How to stop hair loss in teenagers

Teens are the growing and building group of individuals who are enthusiastic about every subject as their mind is always moving to get answer about several unknown facts. Since they are young, it is expected that they will have good skin, hair and will be free from all types of health issues as compared to elderly people.

Even it is expected that their hair roots will remain much stronger which will be backed with thick and healthy hair without any hair fall.

But, today due to adulteration, even the teenagers suffer from excessive hair falls. Usually, hair loss increases with aging but due to environmental changes, food habits as well as other diet factors even the teenage boys are affected with the problem of hair loss.

Since teenagers are young, any type of health issues including hair fall may not be permanently. Thus, it can be easily corrected with certain techniques and remedies. But, before starting the treatment, actual cause of hair loss is important to be found out.

Tips to stop hair loss in teenagers

Improper diet

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Hair loss in teenagers can also take place due to variety of poor eating habits. You also can suffer from the disorders such as anorexia and bulimia if proper mineral and nutrients is not supplied to your diet.

You must concentrate on the diet that will include the right amount of protein, vitamins and minerals. Along with your body, you hair also requires all such important nutrients to grow and stay healthy without hair falls.

Correction of hormonal problems

Some teenage boys and girls can also get the trouble of hair fall due to some hormonal problems. You must visit a physician and find out whether you have any types of hormonal problems. If you doctor can actually find hormonal problem in your body, this needs to be treated.

Hormonal problems can also give rise to hypothyroidism and which in turn have the effect of hormonal problems.  If there is an imbalance between estrogens and androgens, this can give rise to hair fall problems. It is really important to treat the hormonal condition immediately under the guidelines of a physician.

Avoid hair irons

Teen agers are prone to hairstyles and are vigorously using different type of hair irons which causes damage to hair. This is also one of the reasons behind hair fall. You must stop using such hair irons on a repeated basis as this can give rise to hair break, dry hair as well as hair fall.

There are many natural ways of creating curls and making hair straight if you really wish to have changes in your hairstyle. There are some of the home remedies which will never give you are negative or a side effects. You can use roller to make your hair curl. There are also some heats less hair straightening comb that will keep your hair straight even for a long time.


Best tips for hair loss prevention

Teenage girls are very cautious about their hair looks instead of hair health. Thus, they avoid oiling as this can make their hair sticky and unattractive in looks.

But, oiling is really important to keep your hair in good state. Teenage girls must be taught about the benefit of oiling. You must be aware of the fact that oiling makes you hair smooth and brings strength to it.

Avoid junks

Teenage girls like to consume junk food but this can lead to variety of critical problems. As the way it damages skin tone, junk food can even lead to problems related to hair. It is better to avoid all types of junk foods and consume healthy foods.

The street food should e totally avoided to keep hair hail and healthy. Even the irregular food timings can lead to some critical problems related to hair. Instead of having junk food, you can prepare some tasty food at home which is also having good minerals and vitamins along with nutritional factors.

Stop combing wet hair

Wet hair is prone to breakage as the root of the hair is quite weak once they are wet. Just after having the shower you should dry your hair under the sunlight or a simple table fan. Once they are totally dry, you can comb your hair.