How to use the potato for skin and beauty care? Natural beauty tips with potato

A very common vegetable, Potato have all its benefits related to skin care and beautyregime. Apart from consuming it just as a food, you can get advantage from it in variety of ways. Since potato is used in almost all the vegetable dishes, people do not need to engage much time in searching the particular ingredient. You just need to pick one potato and use it for variety of skin care and beauty care processes.

It is a kind of vegetable that include good amount of starch in it which can be consumed but excess consumption of this vegetables is not good for health. But, fortunately potato has variety of beauty and skin benefits which people can enjoy availing even if they cannot consume the vegetable.

Potato is the most widely used vegetable in the Indian kitchen. Many of us know that potato is used to clear the under eye dark circles. Many of us did not know how the potato is beneficial for the skin care and beauty care. Potato can lighten the dark skin complexion, potato can cure the blemishes and in many treat the beauty and skin problems. Let us find the homemade beauty tips with the potato.

Potato contains starchy as key component. In addition to the starch it contains the potassium, vitamin B6 and vitamin C. The starch heals the damage of the skin cells. The vitamin C in the potato works as the antioxidant and clears the skin.

Homemade beauty tips with potato

Simple potato face masks

1. Take the fresh potato and peel the skin of the potato and make the potato into juice. Now extract the juice from the potato paste with the helps of sieve. Now take the 1 tbsp of potato juice, 2 tbsp of lemon juice and 2 tbsp of multani mitti. Apply this mixture all over the face evenly. Wait for 10- 15 minutes then wash the face with the cool water. This face masks lighten the scars on the face and gives the flawless skin.

2. Take the potato and mesh the potato into fine paste with the help of blender. Mix the 1 tbsp of meshed potato and 1 tbsp of lemon juice. Apply this paste on the face. It works as the natural facial bleach and lighten the dark skin complexion. Rinse it off after 10- 15 minutes.

3.For the blemishes apply the meshed potato on the blemishes. Rinse it off after 10 minutes. Continue this process for 1 month to get rid of the blemishes.

4. Potato also cures the sunburns. Take the potato slice and rub the potato slice on the sunburn are for 5 minutes. Then wash the face and skin with cool water.

5. Take the 1 tbsp of smooth fine potato paste and add the 1 tbsp of yogurt to the meshed potato. Mix the both ingredients well. Kept this mix aside for 3o minutes. After that apply the mixture on the face. This works as the anti aging mask for the face. Vitamin B6 in the potato contains the anti aging properties and prevents the anti aging skin.

6. Take the 1 tbsp of potato paste and add 1 tbsp of honey to it. Hold this mix on the eyes and dark circles area for 10 – 15 minutes. Then wash the eyes thoroughly. This mask reduces the eye dark circles and gives the cooling effect to the irritated and itching eyes.

7. Take the 1 tbsp of potato juice and 1 tbsp of cucumber juice. Dip the cotton ball on the solution and rub it on the face. The works as the natural skin toner for the face. This maintains the skin tone in proper manner.

8. Collect the peel of the potato and boil the peel in water for 10 minutes. Filter the boiled water in a bowl. Apply this waster on the hair gives the shiny smoothness to the hair. This water helps to prevent the premature graying of the hair.

Potato face packs for glowing skin

We can use the highly available kitchen vegetable for the many ways. Single time use of these tips will not give the desired results. All these tips are natural and you can use them with out any doubts.

Potato for skin and beauty care

Removal of wrinkles

These days’ people are getting wrinkles before the exact age. Rather due to changes in lifestyles and other factors it becomes very difficult for people to retain their age and stop getting wrinkles. But, the natural fruit and vegetables can postpone the effect of wrinkles. You have to apply the potato juice by making it pulp and extracting juice out of it. Along with removal of wrinkles you can get soft touch of your skin.

Protection from sun burns

You need to protect your skin from sunlight especially when it is in the middle of the day. It is preferable to avoid going out of home at that particular point of time. But, due to work pressure and timeline of job schedule, it becomes impossible for people to avoid going out in sunlight and restrict sun burn. Today, nature has brought a wonderful yet very commonly available vegetable that helps in removing sun burns.

Yes, potato is the particular vegetable that provides the perfect treatment for the sun burn. You just need to keep a potato in a refrigerator so that it becomes cold. Now, take it out and slice a layer out of it. Apply it over your face and see the difference. The cooling effect of potato will provide a soothing feeling over your skin and also will remove sun tan.

