Health benefits of Bottle gourd / lauki

Health is the priority in this era, and to maintain the balance natural home remedy is the best way. Bottle gourd is the best option that can help you to stay beautiful while being healthy.

The effects of bottle gourd for better health

  1. Promote weight loss: Drinking bottle gourd juice regularly is a great option to reduce weight while availing all the nutrients like vitamins, iron, and potassium. Drinking lauki juice in the morning when you have an empty stomach can limit your hunger.
  2. Deal with urinary issues: Bottle gourd juice is the mater to flush out the excess water content from the body. You can add one tsp of lemon juice to make it more effective.
  3. Replace the water content lost: People who are suffering from the health issues like fatigue, diarrhea, and profuse sweating experience the water content lost that you can easily replace by drinking a glass of lauki juice everyday for revitalizing yourself.
  4. Treating insomnia: If you have insomnia then massaging your scalp every night with bottle gourd juice by mixing sesame oil in it can help you to overcome.
  5. Work like a cardiac tonic: Using a bitter verity of gourd that is called calabash is used as a cardiac tonic that is an antidote to treat a cough, biligenic infections, and bronchitis.
  6. Prevent the loss of sodium: Drinking a glass of lauki juice by adding a little salt will help you to prevent the excess loss of sodium that will ultimately result in staying away from the specific disease that occurs due to the lack of sodium in your body.
  7. Help to relieve jaundice: If you are experiencing jaundice, then drinking juice that gets extracted from the bottle gourd leaves will be beneficial to alleviate it.
  8. Act anti-oxidative: Lauki juice contains more over water along with iron, vitamin C and B that helps your body in anti-oxidative action to stay healthy and fit.
  9. Keep metabolism active: Bottle gourd is high in iron, potassium, manganese, vitamins, folate, and minerals that play a vital role in your body function by keeping metabolism active and giving extra strength to fight against diseases.
  10. Bottle gourd juice relax your muscles: If you are a workout lover then you know well how sore your muscles feel after doing an intense workout. Drinking bottle gourd juice by adding ginger juice in it can give your muscles a frequent recovery while relaxing them.
  11. Bottle gourd for better digestion: Bottle gourd has high fiber content that helps in bowel formation and bowel movement. It also aids in the process of digestion helping the body to absorb the vital nutrients from the food. So, for a better digestive health, consuming bottle gourd as a vegetable or bottle gourd juice can be highly helpful.
  12. Bottle gourd cools your body in summer: Bottle gourd has extreme cooling and hydrating effects on the body. During summer when the chance of suffering from dehydration is maximum bottle gourd can help your body stay hydrated and cool. This vegetable has a soothing effect on your body and can be helpful to fight the burn of the heat of the summer.
  13. Lauki juice for better liver health: The health of the liver is important in order to maintain an overall good health. Lauki due to its antioxidant content can be helpful to detoxify the liver promoting better liver health. In Ayurveda, lauki juice is suggested as one of the most effective treatments to cure liver disorders and also to ensure a better liver health. It can effectively reduce the inflammation of liver providing a soothing effect.
  14. Bottle gourd promotes a better heart health: Bottle gourd has zero cholesterol and the right Vitamin C antioxidant content of this vegetable helps in maintaining a better heart health. The potassium present in lauki is also effective in promoting a better cardiovascular health. Bottle gourd is suggested as one of the healthiest foods for heart patients as it does not only promote better cardiovascular health but also ensures better digestive health which is vital for heart patients.

How does bottle gourd work for pregnant women?

Pregnancy is the duration that brings happiness and many changes in your life along with extra care for being healthy, and bottle gourd can play a vital role to stay healthy during pregnancy.

  1. Reduce morning sickness in pregnant women: Drinking lauki juice can be beneficial to those pregnant women who are suffering from morning sickness by naturalizing the acids present in the stomach. Make sure; you are consulting to the doctor before consuming.
  2. Help in the reproductive system: It is the vegetable that is full of nutrients; in short, we can say it’s a nutritious vegetable that helps in the reproductive system for female.
  3. Release the heat: Placing cold slices of the bottle gourd under the feet will help you to release the heat produced in your body during pregnancy.
  4. Rich source of iron: During pregnancy you need to take extra care and balancing iron level is an essential consideration for you and your baby. Lauki is a rich source of iron that can meet iron requirements in your body by including it your serving.