Indian gooseberry  / amla health benefits

Gooseberry also referred to as Amla has become the healthiest food that one could rely on for attaining great skin and hair. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamin A and C, dietary fiber, potassium, magnesium, calcium, mineral, etc. Therefore it highly proves beneficial to health. It can be effective to prevent cancer or perhaps tumor mobile growth. It improves vision health, stimulates hair growth, helps in attaining beautiful skin, fight anemia and much more

Health features of amla

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  • Immunity: Gooseberry would be the richest cause of Vitamin C which is responsible to increase immunity. It helps strengthen the immune system which in turn enhances body’s resistance in dealing with some common sickness like flu, cough and also prevent infections.
  • Diabetes: Gooseberry increases the production of insulin hormones which is effective in treating diabetes.
  • Aging: Gooseberry is often a rich source of antioxidants which helps slow the aging process. Because of its high Oxidative Radiance Exercise Capacity (ORAC) benefit  it can be effective in preventing oxidative strain which is responsible for early aging.
  • Eye: Gooseberry or perhaps Amla is incredibly healthy for the eye. It reduces the risk and treats cataract/ nearsightedness. It can be good to prevent vision loss. Since gooseberry or Amla is rich in antioxidants that protects the eye retina via oxidative strain, it is also effective in preventing any eye related issues including macular weakening. Eating Gooseberry along with honey is most effective in improving your eye eyesight.
  • Improve skin health: Eating gooseberry everyday improves the skin health by giving a great glow on the skin.
  • Aging: Gooseberry is abundant in antioxidants which protect the body from free radicals. So eating gooseberry slows the process of aging.

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  • Nervous system well being: Gooseberry is abundant in potassium which is known for strengthening the nervous system thereby improves circulation.
  • Coronary heart: Gooseberry is rich in antioxidants, calcium, anthocyanin, flavonoids, potassium etc. which are good to improve the cardiovascular system health. Gooseberry lowers bad cholesterol thus in turn helps in  reducing the blockage of blood circulation in the heart. It also improves nervous system health so it supports the appropriate flow of blood. So gooseberry is taken as the best food to boost cardiovascular well being.
  • Hair: Gooseberry or Amla is trusted to increase hair growth. It is a rich source of iron and other essential nutrients which improves the growth of hair. Additionally it is effective to increase hair pigmentation and prevents hair loss.
  • Constipation: Gooseberry is a rich source of fiber which improves digestive system. Thus it can be effective to prevent constipation.
  • Melanoma: Gooseberry is a rich source of antioxidants which is effective to prevent DNA tissue damage via free radicals. It also consists of high Oxidative Radiance Exercise Capacity (ORAC) that protects mobile damage from oxidative strain. Due to the presence of both the properties gooseberry or amla turns out to be beneficial in preventing and also protecting from cancer. It can be effective in preventing growth and spread of cancer. It is most effective in stop tumor growth.
  • Anemia: Gooseberry is abundant in iron which is effective in increasing iron level in the blood thus helps in preventing anemia.
  • Mind health: As a result of rich causes of vitamin and also minerals gooseberry increases the functioning of  the brain. Due to high level of iron in the blood it helps in supplying oxygen to your brain. It improves your memory power. As Gooseberry has high level of antioxidants it can be effective in preventing degeneration of brain caused due to oxygen cost-free radicals. Thus it gives you complete benefits to the brain.
  • One of the richest natural sources of vitamin C is amla.
  • It is sour in tastes.
  • Both dried and fresh amla fruits can be used for various purposes.
  • The fresh fruit contains minerals, fiber, protein, carbohydrates and more than 80% water.
  • It also contains many vitamins and minerals like Vitamin B Complex, Iron, Calcium, Carotene and Phosphorus.
  • Amla is also a powerful antioxidant agent.

Metabolic activity

Amla or Indian gooseberry is considered to be one of the healthiest fruit and an important part of the ayurveda. It is actually a deciduous tree whose botanical name is Phyllanthus Emblica or Emblica Officinalis. It got its name “amla” from the Sanskrit term “amlaki”. Amla being slightly bitter and sour in taste is considered to be the richest natural source of vitamin C. It contains healthy enzymes and antioxidants that help in keeping our body’s metabolic activities under full control. Amla is also filled with amino acid and necessary proteins which facilitates in the healthy cellular growth, muscular regeneration, proper functioning of every body organs, but most importantly it regulates a cordial functioning of our metabolic system.

Menstrual cramps

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Another very important role which amla plays is to ease the discomfort of painful menstrual cramps. Menstrual cramps are a result of low vitamins and minerals level in the body. A deficit of certain amount of vitamins and minerals can really result into the dysfunctioning of the entire metabolic system, which may lead to menstrual cramps. This can be prevented by regular intake of amla either in the form of raw fruit or even in juice form.


Recent studies have shown that the dietary fiber content is very high in amla due to which it accelerates the digestive process in a smooth manner. Fiber acts as an agent in controlling the bowel movement and helps in the easy passage of the excretion as well. Because of high fiber content it helps in fighting against constipation and problems like diarrhea. Fiber also generates in the high stimulation in the process of gastric and digestive juice secretion due to which absorbs the nutrients in an optimal way, making you feel healthier.


Amla is well-known for its antibacterial and astringent qualities which help the body to fight against body’s unhealthy germs and bacteria by acting as an antigen agent and thereby enhancing in the proper working of our body’s immune system. Being a rich source of vitamin C, antioxidant values and amino acid, amla increases the immune system’s stimulation. Amla is responsible for the increase of the white blood cell count, and as we all know white blood cells act as a guardian of our metabolic immune system by attacking on foreign toxicity in the bloodstream.

Diarrhea and dysentery

Health & beauty benefits of amla

Amla is again very famous for its healing and laxative properties, proving a very soothing effect to our digestive system and our overall health. Many of us suffer from hypochlorhydria which is basically the burning sensation in the abdomen. Gooseberry acts as an effective agent for healing this suffering. It helps in removing the toxins of the digestive system out of the body by acting as a laxative agent, and thereafter providing a very cool and soothing effect. Thus amla is effective for treating diarrhea and dysentery.

Calcium absorption

Another benefit of amla consumption is, it provides a booster to the calcium content of our body. Calcium is a vital source for healthy nails, bones, teeth, and also makes sure of a gorgeous hair. So through amla consumption, a lot of vitamin C enters our body which improves our health in a good way!

Diuretic activity

Besides the fact that amla has a high fluid content, it is also a lesser known fact that amla has diuretic factor in it. That is, if amla is consumed in a right proportion, then it increases the urination process a bit from the regular. Urination is the way through which most of our body’s unhealthy and unwanted toxin gets flushed out, so an increase in the frequency and volume of urination means a good way of detoxification. Urination also effects in reducing the excess water, salt and uric acid content. Plus, it contributes about 4% in the overall weight loss program as well, and helps in keeping our kidney healthy and hygienic. And not to forget to mention, this will keep any kind of urinal infections afar too. Thus amla is the solution to a lot of problems!