Treatment for dry skin

Dry skin is one of the extreme conditions of skin tone which needs to be treated immediately or else it can give rise to flaky skin and there after blood can come out. You need to make a mask to treat the dry skin condition. Take half potato and grind it to make a pulp. Now add a teaspoon of curd in it and mix both really well. There after you can easily apply this paste over your face and skin. This pack needs to be kept for 20 minutes exactly. Along with the protection of dry skin, this will act as an anti aging mask.

Dark circles removal

How to use potato juice for beauty care

Today, people sit mostly in front of the computer which has given rise to under eye dark circles.  People are desperately looking for the remedy for dark circles. But, hardly any creams and medicine can eradicate this problem permanently. Instead, you can also try out some homemade remedies among which potato is regarded as one among the superior. You have to peel the large potato and slice it in thin pieces circular in shape. Now place two round and sliced potatoes in two eyes and rest for 20 minutes. You can also make potato pulp and get it in wet cloth and apply it over your eyes. This is an effective remedy to remove dark circles from your eyes.

Removal of dead skin

Sometimes your skin becomes dull and flaky due to the dead skin formed. Today, you have an effective home remedy for this as well with the help of which all type of dead skin layer can be effectively reduced. Just apply the juice of potato over your face and keep it for 20 minutes. There after wash it away with cold water and see the difference.

Potatoes for healthy hair

If you want to keep your hair stay healthy and attractive, the natural remedies will be taken into consideration. Your hair health can be ensured only if there is no hair fall at all. You have to make a pack for healthy hair where the main ingredient is potato. You have to use a blender to make a paste out of grated potatoes. Take out the water from it and place it in a container. You need to break a whole egg and place it over the juice of potato. You also need to add a spoon of curd and 2 drops of lemon juice in it. Wash it well and apply it over your hair covering the roots and entire hair strands. After keeping this for 30 minutes, you need to wash it away with warm water. If you wish you can also use a mild shampoo.

Reduction of eye puffiness

If you stay too much in front of computer, this can create stress on your eye which can in turn give rise to eye puffiness.  You have a natural remedy of grated potatoes as well as cucumber juice. Make a pulp of both the ingredients and place it in a net so that water can be extracted from the pulp. Now dip a cotton ball over the juice and apply it over the under eyes. Both cucumber and potatoes are really beneficial as the potato contains starch and the cucumber has ascorbic acid. You can easily have reduction of puffiness over your eye with this wonderful cucumber and potato juice.

Vitamin boosting effect

Beauty tips for glowing skin

Vitamins are always essential for your body as it creates a healthy atmosphere with retention of all nutrients inside your body. Potato contains some essential vitamins that are really essential for our body. Since this vegetable is rich in vitamin C, your immunity level can be easily boosted. Apart from this, you can also get iron, potassium, zinc as well as vitamin B.

Potato is a very common vegetable which we have been using on a regular basis to make different curries and food items. But many of us are not aware of the fact that, even this common vegetable can be a wonder in helping you with the process of beautifying yourself.  There are few important tips through which you can make yourself look really attractive with the common homemade ingredient in association with raw potato. Potato is loaded with vitamin C and B complex with variety of minerals such as phosphorous, potassium as well as magnesium. All of these are essential for your skin and body. Let us find some natural beauty tips.

Natural beauty tips with potato

Potato with olive oil

The combination of potato with olive oil helps in getting wonderful skin lightening effect. For this you have to take a potato of medium size and boil it. Peel its skin and mash. Now add a teaspoon of olive oil in it. You can also add a spoon of raw milk in it. Mix them well and apply over your face after cleaning it. Remove after 15 minutes with Luke warm water.

Potato and multani mitti

If you have oily skin, the combination of potato and multani mitti will be an amazing consideration. You need to take a separator and add two teaspoon of fuller earth in it. Now make a pulp of sliced potato and squeeze juice from it. Mix the juice and multani mitti in it. Now apply it over your face. Wait for 10 minutes and wash.

Milk and glycerin with potato

Take a small sixe raw potato, peel it and make a pulp. Now extract juice out of it. Once it is done add some drops of glycerin in it and a spoon of raw milk. Allow this liquid to stay on your face. Wait for 15 minutes and then wash away with simple cold water. You can stay away from wrinkles through this remedy. Try this today and stay away from wrinkles. This is totally natural way of staying young. No cosmetics will be involved here.