How to control the hair from damage and hair loss

Hair damage is the common cause in everyone. This is because of the different hair styling and treatments like hair straightening, hair coloring, hair highlighting etc. This are the best cause unknown mistakes by us. Some of the other problems like fever, thyroid, anemia etc are also the causes for the hair damage and hair loss.

Nutrients and minerals insufficiency for the body is also the cause of hair damage. Using the chemical shampoo may damage the hair. Stress is also the another major cause for the hair loss.

Hair damage and hair loss is a common problem faced by both men and women. Hair loss is of two types—one is scarring where hair do not grow again  and the other is non –scarring  where hair loss is due to several factors which include poor diet, aging, genetics, illness and some medications.

Other causes of hair fall and hair damage

Home remedies to repair damage hair

  • Hormonal imbalance in the women’s body during pregnancy and menopause can lead to hair loss.
  • Cosmetics like hair colors, and hair styling gels contain harmful chemicals that can cause hair loss and hair damage.
  • Formation of dandruff in the scalp and other disorders of the scalp.
  • Mental stress and tension is also a cause of hair fall.
  • Improper hair care routine.

Natural remedies for reducing hair loss

  • Coconut milk is the perfect agent to nourish the tissues. Massage with fresh coconut milk helps in reducing hair fall and in preventing hair damage.
  • Oil massage Regular massage with natural oils like olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil or almond oil is an effective treatment for hair loss. Heat the oil before massaging it on the scalp. Leave it for half an hour before washing it off with lukewarm water…
  • Natural juices Onion juice and aloe Vera juice help in maintaining the pH level of the scalp and in preventing hair loss. Massage the juice into the slap for about 30 minutes and then wash the hair with water.
  • Neem leaves have the medicinal values to get rid of hair fall and keep the scalp and hair healthy. Make a decoction by boiling neem leaves in water for 30 minutes. Apply this extract on the scalp and leave it for some time before washing.
  • Antioxidants are a substance found in many plants. It helps to reduce free radicals in the body and boost the immune system. Green tea is the best ingredient that can be used to prevent hair loss. Prepare the tea by soaking tea bags in boiling water. Apply this on the hair and leave it for half an hour before washing the hair.
  • Amla treatment A common Indian herb amla is very effective in getting rid of hair loss. Dry amlas and soak then=m in coconut oil till the oil becomes black. Massage this oil in the scalp to reduce hair damage and hair loss. It is one of the famous and effective remedies used by thousands of people to treat the problem of hair loss on a large scale.

Best tips to prevent the hair damage, hair loss

How to stop hair loss in teenagers

1.Avoid the chemical product shampoos, styling colors etc.
2. Not do regular hair styling. This will damage the hair and the hair root.
3. Do not tie the hair too tight. This will not allow the hair to be dry. Keep the hair loose if possible.
4. Clean the ends of hair for the better future growth at the end. Cut the split ends.
5. Use the natural shampoos for hair bath. Good to use the natural soap nuts.
6. Not go for daily hair bath. Better to take hair bath 2-3 times a week.
7. Use the lukewarm water for the hair wash.
8. Do not us the hair dryers.
9. Do not comb the hair when it is wet.
10. Use the protein based conditioners for the hair they helps the hair growth also.
11. Take the good food and fruits for the better health.
12. Be hydrated , drink more water.

Some more tips to control hair fall

  • Hair must be disentangled with comb that has wide tooth and then a fine tooth comb can be used. This will prevent hair falling while combing.
  • There are chances of hair breakage and hair loss on combing wet hair.
  • Dry the hair by patting them with a towel and not by rubbing vigorously with the towel.
  • Combs must be cleaned with warm water and soap at least once a week. This is an essential precaution to prevent hair fall.
  • Problems of hair fall and hair loss can be easily cured by hot oil treatment. It also helps in treating dandruff, dryness and dullness of the hair. Massage boosts blood circulation which helps in keeping the hair follicles strong and healthy.
  • Always avoid shampoos and other hair care products containing harsh chemicals like silicone, sulfate and parabens. On the other hand natural homemade hair care products will nourish the hair and help in preventing hair loss.
  • Keep the hair and scalp clean by shampooing the hair regularly to prevent bacterial and fungus infections.
  • Using of blow dryers, ironing and coloring the hair too often can lead to hair damage and hair loss. Use these tools sparingly.
  • Wearing tight ponytails and use of elastic bands also lead to hair fall.

Homemade hair masks for hair fall problem

Best tips for hair loss prevention

These natural masks are an inexpensive but very effective  in controlling hair fall. They also help to nourish, strengthen and beautify the hair.

Egg and green tea mask Prepare strong by soaking green tea bags in hot water and mix an egg yolk into it to make a paste of creamy consistency. Apply this mixture on the hair and wear a shower cap. Shower and shampoo after about half an hour. Eggs and green tea have several nutrients that help to prevent hair loss and boost hair growth.

Onion hair mask Onions are found to be very effective for preventing hair loss. Make this mask with onion juice extracted   from crushed onions.   Mix alum to it and apply this juice on the clean dry hair .Wrap the head with a shower cap overnight and then wash with cold water in the morning.

Honey mask is a terrific mask to nourish the hair and prevent hair fall. The ingredients required to make this mask are honey, egg yolk, rum, castor oil and vitamin A and E capsules. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and apply to the roots and length of the hair. Cover the head with a hot towel and leave it for an hour before shampooing.