How to use botle gourd / lauki for health benefits

Bottle gourd name comes because of its shape. It contains mostly 92% of water. So many are not interested to eat the recipes, curries prepared with this vegetable. It is the one of the ignored vegetable in the Indian cooking. In India it is also called as lauki, Kadhu etc.

Lauki or gourd is one of the well known vegetables in the market which has wonderful taste. Along with its tastes, it also has variety of health benefits.  There is different variety of gourds in the market with different names such as ghiya, bottle gourd, doodhi, calabash gourd etc. Apparently it is green in its outer surface with a waxy finish.

Once you cut it from the middle, a soft spongy appearance that is white in color will be found. Some people take out the outer surface of gourd and makes pieces of the inner portion. Some people make pulp out of the gourd and combine it with prawn to get favorable taste. Other people also consume gourd as soup. You must know some fascinating health benefits of gourd.

Best health benefits of bottle gourd/ lauki

Cooling effect

Amazing health benefits of bottle gourd

You can now consume lauki juice which has excessive water contents. These are really effective in providing an exclusive cooling effect to your body. Thus, lauki is generally consumed during the summer season as it keeps your stomach cool and reduces excessive body heat. Since you generally sweat too much during this season, gourd will help replenishment of water loss from your body and keep you hydrated.

Helps sleeping disorder

If you have problem of sleeping disorder, this can be easily eradicated through gourd.  Especially people who are suffering from the problem of insomnia can be well treated if a mixture is made with lauki juice and sesame oil.

Healthy heart

Today, you can hear about several heart problems among people which also give rise to mild and severe heart attacks. Some people have heart disease hereditarily where as some develops due to change in like style and improper diet routine. Thus, you can consume gourd juice to keep your heart healthy always. Since it regulates your blood pressure, healthy heart will effectively develop.

Prevention of hair graying

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Today, due to pollution and adulterated food, people at the age of 25- 30 years are also getting gray hairs. Thus, people are looking out for the natural ways which will eradicate graying of hair.  You must consume one glass of lauki juice early in the morning to stop premature graying of hair.

Dandruff treatment

You hair and scalp is also an important part of your health as if something goes wrong with this part of your body you might not be called as a healthy person. Dandruff is one of the reasons of making your hair and scalp filled with scales and dead skin layers. One of the way of reducing dandruff will be to make a solution with equal quantity of amla juice and gourd juice.  Now take the solution and massage it over your scalp to eradicate dandruff completely.

Stress reduction

For every individual starting from a child to an elderly person, stress has become quite common. It is rather a part of everyone’s life. But, if you keep on consuming unhealthy diet, situation can be worsening. Consuming the food such as lauki which has adequate water content to provide cooling effect on your body will be ideal. Since gourd also has anti-bilious and sedative properties, your body will be felt well internally.

Reduction of blood pressure

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You must have heard people suffering from high blood pressure. Now, this can be eradicated with the consumption of lauki juice or bottle gourd juice.  You can stay well and healthy for a long time if you have reduction of blood pressure level and get a proper and healthy diet, blood pressure level will be reduced.

1. Bottle gourd contains the 92% water and the remaining is easily digestible fiber. So it is the easily digestive food.

2. The glucose and sugar related compounds are nearly nil in the bottle gourd. So it the one of the food option for the diabetic patients.

3. This bottle gourd is the one of the body heat control food. It keeps your body temperature at normal level.

4. Bottle gourd juice is widely used for the weight loss. Take the fresh bottle gourd and peel the skin of the veggie and make the bottle gourd into small pieces. Take those pieces into juicer and make them as juice. Filter the juice from the waste. This bottle gourd juice helps to reduce the weight.

5. Bottle gourd helps to reduce the blood sugar levels. Take the bottle gourd in the daily diet or to make the habit of drinking the bottle gourd juice daily helps a lot to the diabetic patients.

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6. It helps reduce the inflammations in the liver and kidneys.

7. This bottle gourd juice is also helpful in treating the diarrhea. Take the bottle gourd juice with the pinch of the salt heals the diarrhea.

8. Better food for the persons those who are suffering with the constipation. The water and fiber in the bottle gourd make the digestive system free and active and relive from the constipation.

9. Sesame oil mixed with the bottle gourd in the equal amounts and applied to hair and scalp in before going to bed helps for the good sleep. It is one of the remedy for the insomnia.

10. Bottle gourd helps to treat the urinary tract infection. Take the fresh bottle gourd juice and squeeze the fresh lime in that juice mix the both take it internally. Best remedy for the urinary infections.