoon of curd. Apply it on your neck, forehead as well as face. Then wash it away to get clean skin.

DIY natural face cleansers at home

Rosewater cleanser

stubborn acne Rosewater is one of the easiest ways to cleanse the face and leave the skin problem  free . Simply apply rose water all over the face  in the morning and before going to bed at night.

Honey, egg yolk and almond cleanser

This is an ideal remedy for dry skin. Mix an egg yolk and few drops of honey and add a paste of 10 soaked and ground almonds. Apply this paste on the face , neck and forehead.  Leave it  to dry and then remove it with lukewarm water.

Vitamin A and vitamin E skin cleanser

Make a cup of solution with warm water and honey. Cut open one capsule of Vitamin A and one of Vitamin E and mix it in the solution. Apply it all over the face and neck and wash it with water after 2 minutes.

Olive oil

Olive oil is has nutrients that help to  hydrate dry skin, and  increase its  moisturizing levels.  Make the cleanser by mixing extra virgin oil and  lavender essential oil . Massage the skin with this mixture . Soak a wash cloth in hot water and then wipe it off from the face.


Honey is a perfect face cleaner on its own. It cleans , moisturizes and keeps the skin soft and smooth. Just rub pure honey on the face and wash it off with water after few minutes. Honey can be mixed with milk  to treat extremely oily skin.


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It has recently been proved that  cleaning the face with oil  helps to give a glow to the skin  and makes it soft and smooth. Massage the oil on the face in circular movements with the fingertips. Wash  the face with water after a few minutes. Castor oil, olive oil and coconut oils are the best but  other oils can also be used.


Plain yogurt is rich in protein, fat, and lactic acid. All these nutrients help to detoxify and clean the skin. This cleanser can be easily made by mixing a spoon of lemon juice and few drops of essential oil. Massage the yogurt on the face to remove the dirt and makeup.  Wash it off with water after five minutes.

Cleansing grains

Cleansing grains can be easily made by grinding almonds or oats  into powder. Other grains like cornmeal, sunflower seeds, baking soda, and rice bran can also be used for this purpose. This powder can be made into a paste  with milk, cream or yogurt for dry  skin, with lemon juice and water for oily skin and with honey or glycerin on normal skin. Rub the paste on the face for a few minutes and then rinse it off with water.

Stimulating cleanser

Blend one tomato, with some milk and little fresh citrus fruit juice of lemon or orange  in a food processor in a smooth paste. Use this paste as a face wash to clean the skin. This can be refrigerated for three days.

Revitalizing cleanser

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Blend together one slice of apple, 2 spoons yogurt  , one spoon olive oil and one spoon citrus juice in a food processor into a smooth paste. Use this paste as a face wash to clean the skin. This paste can be refrigerated for three

Moisturizing cleanser

Mix four grapes, one spoon  milk and two spoon olive oil  in a food processor. Use this paste as a face wash.

Heal and protect cleanser

Blend a large leaf of aloe Vera plant, one slice of papaya, one spoon honey and one spoon of plain yogurt in a blender to make a smooth paste which can be used as a daily  face wash.

Oatmeal cleanser

You must have oatmeal right at home as this is one of the healthiest foods for you. But this is not only good for getting the health benefits; also you can get wonderful beauty benefits with the help of it. To make this cleansing pack, you have to take a spoon of oatmeal and make small granules out of it with grinder. Now add some olive oil in it and mix it. Apply over your face and leave for 20 minutes. Wash it away after the time is over.

Clay and honey cleanser

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You can get a clay powder in the market which is also known as multani mitti. This will be one of the main ingredients in this cleansing pack. Take 2 spoons of flay powder and add same quantity of honey in it. Mix them and also add some rose water or simple water if the solution is too dry. Once the pulp is formed apply it over your face. Keep this to get dry for 30 minutes. Once it is dry , wash it away with water. You can really love your clear skin now.

Coco powder with milk

You can get coco powder in the market which will be really effective in making variety of sweet dishes as well as cake. Now this can be easily used in making your facial cleanser. Take a bowl and add two spoons of cocoa powder. Add adequate quantity of raw milk to make a pulp. Now apply it over your face in such a way that it covers all parts. Wait for some time and wash away.