How potato juice is used for health care and beauty care

Potatoes are one of the favorite food for many people in the world, it is more popular in preparingmany kinds of crunchy snacks. Besides its taste the numerous health benefits of potato and its juice are less known by the people, they are loaded with iron, potassium, phosphorus, fiber, calcium, protein and vitamins such as A,B and C that are helpful for many health benefits.

Lowers the cholesterol levels

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Drinking potato juice is an easy way to keep the cholesterol levels in your control,it also aids to improve your overall health.

Prevents cardiovascular diseases

To reduce and to prevent the heart diseases and strokes potato juice is a very best kitchen option. It is also believed to reduce artery blockage, cancer, heart attacks and tumors.

Reduces weight

Drink a glass of potato juice in the morning before your breakfast and two or three hours before your sleep to control your appetite and to reduce down your weight.

Kidneys care

Make a habit of drinking potato juice inorder to treat the kidney diseases, it also aids in lowering blood pressure and diabetics. The juice from potatoes inhibits the formation of calcium stones in the urinary tract.


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To flush out the bad present in the liver and gallbladder potato juice acts like a detox agent. Japanese used potato juice to treat hepatitis.


Drink one or two glasses of potato juice everyday to reduce many health problems such as cancergastric ulcer,diabetes, kidney diseases, heart disease, liver disease, hypertension and sore shoulders.

Grows your hair fast

To increase the hair growth fast a regular mask with the potato juice helps you a lot. Take a potato and peel off its skin, cut it into pieces and grind it for few minutes. Squeeze the juice from it and mix it with a little amount of honey and an egg white. Apply this paste on your scalp and hair completely, leave it for about 2 hours and rinse off with the help of a mild shampoo.

For skin care

Health & beauty benefits with potato

  • Extract the juice from a potato and apply on your face in a regular manner to reduce blemishes on your skin.
  • Dip cotton balls in the potato juice and keep on your closed eyes to reduce the dark circles.
  • To lighten your skin tone and to dull down the dark spots apply a mixture prepared from the lemon juice and potato juice.
  • To reduce the morning face swelling, apply potato juice directly on your face.
  • Mix two tablespoons of potato juice with half tablespoon of olive oil and apply on your crow’s feet and wrinkles to watch changes in a very quick way.
  • Apply cool potato juice on your facial skin inorder to soothe the sunburned tan skin.

Points to remember

  • Avoid drinking potato juice if you are suffering with stomach problems.
  • In some cases it may lead to diarrhea
  • Always use spot less, ripe and new sprout potatoes to prepare juice.
  • If you want to increase the taste of potato juice, the addition of carrot juice and herbs such as nettle, sage and spirulina would be your choice.

Skin benefits

Potato for dry skin

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Potato is such an ingredient that can be found in a great quantity in every household. It is not only the most common type of vegetable but it is also a common item used for treating skin. So the benefits of potato juice are multivalent. Firstly, potato juice is amazing for dry skin since it gives a very smooth effect. All you need to do is follow some simple regime.

How to use

  • Firstly, prepare a face mask by mixing a grated potato with half a teaspoon of curd.
  • Secondly, gently apply it on your face and then rinse it off with cool water after 20 to 25 minutes.
  • This face mask will not only make your skin’s texture smooth and radiant but it will also act as an anti-aging mask to hydrate your skin from within.
  • Another wonder of this pack is, it will also help to replenish moisture into dry skin to iron out fine lines effectively.

Lifting of dead skin cells

Potato juice also works in removing dead skin cells on the face. You need to follow a simple routine.

How to use

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  • Potato juice is also known for its prevention in the growth of dead cells, so you can apply grated peeled potatoes on your face for 10 minutes.
  • Then after keeping the concoction for 10 minutes, rinse with clean water.
  • Following this procedure regularly will surely help in rejuvenating your skin.

Natural cleanser

Another important function played by potato juice is that, it acts as a natural facial cleanser.

How to use

  • For making use of potato juice as a natural face cleanser, slice up some cucumber and potato into medium size pieces.
  • Now mix them and blend it in a blender for 25 to 30 seconds.
  • Once you are done with blending, add 1 teaspoon of baking soda and a little water to the mixture.
  • Now your mixture is ready to be used as a face cleanser. You can use this cleanser twice a day to make your skin more shiny and refreshed.

Treatment of rashes, itching sensation and insect/pest bite

Potato juice is also very effective in treating rashes, itching sensation and other sorts of discomfort.

How to use

In case of rashes, itching sensation and insect bites:

  • Slice up a raw potato and place it on the affected area for a few minutes.
  • Then keep on repeating this process for quite a number of times a day until the affected area gets healed.

Health benefits

Beat those frequent food pangs

Are you constantly suffering from the fear of gaining more weight? Constantly trying to find out ways to reduce weight? It is a big misconception that potatoes are bad for you. No it’s not true, potatoes are good for you. They are enriched in complex carbohydrates and nutrients. If cooked properly, only 26 calories actually go inside us. They have low glycemic index making it so filling. And do not get frightened by the term complex carbohydrates. It is actually a good thing since it gets break down in our system much slower than sugar, biscuits, and so on. In terms of nutritional values, it acts as a booster of energy giving a good balance to our diet.

Get a vitamin boost

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It is an archaic misconception that potatoes are not healthy! In fact, potatoes are rich in Vitamin B-6, Vitamin C. Also, potatoes are enriched in high potassium, copper, manganese, phosphorus, niacin, dietary fiber, and pantothenic acid. So start considering of adding more potatoes in your daily diet!

Good for the digestive system

Rich in dietary fiber, potatoes are a good option for people who cannot digest hard food. Potatoes are also rich in carbohydrates and they do not have that much of fat percentage but too much of intake can lead to acidity.

For cardiovascular diseases

Being a good source of carbohydrate, protein, calcium, niacin and Vitamins C and B-complex, potatoes are very effective in curing cardiovascular diseases. It not only acts as an important agent in fighting against heart diseases, but it also keeps the blood pressure level under control. There has been found out that potatoes contain carotenoids and flavonoids. The former helps in keeping you healthy and fit, as well as helps in keeping bad cholesterol away.

Great source of fiber

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As mentioned earlier, potatoes are great source of fiber. Fibers actually work in keeping the digestive system normal. It controls the bowel system under control. So in order to keep your bowel movement healthy, increase the intake of potatoes.

Keep stress at bay

Being a rich source of Vitamin B-6, potatoes help in restoring cellular repairs. This instantly works as an agent in improving your mood too by being a stress buster.  Vitamin B-6 contains serotonin and dopamine; which are responsible in the movement of mood swings.